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  1. You got me. I love Cake Ball though/the guys who made it, it's truly a highlight. Also DC's face like:
  2. Some extra things, needs some Cake Ball and the word Massive.
  3. Yeah I would think you can get them on ps5, all of them work on it anyway.
  4. Don't ask me I'm even younger haha, I only remember seeing the 99 one. I thought the 70s one was from a fan competition? The other two I would have thought fans/some would have known about it being changed etc? If I'm wrong then kinda forget about my comment on it, I was more talking about that the current change just got announced/changed straightaway. It would have just been nice especially in the "modern football world" to be involved somehow, even if we had a competition/our thoughts on a design/a proper vote on designs somehow. It would have just been more fan engaging.
  5. That was the first one I remember, but I get what you mean. Yeah I like the white outline too.
  6. I don't mind the current one as it's basically our first one, but would prefer something with the 73-95 one as I think it would be more iconic/would stand out even more. My only negative with the current one is I just don't like how we wasn't consulted on anything about it, it was just changed.
  7. Just to add one more that I forgot to add.
  8. Same on the Sky bit, I always got the impression he didn't like us too.
  9. I could choose loads... The shot/scene below for...
  10. She's already getting ready/found some used Marmite, don't disappoint her now. Also stop discussing your fantasy with us.
  11. I love that too, when I first watched it I didn't think it was going to be like it was, it's underated really. I haven't seen The Joker yet though, does anyone know if I gotta watch anything before it or can I just watch it with it being about the younger Joker? Funnily enough while searching for that I found these too, Taxi Driver also being mentioned above:
  12. I can't remember watching Platoon, I don't think I have which is weird considering it's a Vietnam war/war film. Looking at the picture I thought it was Tropic Thunder haha. Also found this, a mashup between the two: Tombstone is one of my favourite films, that's probably one of my favourite scenes, everything with Holliday was great anyway. Here is another standout one, when Holliday reveals himself to Ringo and says... "I'm your huckleberry" The Jurassic Park one's are great too and thanks for the fun fact, I didn't know
  13. Forgot these as well, first one fits with Haaland too with The Terminator name and him having blonde hair.
  14. I've just started following England again after some years and don't understand why we have 3 RB's in the the current squad? I looked too and his dad is Alf-Inge Håland/Haaland who is Norwegian (his mother is too), he was born in Leeds with his dad playing for them and the family moved back to Bryne, his parents hometown when he was 3. So he's 100% Norwegian, but was just born here. He's played for Norway since the U15's and played in Norway until 2019 too. I don't like the rule anyway, I would prefer you have to at least be half of a nation to qualify to play for them. I also feel the top cou
  15. The comments at the bottom are also a good read, also thank Edwin van der Sar for it all (I did like him haha.)
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56573883 Champions League 2024: New format with 10-match first phase set to be agreed Like others have said it sounds bad etc, but I don't really care anymore. Football has changed a lot in just the last 10 years or so alone.
  17. Ah he was one of my favourites when I watched it years ago before it got really popular. I see all the stressful years with Arsenal got too much for him (try supporting Wednesday), he may not seem it, but Claude was actually 29.
  18. Ah thanks, I don't know if it will get put into that one then.
  19. Not any particular from the film, but I Am Legend (2007) popped into my head, here are a few I found that stood out for me. The two below are just how our old life is gone/crumbling and nature etc. is taking over. Neville with his assault rifle and his dog Sam trying to sleep in the bath at night and not his bed while listening to the Darkseekers screaming etc. outside. After falling for the the trap that the Darkseekers copied from him, Neville wakes up awhile later, frees himself and is crawling back to his car while the sun is about to go down. Which is the
  20. I haven't seen it posted, but we play Cardiff at home next Monday (5th of April) on Sky Sports Football & Main Event (Kick-off at 17:30) and QPR away next Saturday (10th of April) on Sky Sports Football & I think Main Event too (Kick-off at 15:00) https://www.skysports.com/watch/football-on-sky
  21. Is he joining us then? Rhodes - Aguero in League 1.
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