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  1. Used too, years ago I'd be down for ages. Now, far more important things in life, a football match comes and goes. Watched last night, really p!55ed off when equaliser went in. At full time it's done, can't change it. It is what it is...glorious trivia
  2. Hes in his thirties so I would hazard a guess that it's unlikely
  3. I would stick with him, he isn't great but he isn't terrible And who else?
  4. Agree. We will lose the home leg too in my opinion. I have thought ever since we got relegated that we are in L1 long term. I still think that
  5. Assuming they don't score, which I reckon they will and early too
  6. I reckon we are done and will lose the home leg too. We are stuck in L1 for years
  7. Theres too much talk about the final..Sunderland is a tough tough couple of games Thinking of Wembley at the moment is a silly thing to do
  8. Some reason I thought it was other way round!! Heres hoping for play offs
  9. Beg yours my mistake you are correct
  10. Hes a world beater don't ya know!! He thinks so
  11. Wasnt directed at you personally...just the general notion that it could be an issue
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