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  1. Well he did say "It wasn't a good bye, it was a see you later." Whether or not anything materialises from it we'll have to wait and see but you can't discount his passion for the club.
  2. Morning everyone. Just thought I'd give a subtle plug to our podcast. Last week we spoke with Jose Semedo and that episode is now live on the podcast for you to listen to. Available wherever you get your podcasts from. It was brilliant to (virtually) sit down with him and listen to what he had to say about his time at Sheffield Wednesday. His passion for the club is unrivalled and that came across when we spoke to him. I'll not give too much away... if you want to have a listen then here you go. >>> S1 E26 | An evening with Jose Seme
  3. Just a heads up that the episode will be ready to listen to from tomorrow morning. podfollow.com/wtidpod
  4. We’re recording this episode tomorrow and will go out a week on Thursday for you to listen to. You can listen to it here - podfollow.com/wtidpod
  5. Everyone’s been asking about him and tomorrow we’ll be talking to José Semedo for The Wednesday ‘Til I Die Podcast about his six years spent at Hillsborough and we’d love to put some of your questions to him as well. If you have any questions then pop them below. We can’t guarantee we’ll read out them all but we’ll read out the best ones. Also, what’s your stand out memory of him?
  6. Don't know. Don't really care. I suppose that sentiments not true. If they get into the quarters I might show some interest but international football is not what it used to be. Since the premier league formed and wanted to be the best league in the world, the international football has become less. Until the FA can force the premier league to implement rules which mean that teams have to have a high percentage of english players in their side, England will never be one of the best footballing nations. And because I like to watch good, attractive football
  7. I want the club to have some sort of vision. I wouldn't mind emulating what Barnsley and Brentford have been doing. Bringing the youngsters through, selling them off, replacing them with more youth. It seems to be working for them. Something good about kids coming through the youth system as 'one of your own'. We just need to treat them a little better then messer Shaw IMO.
  8. Is it on the red button? Asking for a friend.
  9. He's like that player that you had at school that was clearly better than all the others and because of that feels like he has to do everything. The fact is that you then become a detriment to the team. You look at some of the best strikers. You might moan at them for not tracking back, but they're always in the right position to score the goals. Barry Bannan doesn't need to come short to the defence to pick up the ball. They're quite capable of trying to pull off a worldy pass that 9/10 doesn't happen, just the same as him. So don't do it. Take your position up in the at
  10. Can you imagine that happening today? I mean I'm sure it does, but with social media that would get out straight away about what's been said. Back then I suppose there weren't enough pages in the Green 'Un.
  11. Thanks for that. Definitely getting him back on, probably in the off-season I reckon. Sounds like he has 'plenty' of stories to tell. Like he said, he'd been there a long time.
  12. As someone who was born in 1989, my memories of the 1991 League Cup Final are non-existent. You can watch the full match on YouTube so I sat down to watch it the other day. The one thing that struck me was how players stayed on their feet at all costs. It was almost like a sign of weakness for you to stay down on the floor. I think 10 minutes in Nigel Worthington puts a challenge in on Dennis Irwin on the half way line. The commentator says "A strong two footed challenge there from Worthington. And the referee has given a free-kick." That's it. Irwin gets up, dusts himself off, pu
  13. Some of you may have already listened but we sat down (virtually) with the legend that is Kevin Pressman to talk about his time at Sheffield Wednesday. What a humble guy he is. Absolute childhood hero of mine. He spoke about the how close he was to getting an England cap, his testimonial that never was and also what happened when Danny Wilson dropped him. Have a listen. https://pod.fo/e/bb093
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