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  1. A mate of mine, who's a Huddersfield Town fan, forwarded me this last night. Absolutely cacked myself. We were hitting the gins somewhat though. Hope it brings you some giggles. Also I suppose, hats of to the blade who made it. Credit where it's due. God I hope Chansiri sees this.
  2. SET UP! Eff off Chasiri....wots wi pink ffs.....rubbing our noses in it. A GRADE JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have blue and white blood and I'll always be a Wenzdi but.....and it's a painful but..... I refuse to enter OUR ground until that scourge has left OUR club. My first experience was at the age of 10 walking to Hillsborough and paying a quid to watch the reserves mid week and it was magical. This slug who poses as an owner is now leasing the ground to us.....WTF. go back to canning tuna... that's your business....stay out of the home of MY football club....but he won't will he? So that's why I'm refusing to comply with HIS idea of what Wenzdi is. F your merchandise, F your season ticket, F your pay TV, F your agent led player selection, F your numerous coach selection. Sheffield HOME of football not effing tuna!We the fans have the say not you. Let's get our club using our academy effectively, getting players from Sheffield and surround. I will gladly pay a monthly fee so that fans own our club....name your price tuna boy.
  4. Omg! There's parties going on where? Tbh, I need to treat my club with humour otherwise I might start watching Downtown Abbey (yes it's a Scouse spin off). Management constantly letting us down. I hope Daz does well but I get bored of the same generic 'philosophy' 'my vision' spiel that drones out from their media censored orifices, while at the same time employing 20 staff to cater for these charlatan players on exorbitant salaries while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet cos of coffvid. I saw an add the other day for a data analyst job for the academy of a prem club. £30-35k. Haha, academy coaches who are meant to develop footballers for the future £10 ph 6 hrs a week. So their willing to pay an IT nerd considerably more to analyse an underpaid workers coaching of kids. dog turd. That's what's going on.... ...... mismanagement. I'm not sure why I don't get invited to parties anymore
  5. Well I got excited to hear Daz's appointment. Could be the breath of fresh air we need. So it could be.. 'Moore, Darren Moore...license for skill' or Moore, Darren Moore, get'ti off license hope for the former.... But when can we start with the Moore quotes? Sod it i'm going for it... Has he drank vodka martini with Roger? Does he star gaze with Patrick? Has he been in a documentary with Michael? Has he told Demi that he's seen a ghost? Can't think of any Moore.....see what I did..yeah...yep....omg im so hungry right now...oy! wifey, egg sandwich please! wowow cant repeat what she just said.
  6. It's probably me....but I'm truly, truly bored of these coaches talking. All conditioned by the franchise that is the FA and FIFA. How he talks to the media shows how polite and professional his is. All learnt by his Pro licence. YAWN. Media driven circus. Let him be himself and come in fuming and swinging....that's the post match interview I want to seeing. Yeah kick over the table, accuse the reporter of asking DUMB questions, and threaten to follow him home in his mark2 Escort, and sideswipe his fiatUno, then leap over that said kicked table and attack the Camera man. Sorry just finished watching The Thing, then saw this interview. God indeed an egg sandwich.... I'm outta bread....arghhh it's back on then. Ooooo a twix at the back of fridge.
  7. Brentford is red, Wenzdi is blue, Chansiri owns tuna, Do we need another clue?
  8. Like any failing business...get rid of the rotten employees. Starting at the top. Since when does OUR stand have a TUNA company name written across it. And have a logo changed to TWEETY PIE. And raises the price of the shirts to working class fans. Have a conveyer belt system of players coming through the doors that express no loyalty or passion cos their C graders Period, making coin for the agents. And to top it off get us points deducted cos his business dealings are suspect. Yeah sounds like a really top class business guy.....why did you buy swfc again? Where's the Chrissy Waddles, Des Walker types ect... wanting to play for us.....no not interested....why? Unfortunately the owner has spread his lack lustre attitude throughout. God I'm so effing annoyed at his shambolick charade. cos that's what it is simple. Woh that's vented a bit of steam.......ooo the wife has made me an egg sandwich....life's better now..... what? we're out of cheese....it's crap again....partially...
  9. Got a quote from Carlton (he smokes ect...) Palmer. Has some sense to it. He made it about a month ago on another site. But I just want to add my 5p worth first. When you take over OUR club, don't put your name across the stand. It's THE OWLS, not canning tuna. And change the logo from that soft looking pigeon, back to the solid 80's logo. Also remove that pigeon from the side that can be seen from the main road. It's about identity, strength, and respect. Oi! Mr Chansiri, just some basic principles about football. Anyway that's my rant done with, here's Mr legend to calm me down. He used to come into our local a lot and get a round in. Top bloke. Carlton Palmer: "Listen, since he’s been, since he’s taken over, he has put his money where his mouth is. The only thing that I would say about the chairman is that I don’t think he’s been rightly advised. “He spent a lot of money, he’s paid a lot of money in wages. He just hasn’t had the right advice. “I’ve said this before, I mean, Howard Wilkinson lives in Sheffield – what he knows what he doesn’t know about football isn’t worth knowing about – you know, I think he should have got somebody in there to advise him, who knows about football. “If he’d have done that, I think Sheffield Wednesday would have got promoted by now.”
  10. I'm so angry and disappointed right now so I'm adding to the Tony Pullis math quiz. Subtle hint...... 'Our problems'.....is it really the coaches?
  11. Just some basic examples of mathematical equations solved. Please feel free to add more influenced by how the season is going.
  12. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. It could be blessing in disuise. He has expereince and maybe he can bring some grit and determination back. Go the T1000. Get to the CHOPPER!! or the prem....
  13. Great post btw. 4-4-2 is simply not fashionable. I've got a B license in coaching and all the 'educators' talk about is how great a 4-3-3 is or a 3-5-2 ect.... And they'll totally dismiss and frown at the 4-4-2. So I think what we are seeing is a coach who follows a book and isn't confident in his own thoughts...hence the lack of passion. These licenses, are stifling our natural ability to play. The recent game between Arsenal and Dundalk, the coach of Dundalk wasn't allowed to coach his team for that game cos FIFA said he didn't have his 'Pro license'. I'm all for setting standards in coaching because it brings professionalism, but when it's the B all and end all then where's the difference going to come from? Anyway a 4-4-2 is a very sophisticated and flexible system that only invidualised and experienced coaches can master. Because you can effectively stack the defence and counter at the same time. But they don't coach coaches to learn this. Hence the position we're in. We're a massive club and SHOULD be in the prem, and knocking on the top 5 door. And using our academy players also rather than these agent led B graders. Other wise what's the point of an academy. Now I'm ranting. But arghhh.......ahhhh I feel better now.... Ooo the wife's just made me an egg sandwich
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