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  1. Wilks will offer us an outlet when he plays and also Windass is deceptive in his reaction speed. Would like to see some more pace at the back as Iorfa probably won’t stay fit all season. That way we can push the defensive line a little higher and mean the play will be closer to the likes of Smith and Gregory as I’ve isn’t their strength. A couple of loan signings with pace would be good. Usually the young players will have raw pace and need to touch up in other areas of their game.
  2. For £200k it’s an absolute no-brainer. Will give us a different dimension which will be needed in some games more than others.
  3. Players like Hunt, Brennan, Galvin & Brown won’t be on high wages and there’s every likelihood that a couple of those will be going out on loan. If we can strengthen our squad and bench options then we need to do so. With the use of 5 subs and a long season it doesn’t look like we are spending above our means.
  4. From what I saw of Byers he’s not afraid of a tackle either so add Vaulks into the side and Bannan a tad further forwards and it looks a good blend of energy, creativity, bite and experience.
  5. I also think Adeniran will still get plenty of game-time next season and will offer great energy and bite when needed.
  6. Certainly not getting into a too and fro with you as noting you seem to enjoy that in here. He’s played more senior football at CB than he has at RB. What he’s done before he was 18 and dragging up a post that far back is very short-sighted. Not saying he’s a good CB, just that’s where he’s played most of his senior football apart from his spell at Ipswich..
  7. Sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong there so I have to disagree with you. He’s been a CB all his life and was forced out to RB when he went on loan to Ipswich under McCarthy. He always liked height across his back four.
  8. Luongo won’t be staying now I firmly think. Hence pulling out the stops to bring in Vaulks. I think the midfield will consist of Vaulks, Bannan and Byers next season with Adeniran, Dele-Bashiri and Hunt as back-up when needed.
  9. Great addition. Can only mean that Luongo isn’t signing but think we will get more games a season from Vaulks.
  10. If we were to get Vaulks in it will more than soften the blow of losing Luongo - which I think will happen. A midfield 3 of Vaulks and Byers with Bannan just ahead will have a great blend of steel, energy, creativity and experience.
  11. In the words of the late Roy Castle, levitations what you need! Or was that dedication?!
  12. Be interested to see if Galvin can do anything pre-season to see if he’s a viable back up to Johnson.
  13. Palmer should be able to back up Hunt. I thought that Brown would be ideal to back up Johnson but he needs to pull his socks up to make that happen.
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