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  1. Come and join in on the first Debate Show of the new season tonight at 8pm LIVE on Twitter. Your chance to have your say on Sheffield Wednesday. We can talk about anything you like but I’m sure people will want to discuss the abject defending for all three goals at the weekend, FDB’s excellent performance, goals and his future as well as looking ahead to MK Dons and what changes you would make (if any) other than the forced change up front. Come and join us for ~90 minutes of uninterrupted Wednesday chat. >>> CLICK HERE TO SET REMINDER <<< https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqKVBYmowXKB
  2. Join us at 8pm Tonight on Twitter spaces as we discuss all of the transfer rumours involving our beloved Owls. No matter how crazy they may be. We don't make the rumours, we just talk about them. Not only that but we'll be talking about the recent signing Will Vaulks, what that means for the squad, where that leaves Mass, and also getting the lowdown from a Cardiff City fan that will be joining us. Free to listen. Live at 8pm. Come and join us and get involved in the discussions. See you at 8pm. The Wednesday Til I Die Podcast. >>>> CLICK THE LINK <<<<< https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MnxnkdAgvoKO?s=20
  3. Join us tonight at 8pm on Twitter Spaces where we discuss all of the transfer news and rumours that surround Sheffield Wednesday. We’ll of course be talking about Ben Heneghan and David Stockdale and getting an insight from a Dons fan too. Join us. 8pm. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqKVBlbrzZKB
  4. A massive thanks to everyone who watched the 12-hour charity live stream that me and Liam did on Saturday raising money for Jude Mellon Jameson. We’ve raised over £2,500 so far and even though the stream has finished you can still donate. We’ve got some incredible prizes to be won too. A full list can be found on the link but the stand outs are the shirts that have been donated. 88/89 SWFC Away signed by David Hirst. 11/12 SWFC Home squad signed (promotion season). 14/15 SWFC Home match worn Maguire squad signed. 21/22 SWFC Away match worn Hutchinson. More prizes are listed on the website. >>> CLICK HERE TO DONATE <<<< Every £5 donation = 1 ticket. All proceeds go direct to Jude’s appeal via the solving kids cancer website. The prizes will be drawn next Sunday evening. let’s raise as much money as we can for little Jude. Comment below when you’ve donated!!!
  5. First time listener? Should listen to the debate show. It’s like football heaven without Mick the Miller, Brian the Blade and now without Coldplay and Spice Girls…. Oh and for 90 minutes too.
  6. We spoke with Graham Falk from the What the Falk podcast ahead of the play-off semi-final against Sunderland to get the lowdown on how they’re feeling ahead of the HUGE game tomorrow night. >>> CLICK HERE TO LISTEN <<< How are you feeling ahead of tomorrow’s game? Nervous? Excited? Bricking it?
  7. Hi DJH, Not sure if you're aware but if you go to the last game of the season people regularly take inflatables. Been like that for many years, except last season, because we couldn't go. But hey ho. Going to be a full house tomorrow, and me, like most are getting quite excited at this prospect. So I thought let's have a look at Amazon to see what inflatables I can find. I've not got much money so I was on a budget. Had a look. Found a few different items and then I found this. Inflatable Banana's for £2.45. Absolute bargain. And do you know what? We have a song that has the word banana in it. Perfect. It's only going to get thrown around, so at £2.45 it's not going to break the bank. So I tweeted it. And guess what, other people have bought into it. I'm amazed (actually I'm not to be honest) that someone has made this into something that it isn't. I'm not a racist. Far from it. This wasn't a racist remark. But thank you for labelling me a tail. Oh and I've bought two banana's (and a dinosaur too) so does that make me a double tail? Thanks. p.s. Enjoy the game DJH, we're all wednesday aren't we.
  8. Another week, another Oppo's View episode for you all. We spoke to Hugh from Pompey News Now ahead of tomorrow's game in front of what will be a sell-out crowd. We find out what we're to expect in what is a HUGE game as we look to secure play-offs. LISTEN HERE The Wednesday 'Til I Die Podcast
  9. Save yourself time trawling through Wycombe's forums (do they even have a forum?) trying to find out stuff about them and just listen to the 'Oppos View'. We spoke to Phil Catchpole from the Official Wycombe Wanderers Podcast and host commentator for the Chairboys ahead of tomorrows game to get the lowdown on them and what we're to expect. Yes, we spoke about their anti-football style of play, as well as what their recent performances have been like and how they've changed their tack slightly after that poor run of form in February. Have a listen. Balanced assessment from Phil and sets the game up nicely tomorrow. >>> LISTEN HERE <<< Do you listen to these regularly? Do you find them useful? As always I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Not going to lie. Not read the whole thread... ...but for me I think it would work. Monthly subscription, circa £40 a month. During the summer payments are frozen and then restart again at the start of the next season, or carry on paying and this can then be used in the shop or on the concourse during matchdays. Or you get the home and away kits if you carry on paying through the summer (not worked out specifics). I think it would be a huge take up. People pay monthly for everything now. People very rarely pay in a lump sum for anything. Cars, insurance, utilities, tv, heck people even do it for their clothes with Klarna! I'm all for it.
  11. We did a YouTube. Many of you listen to us on the normal podcasting platforms but now you can watch us too - if that's your thing. We're going to try and make it a regular thing each week as well as provide other content - although this will more than likely be during the off-season/next season. Don't worry. If you'd prefer to not see our faces the traditional podcast is here to stay, we just appreciate that some people prefer to watch as well as listen. Let us know what you think.
