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  1. When was the last time we truly had a nasty DM in the ranks?
  2. He needs to nail down a starting 11 for starters and stick with it rather than constant changes as that can’t be helping anyone. As for replacements, I think he’ll at least get another couple of months to get the players firing. Who knows who would be available as and when he loses his job.
  3. We’ve been good so far in keeping goals out and any good side this season has to start with this. It’s now the time to start being a bit more creative and adventurous in the final third and we certainly (on paper) have the players in League One to do just that. Hopefully by the end of October we will be firing on ALL cylinders and will have a firm idea which way out season is going.
  4. Still think one front man ie Gregory, Berahino or Kamberi with three behind and Windass being in the middle of that three. I can see lots of interchanging of players throughout the season which means nobody has a guaranteed spot.
  5. Good news it’s only weeks not months. Bad news is it’s 52 weeks.
  6. Reality is it could be a different 5 every week.
  7. Did he only sign a 1 year contract in the summer? Seems odd letting him go out on loan unless we try and get a little money for him in January.
  8. How did you get onto Owlstalk then?
  9. Starting line up suggests we are STILL short in a couple of positions. Another centre back and wide man before the deadline.
  10. We move on. Let’s now get Josh Sims in to replace him in the squad and it’s job done.
  11. Considering a number of players are still getting to know each other it can only be a good thing as that means we should only get better too.
  12. It’s all about balance and full backs have to offer lots going forwards now in the modern game. Although solid defensively (as per the clean sheets) the fact the game slows down as Palmer has to come back on his right foot slows the game past the halfway line. It’s quite a clear observation to see. If we want to be a fluent attacking side as the season progresses then I see Brown there in the long term.
  13. With a game midweek too I’d like to think we will see him start then or at least come on from the bench.
  14. Loitering outside the Ladies loo again I see Bullen.
  15. Good win boys, well done. Another clean sheet too.
  16. For me the jury is still out on DC. One thing is for sure though, we’ve assembled the best ‘balanced’ squad since as far back as I can remember. It’s now down to DM to get a tune out of them. All I ask this season is for DC to pay the wages on time and let DM take care of all matters on the pitch.
  17. Remember him being a guest speaker at a friends 50th a few years ago and he was the most annoying ME ME ME I’ve ever come across and extremely foul mouthed. May be different at an event like this but it’s not for me. Was a great player for us but too opinionated for my liking.
  18. One game into the season and Harrogate Town have had to postpone their next : fixtures because if a positive covid result. It’s clubs that size that the EFL should be helping, not hurting.
  19. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Wing Adeniran Bannan Cotbeanu Johnson Gregory Subs: Wildsmith Palmer Dunkley Luongo Green Kamberi Too soon for Sow.
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