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  1. 1. We haven't reached rock bottom yet 2. The city has one well run club but they don't have blue on their shirts Nuff said
  2. Surprised he took the job in the first place...like seeing everyone leave the Titanic then hopping on board..why?
  3. Were big (debatable) are not now..that ship has sailed
  4. They most probably will do well, we won't be challenging at the top of the division so irrelevant
  5. If people outside the club took a few minutes to look at our recent history, ownership etc they would soon see what we do...we are a total basket case but they see the 'big club' crap and think we'll walk the league...not a hope in hell
  6. Hopeful is an understatement, I think 8/11 should be to be relegated goodness knows where odds on top 6 comes from, we won't even be close if we even manage to start the season
  7. Totally baffling why anyone would think we will be in anything but another relegation battle, it really is. And we will go down again I am convinced of it
  8. And they say bookies are rarely wrong
  9. There isn't anything reassuring, it really is doom and gloom, no light at the end of the tunnel, no better days to come just a big black hole
  10. A wild stab in the dark here but probably none of these will happen If you'd said he has looked for a buyer and cant find one so is liquidating the club..I'd believe that
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