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  1. 14 hours ago, Otley Owl said:

    Firstly, can I say thanks for all the advice / tips etc on the other thread - where to stay, what to do - we had a cracking time overall, and loads of that was thanks to posters on here. 


    But, football wise, I found the whole experience a bit irritating / sad yesterday to be honest.


    The stadium was soulless, effectively empty, and far too big for the club. It was tricky to get to. Was hoping for the young un to experience a really decent away day, Wednesday fans everywhere on the journey to the ground, etc. Turned into a quiet walk from the station. Soulless, TGI Friday style bars around the ground for a pre match pint. Going into the ground, always exciting... Nope. Seeing a scattering of fans in the home ends, there was no atmosphere. No interaction between the 2 sets of fans throughout the game.


    Wednesday fans, though great at times, were also silent for long periods - just a general feeling of irritation / moaning. Obviously the general play in the 2nd half didn't help. 


    Half time entertainment - some bloke banging on about how MK had received the 'best away fan experience' award - what the actual fooooook? 


    It should have been a brilliant away day, it was just a bit rubbish to be honest. Happy to win though, decent 3 points. Feel I completely overplayed it to the young un how good a day it would be though. Hopefully not heading back there anytime soon. 

    Met some decent MK fans, and there's some decent ones been posting on here too, but blimey. What should have been an amazing day was just a bit... odd / disappointing? Can't quite put my finger on it. 


    I know this is just a massive moan / whinge, and to be fair we had a grand trip overall - I just remember the whole experience being a bit more magical when I was a kid watching. Just me?

    I live 25 mins drive away...so this is the closesr game I can get to.

    MK itself is rubbish, just a shopping centre

    Dons ground is actually Bletchley, the area, shops etc are good compared to mk itself.

    Yes ground is far too big for them, but it was built with a view to holding


    I was in east stand, hardly any noise from their fans at all

    The concourse was good, like baseball grounds in US..easy to get food etc, no queue for toilets.

    Doddle to park too

    I was quite impressed by the ground tbh



  2. 2 hours ago, Lincs Owl said:

    49.1% of the crowd.  And I presume we had a few scattered about in the home stands so we might have had more fans there than Dons.

    Me for a start..not possible for me to attend home games so have to go for close (ish) aways and buy home tkt

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  3. 13 hours ago, 4evaowl said:

    I hated the way we played today, particularly second half. Not quite at the Wycombe level of sh*#housery but I hate watching it when other teams do it - same when we do.


    By stopping the play, we harmed our game more than theirs - that was a game where at half time, I’d have been sending the players out fired up to put MK to the sword, as they are awful currently. 

    The argument is that we won, so the ends justifies the means, but it was a game we ought to have won by a few goals had we bothered. In any event, I don’t want my team adopting Wycombe’s tactics. I want to watch decent football, not a farce.

    I was there too...I actually thought MK were decent second half..although our 'best squad in the league' allowed them space to play.

    Could easily have equalised and a draw wouldn't have been unfair imo.

    We have a LONG way to go to get in a position to go up

    6500 away fans is awesome though!

  4. 1 hour ago, Spondon Owl said:


    He wasn't very good.

    He's as good/bad as the rest

    League 1 standard and not top notch at that.

    Huff and puff is great but no talent behind it..for pretty much the whole team.

    I was thinking today, is this the best we can do?

    Then I realised that yes ot probably is.

    Fans apart (MAGNIFICENT) were are a bit of a shambles

    I really fail to see that we have the best squad in the league, I really do

    I would love to feel otherwise but I don't

  5. 1 hour ago, TrickyTrev said:

    It wasn’t a great performance BUT you often see sides who are slow to get started but when they get going they really get going… I’m hoping we’ll be like that this season.


    That second half today was poor.

    No idea how they didn't score second half...we were poor.

    We will struggle against many teams this season imo

    Our fans are magnificent though....

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  6. 11 hours ago, Sheff44 said:

    Watched with some interest at our summer signings as I always do. 
    some good signings in there but not enough defensive signings. 
    Moore was a centre half you wud think he would specialise in this area. 
    Our lack of central defence signings is alarming. There’s still time I know but….

    Low and behold first match and there’s the result. 
    Get yer money on Derby, if we win league I’ll run round Sheffield b****** naked.


    Keep ya trousers on you'll be safe

    We won't get anywhere near winning the league

  7. 25 minutes ago, WadsleyOwl said:

    We won’t get promoted with this manager. Gone by Halloween 🎃 

    Agree, and have said a few weeks ago no idea why we are favourites to go up.

    We couldn't defend set pieces last season, and we couldn't today.

    We'll get beat by teams this season cos of this. I reckon you are right, promotion will be gone by (being generous) turn of the year.

    And before the 'it's the first game' bunch start..no it's cos we aren't that good and weren't before today


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  8. 3 minutes ago, Jack the Hat said:

    I didn’t say it was important how many people agree with me. I just find the typical partisan, if people don’t agree with me I think it’s ok to insult them boring. So I’ll just ignore your posts from here.

    As I say, I really don't care either way


  9. 37 minutes ago, Jack the Hat said:

    Claptrap. Who do you think you are? Bless you? 
    I think more people will agree with me than you so don’t start being patronising . I haven’t done that to you despite the content of your posts

    Feel free, I really don't mind.

    Why is it important for more people to agree with you than me?

    It doesnt matter to me at all

  10. 2 hours ago, Jack the Hat said:

    MK Dons (+4)

    Ipswich (-15)

    Oxford (-9)

    Wycombe (-2)



    Collective (-34)

    So you have picked 5 teams who collectively got 34 less points than us last year. You have then just named the three relegated teams  - because relegated teams always do well! Barnsley are in freefall and finished 11 points from safety. They got 30 points all season - without a points deduction we got 47 when we went down - over 50% more. And Derby are all over the place.

    Meaningless statistics 34 points less...ffs.

    Claptrap..bless you

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