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  1. It’s that time of the week before an away match when I normally decide to buy an iFollow audio pass. Does anyone know if I can assume that once again iFollow will amount to a standard Radio Sheffield commentary or has anything changed? I think I might know the answer but would love to hear that I’m wrong! The last time I posted there was at least one person who seemed to have the inside story.
  2. If the club are already paying them to do home games, which I didn’t realise (I am usually at those games) and budgets are tight, surely those budgets would be better spent on away games when most fans are at home.
  3. Ok but I guess it’s a numbers game. If enough Wednesdayites want to see a better service and are willing to pay to achieve this then it could have legs. Owlstalk is a wonderful focal point for fans. Perhaps we could use it to gauge interest in doing whatever it takes to raise the necessary sponsorship. How many use the audio pass now and how many would use a dedicated service? Another question would be how many would stop using it if it remains as it is now as it is now.... I know of one! I appreciate iFollow might be great for fans overseas who can get the video but I’m afraid for home-based fans who only have access to audio, it is not. Also if the plan is for Radio Sheffield’s commentaries are to be the output for the remainder of the season, I think that she be made clear on the marketing.
  4. Thanks for your comments, you are obviously close to this and your points are taken. Would it not be possible to increase the £2:50 fee in that case to cover the necessary costs and could this make a more specific service viable?
  5. Before the pandemic we did have our own commentary team, at least , of John Pearson and Rob so presumably the club had some influence over that, so why can’t they make the effort again? I would certainly pay more for a more Wednesday - specific service that was better quality. What will we do if our friends at Radio Sheffield decide to cover someone else instead of us one week?
  6. If it’s a turnkey solution run by the EFL can we assume that other clubs also pay to listen to their local BBC coverage?
  7. Ok it’s been a bad day so probably not the best time to get my head around the merits, or otherwise of iFollow, but here goes.....it’s amateurish at the best of times, as we all know, but this season on the audio pass it’s been a complete rip-off, charging us £2:50 to listen to Radio Sheffield, with gaps in the commentary whilst they go round the grounds. I shall not be subscribing any more until the club announce how it will change.
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