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  1. 100% spot on. They were not. And continue not to be (what an understatement that is) Cant watch anymore, awful stuff. No talent is one thing, but to have no desire or passion either....
  2. I dont remember worse..especially if you look at the standard of players we have against wages being paid. These players are a very poor standard and will get us relegated
  3. I dont they are even that standard..most are dog and duck pub team
  4. Correct..whats said in public and private are (hopefully) different things. Moore's been here 5 minutes and can't be blamed for last night. The problem in that respect is the players..we basically have a L1 (or worse) standard of players here trying to stay in a league they aren't fit for. We've had poor players before (all clubs do) but to have so many at one time is a massive issue
  5. 10000% correct, we are getting what we deserve we are rubbish from top to bottom. Turned off at half time yesterday better things to do that watch that crap
  6. No we can't....you'll see why after tonights game
  7. No not Doncaster...you are looking for a list of where isn't is that correct?
  8. If you think having the oldest club in the world means something, then yes I think we should. 'Hasn't caused any loss in aspects of football knowledge'...very cryptic. Means what, please enlighten me?
  9. Oh my mistake...I've been all over the world and the majority of people have never heard of us So I was wrong...not
  10. Sheffields hardly the home of world football though eh?
  11. On the list of people who's opinions mean diddly squat
  12. I hope people give the guy a chance, his first defeat as Wednesday manager is less than 3 days away after all
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