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  1. Our present standard are very low though
  2. Spot on...we are crap and success certainly is not finishing 4th in Division 3
  3. I am lucky that I saw us in the PL, and a season or 2 we were pretty good. But that ship has sailed, we won't ever get back Shame you wont get the same chance
  4. Wait till September that should cure you
  5. Agreed. I am pre-programmed for disappointment with our club I'm afraid. I hope for so much but really expect very little..I would love to be proved wrong but I think our glory years are long gone. You are correct that things can change quickly, but we aren't run well enough to think that might happen As I say would love to be wrong
  6. We are a million miles from challenging in the Championship, not that confident we will challenge in L1. PL is a complete no chance, that ship has sailed
  7. Yes I think they could win the league too
  8. What constitutes a massive game in L1 exactly Pretty much all shiithouse teams, with a few exceptions
  9. Yep agree...a paid employee thank you and all the best for the future Same as all other jobs
  10. Wildsmith..jesus! As a goalkeeper!!
  11. My grandad took me to hillsborough to see us play Millwall, 1975. That was me hooked, could never be any other team Btw, we lost 1-0 so that set the tone!
  12. The thread said you're wierd, as in you are wierd. The response was its your, which is wrong as that means its yours. You're was correct Wierdo!
  13. Why would he...they are just one of the rest nothing of note to mention about them
  14. Used too, years ago I'd be down for ages. Now, far more important things in life, a football match comes and goes. Watched last night, really p!55ed off when equaliser went in. At full time it's done, can't change it. It is what it is...glorious trivia
  15. Hes in his thirties so I would hazard a guess that it's unlikely
  16. I would stick with him, he isn't great but he isn't terrible And who else?
  17. Agree. We will lose the home leg too in my opinion. I have thought ever since we got relegated that we are in L1 long term. I still think that
  18. Assuming they don't score, which I reckon they will and early too
  19. I reckon we are done and will lose the home leg too. We are stuck in L1 for years
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