  12. As we do every week, we had 'The Debate Show' over on Twitter where we ask for you to come on and have your say on SWFC. As you can imagine the big talking point was the current state of the pitch and Giles had something interesting to say having spoken to a few of the players recently. Giles: "I've spoken to a few of the players and they've said it's not very nice [the pitch] to play on. It's very hard underneath... and they think that's one of the reasons why we're getting so many injuries." >>> LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE <<< Do you think there's any truth in that? Can we attribute the hard ground under the pitch as to why we're picking up so many injuries?
  13. This week we spoke to Matt from the New York Talk Podcast ahead of their cup final on Sunday. Of course we had to ask him whether it was their biggest game of the season, and why they hate us so much. Get the lowdown on the Millers, their players to watch, style of play etc. >>>> LISTEN HERE <<<< ...oh and we spoke to Tony from Across the Pitch ahead of arguably the bigger game against Accrington on Wednesday evening.
  14. Yes. Pembridge. Although I recall that they have one in the black/yellow away or is it the green away? Can’t remember.
  15. You've all seen the video, Hutch and Palms picking their Best Wednesday XI and both picking Giles Coke. Hutch having him in centre mid and Palms having him on the bench. On the pod, of course we had to mention it to Giles and get his reaction to the claims that Hutch made of him being unreliable, and Palms for causing him to pick up fines for being late when on the carpool and being the most 'unorganised geezer you'll ever meet'. >>>> LISTEN HERE <<<< Skip to 1:25:50 if you don't want to listen to the whole show. But I mean why would you want to skip??? We appreciate all of you that do listen to us on a regular basis. Thanks for your support. On a side note, why don't the club put more content out like this? I mean I don't want a Best XI every week, but they certainly need to up their game somewhat.
  16. We spoke to Ed from D3D4 Football and a lifelong Burton Albion fan as part of our ‘Oppos View’ series ahead of our trip to the Pirelli Stadium. >>>> LISTEN HERE <<<< One main take away was the fact that their leading goalscorer, Daniel Jebbison, has been recalled back to United with Tom O’Connor also having left the club to join Wrexham on Deadline Day. Listen to the episode to get the lowdown on Burton Albion. Surely we’ve got to take some confidence from the fact that they’ll be without two of their key players this afternoon? James The WTID Podcast
  17. Based on that theory then why don't we get Adam Reach back because back in 2016/17 he scored some worldies. You can't keep living in the past all of the time. We've got a lot of games coming up and it might, just might, be beneficial for (as one guy quite rightly put it) him to have a rest and sit on the bench for 60-70 minutes once in a while. Point being. Just because you've played well in the past or being loyal etc. etc. doesn't guarantee you a start every single week.
  18. Suppose we might as well credit the twitter account.
  19. I agree with that. We all love him deep down. If he was to come off the bench, especially at home, then he's 100% get an amazing reception from the fans. Especially if he does that arm waving that he likes to do! Maybe that would give him that boost that he needs.
  20. I made the point of saying at the moment there's no-one to replace him with due to injuries, but that shouldn't mean that he's undroppable. Are we burning him out? He's not getting any younger. We all say that he's a better player when Mass plays. I don't know, it's a tricky one. Just recently I've not been impressed with his performances and I'm sure other people feel the same. The club shouldn't revolve around player no matter how good he is.
  21. I have to agree with you on that, he does go for the ambitious passes but you can’t discount that for the past two games he’s been one of the worst players in the side. Maybe worst is harsh but you know what I mean. He stood out. The question on him being undroppable is does he think he’s nailed on to start every week? You can’t fault his commitment and loyalty but if you’re not performing, you’re not performing. Luongo got rested. Maybe we need to do the same with BB? The problem is right now, we just don’t have anyone to come in and replace him with.
  22. Another excellent ‘Debate Show’ let night over on Twitter Spaces. Always nice to hear different voices and opinions and last night was very much a debate. We also had Giles Coke join us too to give his professional insight into things. >> LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE <<< We got reaction from the 2-0 win at home against Morecambe before talking about injuries, Kamberi and whether he’s good enough and Barry Bannan’s recent performances and whether he should be dropped from the side. So the question is… Is Barry Bannan undroppable or are we being too harsh on him? Is he still the best player in the side? For me his performances of late have been poor. I don’t know whether that’s down to him being tired or whether we expect too much of him because we know what he’s capable of. Against Morecambe he gave the ball away far too much. That’s shown by his pass completion which was ranked 10th of the 15 players that took to the field that day. For me he should be dropped but the problem is, who replaces him from an injury ridden side? >> LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE <<<
  23. Just a quick bump for this ahead of tonight’s game. Spoke to Tom from ShrimpsOnline ahead of Morecambes visit to Hillsborough for the first time. Just to add, Tom, the Morecambe fan from Peru. Don’t ask! Haha.
  24. When was the last time you saw a team play 4-4-2? I think it's just been removed from the 'Big book of tactics'. Unless your Sunday League. I'm sure the White Hart or the Red Lion would still play 4-4-2.
  25. I think that's a fair and honest assessment. We just don't need to go back to the boring football we played at the start of the season. I think what wellbeaten-owl said is right re: Windass. He makes a huge difference, as does Luongo, two players that we've been unable to play in the 4-2-3-1 system at all this season. See what difference those two can make.
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