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  1. Another week. Another guest. This time we had youngster Alex Hunt who’s currently loan at Grimsby along with his team-mate, captain and podcast regular Giles Coke. You’ve all seen the worldly he scored at the weekend which we spoke about but also how Darren Moore has treat him since he came in and how he’s getting on at his new club. Not only that but we talked about the Pizza Cup and touched on the summer transfer window and who we thought the best signings so far have been. Have a listen and make sure you subscribe. https://pod.fo/e/e54de
  2. We've spoken to so many former players and managers on The Wednesday Til I Die Podcast it's hard to keep up. But we've got another announcement for you. He's Dutch. Scored twice on his debut. Came from Feyenoord. ...and we swapped him for Di Canio. Super, Super Reg. Super, Super Reg. Super, Super Reg. Super Regi Blinker. If you have any questions that you want us to put to him, any stories that you have or maybe a story where you want to hear Regi's version of events then post them below and we'll ask him.
  3. 149 apps. 25 goals. Pretty much 25 screamers. We've got the chance to speak to Northern Ireland international and 2005 League One Play-off winner Chris Brunt tomorrow. Another great guest, I think you'll agree. So as the title of the post suggests... Do you have any questions for him. Get them in below and we'll select the best ones to put forward to him. They don't have to be super serious either, those that have listened to any of the 60+ episodes that we've recorded will know that we're far from serious. I look forward to hearing what you want us to say to him. podfollow.com/wtidpod
  4. This week myself, Jamie and Giles were joined by BBC Radio Sheffield's Adam Oxley to discuss the 2-0 win against Rovers. One topic we got onto was, "What's your best XI after the first three games?" LISTEN: https://pod.fo/e/e0383 Who would you play tomorrow against Fleetwood? Is that our best side? For me we have to go; Gregory looked very good when he came on, but I don't know whether he would be able to do a full 90. Rather have him make that impact off the bench again. As for wide right, I've no idea. I didn't like Green, and I would prefer Adeniran in the middle. The other option would be to start how we finished the game on Saturday with Byers in CDM and then Adeniran wide right. Thoughts? Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Wing Bannan Adeniran ? Brown Kamberi
  5. …and yes. Sam got a text from the club this morning saying that he needs to go through the club if he wants to do any of these just as he would an interview. We were a little cautious with some of the questions but he answered very openly. We’re definitely having him back on when the time comes for him to leave to tell us ‘EVERYTHING’ that happened. I guess we could have a two (or three) parter on our hands there.
  6. Giles told him it would be 10-15 minutes. Ended up being an hour and a half in the end. We couldn’t talk about quite a lot of things that we’d love to ask him… but we’ll have him back 100% to tell us all that happened!!!
  7. Last week we were joined by Atdhe Nuhiu. This week Giles threw the curve ball in there 30 minutes before recording that Sam Hutchinson would be joining us. All the episode planning went out of the window but we discussed the Charlton game, plus spoke a little about his career so far (he couldn’t tell much of course)… but what he did tell us was brilliant. How they had to walk to the ground on Saturday and got there 15 minutes before they were due to warm up because of the traffic. Walking amongst all of the Charlton fans. Not ideal preparation. How Kamberi had only been training with the squad for a day after being in quarantine, and how Hutch would love to work on a building site… so if you’re a builder and you need a labourer. Get in touch!!! https://pod.fo/e/dec08 Go give it a listen and enjoy. P.s. Remember. We’re not journalists or radio presenters. We’re just fans, doing something we love, talking about Sheffield Wednesday!!!
  8. Did anyone else know how to correctly pronounce his first name? I asked him in the pod. More of a Segway into getting the Big Dave nickname in there.
  9. Thanks. I must admit Giles will be a massive help moving forwards.
  10. That’s not how it works. You have to give it a listen! It wasn’t a straight yes, I’ll put it that way.
  11. Look, I know this question has been asked a million and one times and causes quite the controversy. Would you have Atdhe Nuhiu back in League One? Would he do a job? …but last night we asked the man himself. We asked Atdhe, “Would you have come back to Sheffield Wednesday if you had been asked?” Atdhe Nuhiu joined myself, Jamie and Giles as we spoke about the penalty defeat against Huddersfield, the distinct lack of firepower, and listened to some of the listeners thoughts after the game… plus much more. Give it a listen. Oh and we’ll be having him back on in a few weeks for a full interview so let me know if you have any questions! https://pod.fo/e/dd515
  12. We can always try. Be interesting to see whether or not he would open up about some of the reasons why it didn’t work out.
  13. This weeks episode is absolutely class, and I’m not just saying that. Me, Jamie and Giles Coke were joined this week by Clinton Morrison to discuss the new season ahead, the new recruits, the new kits (of course), our chances this season as well as reminisce on his time at Hillsborough Talk about laughs. The banter between Giles and Clinton was second-to-none. Enough of me. Go and have a listen. it’s definitely worth your time. https://pod.fo/e/dbe6c
  14. Yes, you can listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or you can just listen to it on here - https://shows.acast.com/609a2b71eb051801c26ee9c1/episodes/an-evening-with-giles-coke-part-one.
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