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  1. I don’t rate him as a top manager so this is a great opportunity for him
  2. I think tackles like the one Wilson made for Wales the other day should always be a red card, where there’s no intent at all to play the ball and a player is taken out in a way that could injure them
  3. Possibly. I don’t think there’s any top top teams in world football at the moment, so we’ve got a great chance
  4. Do we think he’s out of money or has he just given up?
  5. Totally agree, was really excited when I saw ITV’s line up but I’m quite underwhelmed
  6. He’s not. Suited him to say so in a couple of interviews
  7. I respect your opinion, but if every fan felt that way, Chansiri will never change
  8. Happy clappers aren’t going to affect change that is needed at the club
  9. Um, away clubs don’t get any of the ticket money, it all goes to the home team..
  10. She was really p*ssed and started abusing Carlos during the defeat to the Blades. Tried to make out online the day after she just wanted to ask him how he planned to sort things
  11. This Go to away games and protest but don’t give Chansiri a penny
  12. Because he pretended to be a lifelong fan
  13. I felt his performances declined when this move was leaked, and before that I didn’t think he was setting the world alight, of course he is very young and obviously has potential, but I’m not as disappointed by this as some are
  14. Should put this in the Blades thread in the general football chat section. I’m sure it will go down well amongst our fans who care more about the Blades’ failure than us
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