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  1. Immature and not something I’d like to see of any prospective new owner.
  2. I wonder what the value at the end of the season will be on the playing squad. Let’s say everyone who is out of contract leaves, the value of the rest of the squad in League One (for example) will be well under 10 million. Thats scary considering we had players worth that on their own 2-3 seasons ago.
  3. Will will undoubtedly get players but they will be a poor mans version of what we want/need and also at the back end of the Summer so a slow start to next season is on the cards. Then the whole cycle starts again.....
  4. I’m in agreement here. I do think the weaker spirited players may be using it for lower level performances but it all boils down to Chansiri and what’s going on behind the scenes. Regardless of what wage you are on you just have to think to yourself what would your mindset be towards your job if the boss of the company hadn’t paid you for a month or so? Guarantee you’d be a fool to be totally committed to your job. No professional footballer is inept or they wouldn’t be a professional player. Any manager, scout or coach would soon spot that.
  5. It’s a strange one really because you’d need to look at the bigger picture. To start on -12 points through no fault of your own but then the man who’s fault that is states if you get relegated or embarrass me then you will have your wages halved or be free to leave. Legally he couldn’t do that anyway as each player has a contract and I doubt any agent worth their salt would agree to that being subsequently added into a player contract. Me personally though my pride would mean I treat each game the same and would be fully committed. Unfortunately at the professional level you can’t
  6. Looking ahead to next season under Chansiri, if we aren’t paying wages now what hope have we got of either signing any new players or renewing any contracts of the out of contract ones this Summer? New players will be wary of joining us and out of contract act ones shouldn’t want to play for us again. What a mess!!
  7. That's what I think personally too. In the meantime it's going to be an incredibly horrible watch for another season or so with DC at the helm.
  8. DC may want to sell but any asking price is ridiculous in comparison. For that reason the only way I see DC leaving is due to administration or liquidation. That will be an incredibly messy scenario and could see us easily turn into a Bolton, Portsmouth or even go out of business altogether with the whole Covid cloud still hanging in the air. I have no love for football right now and even less love for Mr Chansiri.
  9. Moore hasn’t been able to bring in a single player yet. He should have been brought in instead of Pulis rather than after Pulis went giving him chance to assess and maybe being in a player or 2 in January. To criticise Moore right now is ridiculous. There is only ONE man at fault for this season and that’s DC - plain and simple.
  10. We’ve needed a leader on the pitch all season and have wilted without one.
  11. Whether it’s due to Chansiri’s ineptitude or Covid but I’m actually past caring right now.
  12. Darren Moore supposedly did very well coaching the younger players at WBA so if he sees something he likes in the player then every chance both he (and Hunt) will be in the squad heavily next season. If not then it proves they aren’t really good enough.
  13. I agree someone will always buy us. Just not at the price DC wants. End of thread!
  14. What if we want to exchange our season tickets. What would we get then?
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