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  1. There are 92 clubs, and all bar 6 or so will win things consistanley, occasionally a club will have a good season in the league or a cup, but predominantly those 6 or so win stuff As football now centres around money, success for most would be premier league, again very few are going to get there, fewer manage to stay there. We certainly don't fall in the 6 ish, so premier league at best is our aim. As we are mismanaged from top to bottom, we will never get back but try and pretend we will. Our level for the foreseeable is where we are now , if not lower. So, we dream of PL and miss the fact that we can't realistically get there, our expectations should be far lower then we might meet them
  2. 100%. Can have a great system (s) all you like, but are our players good enough to carry it (them) out? Looking at the majority last week, I would question their basic footballing brains Maybe it was an off day!! (another one). Sure they'll be working on that this week in training..unfortunately Ipswich are due a result...
  3. Respect your point of view, just don't agree. I think we have poor players and our final league position will show that Just my opinion
  4. Agreed, by resources really meant transfer budget, wages are probably top end which is a big reason players come to us..doesn't mean they are good though? I believe we haven't reached the bottpm of our decline yet
  5. With the resources we have, and the infrastructure of the club, no.manager has much of a chance here. Our players are poor, lets be honest. DM seems OK, no more than that at the moment but why change? We started on a long period of mediocrity a couple of years ago, it will last a long time As is the way with the Owls, hope for the best expect the worse More important things in life..like life
  6. Whilst I'm not sure about him as a manager, the fact is our players really aren't very good are they. Again, they are in L1 for a reason
  7. Oh it was a complaint was it? A comment on a previous post which I commented on previously..I believe I said that when we get a bad result against Shrewsbury, and the reply was 'but what if we hammer them? I waz accused of being negative, realistic more like
  8. Correct..I thought that we wouldn't be anywhere near this season
  9. Not the point of view we are looking at on an Owls forum though?
  10. 1-1 against the mighty Shrews..that shoukd do it then
  11. Not as far as I am aware, no. Just commenting on post title So.many on here get very wound up eh?
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