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  1. Hope so cos we will have a nailed on 6 points
  2. We are indeed and that's the reality isn't it? Success is being around the top of the championship, hoping to go up and stay there. And that is miles off, probably not actually achievable. Great to see we might have a chance this season, but let's be honest there have been a lot of false dawns hasn't there? Let go up and stay there, then kick on...that's success, not playing the likes of Forest Green Rovers (no offense). Sounds like a game from a comic book
  3. Memories eh..scary when think its soon gunna be 50 years ago
  4. I was at that game...horrible til the very end
  5. While I am not obsessed with them, I do absolutely look at their score to see (hope) if they have lost. They have always been and will always be the City's second team, irrespective of league position. That comes and goes and the cycle is about the reverse... The second team bit..they all know it but hate it, of course. That's why the they are how they are...just be thankful we are not them
  6. Should be free for the young man imho
  7. In this league they are all catagory D
  8. Onions..so much promise but little to show in the end Appropriate for our club
  9. Probably QPR as it allows wife to shop at westfield! Or Fulham perhaps
  10. Keep working at it be fine Lets hope for a super duper season coming up eh
  11. More than welcome..glad to help you needed confirmation builds your confidence
  12. You are more than welcome to do so, that's why it's a forum
  13. Our present standard are very low though
  14. Spot on...we are crap and success certainly is not finishing 4th in Division 3
  15. I am lucky that I saw us in the PL, and a season or 2 we were pretty good. But that ship has sailed, we won't ever get back Shame you wont get the same chance
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