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  1. After the Cardiff game I posted a new topic ‘Nobody Dare Get Excited’ with absolutely nothing offensive in it other than to suggest the players weren’t good enough and it was a one-off. For some reason it was removed......probably for not being overly positive. is this a forum for opinions or only opinions that fit admins view?
  2. Too little too late. Playing with energy and commitment - whoopee they should do it every game. They are doing this out of embarrassment as they were bottom not for the club or fans. owner and players are an absolute disgrace.
  3. In all seriousness, what happens in the not too distant future when fans are allowed back in grounds? is it possibly going to be one of the toxic atmospheres at hillsborough ever? Or should we act by simply not turning up? I know chansiri won’t be there but it would be a strong message to send out for the ground to be empty when fans are allowed back. I know people will say that they will support team whatever but something drastic needs to be done
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