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  1. The fact we don't have a LB kills any formation we try. It’s absolutely criminal not to have a true LB at the start of the season.
  2. Sad news. Remember chatting to him when we played a pre season friendly at Ilkeston Town. He was just stood at the back of the crowd on his own and a quiet and unassuming guy.
  3. Definitely going down. I think we may even finish bottom.
  4. We are in danger of finishing bottom of the league.
  5. That threw me for a few weeks before it was clear they had no involvement. There’s fans that still think he’s supported by them financially.
  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. There were Thai owners doing great things at the time, just look at Leicester. Too many fans got caught up in the fact they thought they Chansiri family wee involved in the club with all their fortune.
  7. We were moments away from going under weren’t we when Mandarjc took over? It needs that kind of severe position again for us to get another jumpstart. We are only going one way whilst DC is the owner.
  8. I think that’s Cooks level personally. There’s been a number of clubs in.Bristol City, Bournemouth, Derby County, Cardiff City and us who all haven’t taken a punt on Cook this season.
  9. It’s a strange one. For some it’s to get confidence back and get more wins on the board. The flip-side of this is you’re a target for the lower league clubs and it’s a cup final playing big teams when you’re relegated. We don’t appear to have the bottle for a relegation scrap so if sure those same players would be up for away trips to the likes of Gillingham, Fleetwood, Oxford Utd and the like.
  10. Since Carlos left we’ve been signing League One standard players anyway (barring Iorfa) so this was inevitable. You can’t have your cake and eat it.
  11. Not really a surprise. Our better players have pretty much zero contract left (this would have been before Bannan re-signing).
  12. Means nothing if we can’t tie the good ones down. It just shows we are a feeder club.
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