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  1. Has to be Barry Bannan. Sam Hutchinson will remembered. I don't think he will be called a legend but certainly highly thought of. As for a legend. Has to be Ola Tidman. Lives rent free in many wednesdayites heads and will for the rest of eternity. What. A. Player.
  2. If you've listened to the 'Oppo's View' episodes before then you'll already know but for those that haven't we speak to a podcast, journalist or a fan from our opponents and get the low down on their side. We talk about their recent history, current form, players to watch as well as formation and their style of play. This week we spoke to Martin from Talking Town and Tom from Shrimps Online ahead of the two home fixtures against Ipswich Town and Morecambe on Saturday and Tuesday respectively. >>> LISTEN HERE <<< How many points do you think we'll pick up from our next two games? It's got to be six points right? Are you finding value in these episodes? Is there any questions that you feel I should be asking? Let me know.
  3. This week we were joined by Simon from The Fence End Podcast to get an insight into Oxford United and how there season has gone since we last played them back in October ahead of our visit to The Kassam this weekend, in what is a new ground for us, and as Simon points out one that they're looking to move away from. We talked about players to watch, their recent dip in form and any injury concerns that they may have. ...and perhaps the most important question of all, where's best to go for a pint if you're heading to the match? Spoiler alert: Don't go for a pint near the ground. Mainly because there's nothing there! >>>> CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE. <<<< Are you optimistic ahead of this weekend? Do you think we can get a result in what is being billed as a '6-pointer'? I think it's fair to say that I'm more optimistic now than I was two weeks ago!!!
  4. Make sure you join us tonight. Giles will be with us. So if you have any questions you want to ask him then get involved. ...and something else we can add is the new signing Jordan Storey. We can talk about him and whether you think he goes straight into the squad this weekend.
  5. Join us on Wednesday night on the Debate Show over on Twitter Spaces. We host this show every week to give you the chance to come on the podcast and have your say on Sheffield Wednesday. Alternatively you can just come along and listen in. It's up to you. Should (I say should tentatively) have Giles Coke joining us this week on the show too, so if you have any questions for him then make sure you join us.
  6. I think it's more the gamesmanship approach. Ref doesn't see it but the other players do. More focussed on the fact the ball has moved than actually dealing with the cross etc. Add this to a few other things and you can really get into the players heads. It shouldn't, but it does.
  7. We've done a few, but certainly not done one with Lewis Buxton.
  8. We’re going to be speaking with Lewis Buxton in a few days for an interview on the podcast. What we’re your memories of Lewis? Do you have any questions for him? I forgot how long he was at the club for!
  9. It would be easier to carry a wardrobe up three flights of stairs by yourself than offload Berahino in this window.
  10. BPF Palmer Hutch Johnson Hunt NML Adeniran Luongo Bannan Windass Gregory If Windass isn't available then you'd have to bring Kamberi in. I desperately want to switch back to the 4-2-3-1 that we started the season with. Yes it's only one man up top but you'd have Windass and NML getting in behind the defence. Bannan much further forward being the creator. Luongo orchestrating and Hutch being the combative CM/DCM. If you were playing FM you'd have Hutch on support and Luongo on attacking. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunks Palmer Luongo Hutch Windass Bannan NML Gregory. For me that side above wins L1 hands down. Question marks over NML and ideally you'd want a natural left back but still, for this level you'd be feeling pretty confident. If only football was played on paper.
  11. Massive thanks to everyone that submitted a question. We recorded this episode last night and it was brilliant. We asked Giles a range of questions from training and nutrition, to contracts, half time team talks and juggling being a dad and a footballer. Plus loads more in a (nearly) 90 minute episode. Have a listen. Share it with your friends. And enjoy. https://pod.fo/e/103d30
  12. The episode is ready for you to listen to now. Link if you’re somehow not already subscribed- https://pod.fo/e/103d30
  13. Yes. I might open with that one given it’s importance of ‘things we need to know’. Agree?
  14. Cheers for that. Always good to know that people are enjoying the content. 100 episodes and counting. Get your question in for Giles.
  15. We rob him about this all the time. Giles has the biggest contact list going!
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