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  1. Oh it was a complaint was it? A comment on a previous post which I commented on previously..I believe I said that when we get a bad result against Shrewsbury, and the reply was 'but what if we hammer them? I waz accused of being negative, realistic more like
  2. Correct..I thought that we wouldn't be anywhere near this season
  3. Not the point of view we are looking at on an Owls forum though?
  4. 1-1 against the mighty Shrews..that shoukd do it then
  5. Not as far as I am aware, no. Just commenting on post title So.many on here get very wound up eh?
  6. Exactly my point, last week is gone. Post title is make it right..I was quoting and replying to that ie we cant
  7. Making the point that that game's gone..can't make it right 3 points lost...or not won anyway Winning tomorrow doesn't make last week right does it? That's all I meant
  8. Putting it right means playing at Plymouth again but well and winning this time..not posible
  9. I agree..most one footed player I've ever seen, all fancy dan twists and turns but ultimately not that good
  10. Thats cleared that up then! Not sure sometimes between negativity and unrealistic optimism
  11. Absolutely...heard it time after time. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear When we struggle on Saturday, what will they trot out then?
  12. You know what I'm not entirely convinced the attitude was wrong, I can't read their minds. What I think is that attitude correct or not, these players are not anywhere near as talented as the think they are...you are in L1 for a reason guys. They lost yesterday because they were not good enough, and Plymouth were a far better side. Each time they attacked I expected them to score or at least have a good attempt, when we attacked I expected it to fizzle to nothing, which it did. So, we are simply not the team and are not as talented as some (and they) think. If anyone saw yesterday's game thinking they were seeing a top 6 side, then that may be true but they played in green
  13. We were with home supporters too..nice club, friendly people, nice ground, yes chanting but all true I'm afraid. Won't be long before we aren't seen as a scalp anymore why would we be?
  14. We were saying the same throughout the game, why are we playing out from the back?. We aren't talented enough to do that. A previous post mentioned that we have lots of these players because they aren't wanted elsewhere...they are not by any means world beaters. Even.the missus was asking what some were there for Huffing and puffing, nice team huddle before the game, we'll work on it during the week in training etc etc, heard it/seen 100's of times We are bang average at best, and today's league position could be tge best we do, top 2 no chance And why can Mr Bannan only use his left foot, surely the opposition only need keep him on t'other side amd he's screwed..but I don't get him anyway All IMO...
  15. Assuming second don't win too though eh? We are below Burton and Accrington....
  16. Agree 100%, apart from hoping for top 6 part as I thought and still think bottom half from day one
  17. You beat me to it, pretty much what I was going to post We were overrun from start to finish..best squad in the league my ar5e Promotion...no chance They were chanting you're not big anymore...can't argue with that we aren't and I don't believe ever will be Crap Plymouth look alf decent..good luck to them
  18. Fyi down here on hols, traffic been a lot less than maybe a few weeks ago..ling haul from Sheffield I guess. Tommy Tynan be on pitch HT I am told...blast from the past.
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