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  1. Given our home form, I prefer the chances of keeping the run, and confidence, going against Birmingham rather than Swansea. The Birmingham game is far more important too. I wouldn't fancy our chances against Swansea. They're in fantastic form and look even better with some of the January signings they've made. Conor Hourihane - who they rested on Wednesday - is off to a fantastic start. They took several key players off relatively early against City and they don't seem to have much in the way of injury issues. I don't think they would have suffered much over having had a day's less rest than u
  2. Yikes, you're right, I didn't realise how bad Coventry's upcoming fixtures list looks! I'll take any cause for hope, no matter how slim I still think our chances are overall.
  3. I think a lot of us are going to be anoraks tonight, studying the fixture list for every other team in the bottom half of the table, working out the impact of other teams winning their games-in-hand, etc! I've been studying the table non-stop since the final whistle! Rotherham losing was a bonus. I've been getting sick of seeing teams around us seeming to hit form at the same time as us, as if the thought of being passed out by Wednesday was all the motivation they needed.
  4. The odd hammering can be dismissed if we're picking up enough points overall to have a hope of survival. 5 wins in 7 league games under Thompson now, and twice they've bounced back after two morale-crushing defeats. This was a big game for Wycombe too, so take nothing away from Wednesday for having beaten the team propping up the table. It's a feat Birmingham failed to achieve last week and they badly needed a win then as well. I'd expect Swansea to rest most of their first team against Man City tomorrow so we'll be facing a team who, for the most part, won't have played since last Frida
  5. I just found what I was looking for here: https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/barnsley/transfer-talk/feature/championship-transfer-ins-and-outs-january-2021_428840.html I wanted to be able to see the transfers grouped by club, and yet every time I searched today and yesterday I couldn't find anything that did specifically that. Then I found a page straight after asking. Go figure. Thanks for the help
  6. Might someone have a link to a webpage where I could see each Championship team's January transfer business club-by-club? I thought it would be straightforward information to find, but I've not had much luck.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End highlights
  8. Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End highlights
  9. I still think too much harm has been done by what's happening off the pitch to allow us to capitalise on this good patch of home form. However, I'm happy to add something positive: during the week there were people saying how bad this team are that even if the points deduction was taken away, we'd still be in the relegation zone. After today, that would no longer be the case, and now we have more wins than Millwall, QPR, Birmingham, and Nottingham Forest - four teams outside the relegation zone.
  10. It's weird, he seems to have come back a more mature, street-wise, and tougher player despite not having much of an opportunity to develop since last season on account of his injury and dropping down the pecking order. I'm delighted for him.
  11. Sorry if I missed an answer to this: Does this mean we're under a transfer embargo until it's sorted, or are our circumstances different to Derby's? Of course, I know it's most likely a moot point since it must be impossible to convince anyone else to join us now anyway. Still, I'm curious all the same.
  12. Thank you, and I do apologise if I did you a disservice. I look forward to future good-spirited debates!
  13. I take your point as you put it here. As I said in another response, the post I replied to suggests that fans automatically disbelieve him, which in turn implies that they think he's lying. I said I wasn't aware of anyone on this thread saying that he lied at the time I posted. I don't want to wrong anyone and I'll apologise if I have. Please re-read what I responded to.
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