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  1. *suing No nothing yet. I think you'll be still drowning in III and VC though.
  2. Some more screenshots if you're interested: Also I know I'm kinda talking to myself here, but I need to vent about it haha. Firstly the DE isn't made by Rockstar themselves, it's from Grove Street Games (formerly War Drum Studios) who have just done mobile ports of GTA: Chinatown Wars, III, VC, SA and other R* games such as Max Payne and Bully. I've heard the mobile ports for GTA were bad, especially with SA which was also used for the base of the PS3 and Xbox 360 HD releases of the game. These PS3/360 versions of SA were considered to be very bad. So the DE is the studios first proper console/pc game in a way. Like I've already talked about the characters look like some cheap knock-off version of the originals, most of the other visual changes look fine though. Some examples I found: Rosenberg in the original had forehead winkles and bags under his eyes that showed what type of character/person he was a paranoid, stressed out, drug taking lawyer. While the new version makes him look like he's a blowup doll/action figure in his 20's who has just finished law school. The DE left and the Xbox port/version on the right, the PS2 one looked better though but you get the point: Tommy, a fan made version and the DE: I could go on with different characters. The fan made mod upgrades of the originals which are free are the same as the DE and the characters look way better too. I guess that's why Take Two/Rockstar have been recently sueing them all and taking them down, plus taking the original games down from the digital stores. I don't think I'll will be buying the new one's now which is a shame as the characters are just too off-putting for me. I will look at buying a PS2 and play them that way again, at least those will be the full original versions, I'm not bothered about graphics or gameplay etc. anyway for them. Plus I can play LC & VC Stories for the first time as well. I would have bought the PS4 versions of the trilogy which are ports/emulations of the PS2 versions with some things missing, but sadly can't now. My rant over haha. I will keep this thread updated for anyone with anymore official stuff that gets released anyway.
  3. Some memes: The characters have been butched, it's putting me off it in all honesty. I guess I won't have to wait long until we see more/the full game though.
  4. I watched the first episode of Life on Mars from 2006 a few weeks ago on TV and it was as good as I remember watching it when I was younger. I can't remember if I watched the full two seasons though. I'll have to watch it all again sometime.
  5. Ah yeah I remember the Hutchinson one now, thanks for reminding me.
  6. From the past few seasons that I remember: Johnson - LCB under Moore Bannan - RM under Moore Van Aken - LWB under Pulis Iorfa - CDM under Pulis Forestieri - LWB under Monk Reach - ST under Monk Penney - RW under Jos Wallace - ST under Jos Any more?
  7. After looking at more of it my main problem is how the characters/facial animations look, most of them look worse. Just out of the protagonists Claude, Tommy and CJ, Tommy looks the worst and CJ probably the most similar to his original version. My favourite Tommy doesn't even look like him really anymore, he's just some fat looking tanned guy now. I remember Tommy even says at some point in the game that he hasn't got no sun tan. I think a full remake from the ground up (like Mafia 1 had) of at least one of games to start with would have been better. It's real scummy the PlayStation 4, Xbox One ports and the Steam version of the originals have been taken down from each store as well. I whished I had them now, I guess I will have to play them on PS2/3. I will probably buy the new version at some point, but definitely not at full price. Also another video I found which does a great job/goes into more detail comparing the two and showing the improvements:
  8. @owlinexileI got it wrong Stonewall J is the gun shop in VC Stories which features the flag as well, the person in the trailer is Phill Cassidy who also features in VC Stories too. The flag on his his tank top is replaced with a skull now. I'm sure SA had the flags as well. It's a minor thing really, but I guess it's gone like what happened with the mention of Haitians/Cubans from the none original VC versions. I just hope the expired song licenses are renewed though.
  9. Yeah I've just heard about that, it sounds very strange. GTA V and RDR2 has been on PS Now too, with the latter currently on it now. Yes it will have GTA V style controls/gameplay, and yeah it will be similar with how the ME1 remaster was. This 3 minute video shows you in text all the things/improvements, plus extra screenshots in the background of scenes that weren't in the trailer: On the Confederate battle flag it got removed from GTA V a few years ago with the clashes that turned violent in the U.S. a few years ago too that involved them. Rockstar/Take Two are no stranger to controversy/law suits etc. and like $ so I think that's why it got removed. It's funny though that many of the flags are still on show by people in the U.S. Hell even a handful of States still have Confederate inspired flags with some of them if I remember correctly dating back to/before the war.
  10. Yeah in my mind I had the graphics looking more realistic in a way, but I'm more than happy with the upgrade.
  11. Inside buildings/windows have a interior affect now: Old vs New: Also the Confenderate battle flag has been removed/censored from one of the Vice City scenes we saw featuring the character Stonewall J. It isn't a surprise though with it getting removed from V a few years ago. Like I said though I'm quite pleased with it myself. The minor details etc. have surprised me. I don't know if personally I feel like I'm giving it too much credit or I feel like I wanna downplay it in away.
  12. Just some images I found looking at the lighting, shadows, textures, draw distance, extra things added like more trees etc. and of cause we have fingers now like I kinda predicted haha. My view is that I like the look of it so far and I'm happy with it. I can see why some people won't like it etc. though, it's even more crappy now the originals were removed from the digital stores. My only negative so far would be the character models looking too waxy/cartoony, but it will probably grow on me. Out of the 3 Tommy looks the most different. Looking back at the originals today though those games have a kinda cartoony style, weren't the case back in the day though with them looking realistic. The HD era look with IV and V wouldn't have suited them really in this version. I wouldn't say this remaster/remake is crap or incredible, it's the middle ground of the two. I'll have to see more and watch the reviews before eventually probably buying it at full price though.
  13. https://store.rockstargames.com/en/game/buy-grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition Releasing digitally on 11th of November and physically on the 6th of December for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and it looks like Nintendo Switch too at the same time. The current/only price so far is 54.99. Probably expect the trailer dropping today as well. Also happy 20th birthday GTA III.
  14. 4-4-2, based on the current injured player list: Peacock-Farrell Hunt Dunkley Iorfa Palmer Shodipo Dele-Bashiru Adeniran Bannan Berahino Gregory Bench: Wildsmith Brown Johnson Wing Corbeanu Paterson Kamberi
  15. I was mad etc. about him leaving and all that, but I'm not that bothered about it now and would have him back. Like people have already said though it won't happen.
  16. Commander Austin Powers I came across this recent video and had to post it for any Mass Effect and Austin Powers fans:
  17. In the midnight hour, we cried Moore, Moore, Moore With a owl hoot we cried Moore, Moore, Moore In the midnight hour owlet Moore, Moore, Moore With a owl hoot Moore, Moore, Moore Moore, Moore, Moore!
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