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  1. macron seem to be much better these days...
  2. Title says it all really, are we going to be the biggest away following in L1? Sunderland took 2039 last season on average, we're known for our massive away attendances, so despite all the poo we've put up with (or will have to) will we beat them for top spot? https://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/sunderland-afcs-stunning-average-away-attendance-season-and-how-it-compares-league-one-rivals-2541315?page=6
  3. Me and my mate were playing pool tonight, his firm work closely with the club shop/comms dept at hillsborough, reckons Chansiri is rebranding the club (again?) and we are getting a gold elephant as our mascot starting from next season, also rebranding the club with gold away/3rd kit (unconfirmed which). Can he stop now please and fizz off! It’s beyond a ******** joke!
  4. We’d be getting the short end of the stick in that deal. Ours is a far superior, better looking, safer and more historic stadium than that fizzhole will ever be. They literally have pink seats! PINK seats
  5. change.org have been in touch and said they are featuring this petition on their mailing list, they’ve also given my contact details out for journos, almost 500 signatories now thanks to everyone who’s signed.@Owlstalk Admin Team give us a bump to make this news story massive!
  6. it was the 12m unpaid wages now the cats out of the bag
  7. Does anyone know our sponsors next season?
  8. if we took 3000 away to QPR, then we can 100% manage that regularly a few leagues below home and away with a phoenix club, we’d be a massive presence in non-league and the ones to beat
  9. https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-petition-to-the-efl-review-the-fit-and-proper-test-for-football-directors/preview
  10. If we do get liquidated I can't see us being in the lower echelons of the football league for too long. I just cannot comprehend how a big club like ours is not an attractive investment proposition, we're one of the top 10 clubs in England and will shoot up the leagues in no time with the proper ownership structure in place
  11. How’s about we paint a big “OUT” in front of the North Stand “CHANSIRI” lettering with football field paint? or just paint the CHANSIRI lettering in blue to erase him from our history
  12. I think League Two/non league/admin would be good for us. Similar to Bolton, just a big fat reset button where we play the kids coming through in the reserves and have a big F off rebuild from the ground up where we become a community club again and sack off chansiri
  13. cant say right now but im hearing some serious rumblings from my mates who work in finances at the club
  14. Not that i expected a result, but after yesterday i think i finally accepted our fate in dropping to the pub league. Makes me feel f*cking sick it does
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