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  1. Keith Ellis, 1960’s. Played over 100 games for Wednesday. The ball was heavy in those days. Scored hat trick against Man Utd when we beat them 7 - 2 at Old Trafford F A Cup replay.
  2. At least being in division 1, we won’t have to put up with that disgusting VAR. Joke!
  3. Already got somebody doing this job. CHANSIRI Bit slow on the turn though!
  4. He was a class act, always tried to play football even at centre half. Always remember him wearing the shortest of shorts. Sadly missed. RIP Peter.
  5. Would love to hear response from Tony Pullis on Chansiri’s rantings.
  6. Would love to hear response from Tony Pullis on Chansiri’s rantings.
  7. Very sad, a real Wednesdayite, when the club was run by local people who cared. RIP Geoff.
  8. Couldn’t agree more with you Steelman. Great article.
  9. Never has a chairman had so much money and so little idea on how to run a club. He could have bought the land opposite the kop and built a new ground, has no vision, no idea.
  10. Ronald, sorry can’t get the staff.
  11. Jose Samedo, passionate, loves the club, fans loved him. He could also bring his mate, Cristiano Ronald to finish his playing days off at Hillsborough, similar to Trevor Francis.
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