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  1. Another episode for you all to listen to. We spoke with Marcus Tudgay about his time at S6, about what he's up to now, how Deon Burton sold him his old boots for £40 and of course what it was like to score 'THAT' goal vs United. Have a listen. https://pod.fo/e/b36c6 We're on all the major podcasting apps and have a weekly episode for you each and every Monday. Thanks for listening.
  2. Who? Never heard of him? It's sad to think that we're in the market for an Aberdeen striker. But that's where we are I guess. "Bu.. but... but we're wednesday. We're MASSIVE."
  3. Just looking at the votes in the OP. WHO VOTED FOR JACK MARRIOTT? In true Paddy McGuinness style, "REVEAL YOURSELF!"
  4. I hope this is all just rumours. Is there a possibility that this has all come from his agent? Spark some false interest in him to force the issue on him signing a new (and improved) contract with Wednesday? If he's worried about us getting relegated (which tbh we are in a relegation dogfight at the moment) then we should just sign him with a relegation release clause drawn in. If he does go at the end of the season then that is a serious case of bad business by the football club.
  5. Another day, another podcast. This time we didn't have any matches to talk about but there was still plenty to mull over. The manager situation, a new signing and whether or not we rely too much on Barry Bannan. https://podfollow.com/wtidpod Available on all major podcast apps.
  6. Earlier this week we spoke to Chris Lines about his time at Sheffield Wednesday. listen to the full interview here- https://pod.fo/e/b181f
  7. Yes. Another signing for the January transfer window. I mean he's hardly played since he signed in the summer so it's like a new signing... isn't it? Can't say I was overly impressed with his performances earlier in the season. Maybe NT (or the new manager) can get something out of him.
  8. I thought this was going to be a post on the lines of; Steve Bruce is a _______. But it isn't. I think he's a pr*ck for what it's worth and no, I wouldn't have him back at all. Not after what we did for him and how he repayed us.
  9. My thoughts exactly. Did we need 'another' winger? That being said, Harris doesn't have an end product so I don't think he'd be missed if he was dropped.
  10. What does this mean about the manager situation? Do you reckon NT is staying longer than we think? As a player surely you'd like to know who you're playing for before you sign. What if you're not going to be in the new managers plans? Or am I just reading far too much into it? We've not even signed Green FFS. I've not read the forum, but have we had any, "I won't believe it until it's on the website" comments?
  11. A new episode dropped yesterday - https://podfollow.com/wtidpod We spoke to Declan Eratt-Thompson following his debut. Good to have some good news coming out of Hillsborough. Our thoughts on the manager speculation. Whether Liam Shaw is 'ready' or not amidst claims on social media that we shouldn't get 'too excited'. ...and reaction from the 2-0 win at the weekend. Give it a listen and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss another episode.
  12. Saw a few comments on social media to say that Shaw isn't ready and that we need to stay grounded when talking about him and not get too excited. But my question is 'When do you know when a player is ready for the first team?' In the case of Shaw, surely a goal, assist and MotM in his last three starts is enough to warrant his place in the first team. I mean he's done more in those last three games than Harris has done all season (I know they play different positions before anyone starts). When did they know that Rooney was ready? Or Owen or... (insert another
  13. We don't need to be told in advance, if you just watch a few games you'll be able to work out what sort of style of play we're trying to play.
  14. I would have said Galvin for MotM until the last 10 mins when Shaw did that pirouette and then provided that excellent assist. Shaw for me.
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