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  1. 33 points left for them to play for. A lot can happen. I really think the biggest factor is the teams around them. They are very poor, they draw a couple and Liverpool put a run together, it could look very different.
  2. I wouldn’t rule out them finishing 2nd. It’s a poor poor league this season and they could easily do it if they put a good run together
  3. I more or less agree, but that doesn’t take away that we created chances and should have scored
  4. Absolutely Mr Hutz Encouragement No unnecessary criticism over Encouragement? No, unnecessary criticism!
  5. You’ve decided he’s a bad appointment after a last minute goal in his first game? wow
  6. Yep, obviously not good to hear when we’re all this disappointed because we got nothing for it, but he’s correct
  7. Well is he wrong? Patterson should have had a hat trick and we did create loads
  8. Come on Rhodes get the biggest goal of your career and all is forgiven
  9. I have an awful feeling that he will keep us up and then walk in the summer when he realises Chansiri won’t give him anything to spend. Hope I’m wrong
  10. No chance he’ll become an advisor anywhere. He lost all of his money with Palace and I think is happy making easy money talking on the radio, and good on him, he’s great to listen to.
  11. “luke_bwfc” probably isn’t the most impartial person to go by If opposition fans start saying this or a few journalists, I’d pay attention
  12. Lighten up It wasn’t kicking lumps out of Rhodes, it was a gentle jibe at his biggest advocates on here We all want the same thing, Wednesday to be successful
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