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  1. I remember he added loads of time on for us to score, he’s one of the very few refs that actually punishes teams who waste time
  2. Good article. It’s taken too long for journalists to hold Chansiri to account, it’s time to take the gloves off now
  3. Nice 5-0 win for Luton please so at least we have a chance whatever happens elsewhere then at the weekend
  4. Maybe one for the quiet summer days on here to ask who Owlstalk thinks our worst ever signing was.. if Rhodes keeps us up I don’t think as many will vote for him but if he doesn’t I think he will win, but sure Abdi will get a lot of votes
  5. You’re comparing an injury prone midfielder who cost 3m with a striker that cost 10m on something like 50 grand a week, who many thought was the missing piece to the puzzle that we needed to get promoted, and his most memorable moments with us that season are when he missed a penalty and then refused to take one. You actually think it’s not even close that Abdi was a worse signing?
  6. Do we actually have confirmation that Sheila isn’t getting paid on time? A lot of companies have different payrolls that they run on different days. I’d imagine Sheila’s contract is a lot simpler than a player contract that includes goal bonus, appearance bonus etc etc, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a non footballing staff payroll and a footballing one that’s more complicated. I’m pretty sure when clubs are in such dire straits it gets reported if non footballing staff are also not getting paid. Can anyone shed any light?
  7. For the financial cost and expectations the fans had when we signed him, I don’t see how anyone can say Rhodes isn’t our worst ever signing. But who is gonna care if Rotherham drop points and he scores a winner against Derby.
  8. I guarantee you there will be plenty of threads on here if that happens
  9. Well you were an underperformer when you were getting paid so get over not getting paid now doesn’t fly
  10. Yeah I agree not every player is going to feel the same way, but is there really any reputation risk to you if you’ve already agreed a deal with another employer and it’s public knowledge that you’re not getting paid currently?
  11. He reminds me of peak Iniesta, I said this and a City fan I know reminded me they call him the Stockport Iniesta. Can’t think of a better manager for him to be under. World Cups 2010 and 2014 and Euro 2012 were won by teams where the spine of the team played for Pep’s side at club level. People will criticise Pep for not winning the CL at Bayern, but most of the players who speak about him say he made them better, and the reason why Ancelotti didn’t last at Bayern was because the players found it too relaxed and easy after Pep. I just wish City had more English players.
  12. It’s his job to deliver post. This is Royal Mail.
  13. Yep, obviously as a Wednesday fan I want every single player to ever wear the shirt to give 100% every time without question, but stuff like this is going to get in the way of that
  14. So? What does that change about the rest of the stuff I said?
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