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  1. The trouble Derby are now in but they still refunded fans for season ticket. Mainly this was done by removing what was due from this seasons tickets. It’s not difficult if you really wanted to get it done.
  2. At 21 if he isn’t pushing for first team football for us in League One is he truly good enough for what we want going forwards? I know we have been daft in the past trying to tie down young players but they have to show a certain improvement
  3. Wildsmith doesn’t move until the ball has gone past him. Both at fault for what really are basic errors. Brown for passing it towards the goal and Wildsmith for not being aware.
  4. Played further forwards he is a different player. If I were in the opposing side I wouldn’t be too fussed him having the ball 5 yards from his defenders so long as I had his options cut off. Give him the ball further up the pitch with the likes of Windass, Kamberi and Gregory making runs and it is a different story.
  5. I’d flip the argument in its head and say we need to be more ruthless in the final third. That as well would take the pressure off the defence.
  6. We’re suddenly looking more of a threat going forwards and creating a lot more chances per game. Whether it’s because we don’t have a particularly experienced or stable back line and we’ve decided to take the play further upfield I don’t know. It’s working for now. If we play like this when we get more experienced defenders in Hutchinson and Iorfa back I’d like to think we’d win more than we don’t.
  7. Struggle to accept these idiots are fans.
  8. My predictions aren’t hot this season so join the club.
  9. We can only control what we do. Looking at the table in November is pointless.
  10. Both should be ashamed of themselves. What have they done?
  11. Don’t believe everything you read. If you think we didn’t pay a loan fee for Peacock-Farrell then more fool you. We just have to prove to the EFL that we’re being sensible.
  12. With a name like Kabby I reckon DC will sign him for his taxi firm.
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