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  1. He is building something to be fair..a gutless, spineless bunch of talentless wasters Thats 3 things
  2. I do agree that is the manager's job to get the best..but they are mostly his signings. And without doubt he is playing players out of position, and not playing those he should. But..he's been here long enough now, been allowed to recruit and lots of time on the training ground..and we still show the same failings most weeks
  3. You can't polish a turd...we have an awful set of players, amongst the worse I can remember in 45 years. Woeful
  4. Why choose us, it would be madness unless they have literally no income otherwise.
  5. Probably not...it would be in his best interests to leave if he gets the chance find a good club
  6. He isnt, no. But I reckon we are so busted that no one can. We are done
  7. Bit like wouldn't want to be in a club that would have me as a member Who in their right mind would touch us? Ffs we are a busted flush
  8. Agree...SWFC are serial losers and I fear this will continue...making your point that we expect failure. If we aim low, I would bet we miss and go lower I have zero faith or confidence in the club, ownership, management or our shocking bunch of players IMO
  9. That would be choice 1 Draw is choice 2 Can't think of another
  10. The last 20 + years and the majority of the ones before that....
  11. But they are a more attractive proposition...why join our shi!tshow?
  12. Give us a clue when, I'll be dead in 50 years or less
  13. It is not..and would we think DM could bring in anyone to change that? Me neither
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