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  1. I don't know if it's been talked about already, but https://www.101greatgoals.com/top-stories/wider-good-of-the-game-is-a-secondary-concern-founding-club-board-member-exposes-true-super-league-intentions/ if you haven't heard about it yet. This video is a lot better though, it talks about other things like the other PL clubs wanting the 6 to be kicked out etc. Also this: Man U, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan have left. The Chairman of Juventus was also the Chairman of the ECA and had a seat on UEFA's executive committee. I've read too that the 12 club
  2. Just some I thought of/remembered: Apocalypse Now (1979) Born On The Fourth Of July (1989) One of my favourite films and is based on Ron Kovic/his autobiography of the same name, he helped with the film too. He gave his Bronze Star to Tom Cruise after filming for his efforts, I think it's Cruise's best performance. Also funnily enough I use to watch Kovic's nephew on YouTube without knowing the two were related. Stalingrad (1993) A Woman in Berlin (2008) Based on the memoir of the same name. The film is also on YouTube if you search for it.
  3. https://www.republicworld.com/sports-news/football-news/manchester-united-confirms-joining-european-super-league-real-madrids-perez-1st-chairman.html Information on it all and quotes from Perez and Joel Glazer, co-Chairman of Man U and Vice-Chairman of the new Super League.
  4. Great summary, it's exactly what I've been thinking. I too think it will happen. Hopefully the Premier League will basically relegate them with point deductions and give them massive fines (like what Gary Neville said above in the clips and what happened with Saracens in Rugby.) Would the PL have the balls to do that though? If the clubs continue with the Super League still, strip them of the titles from this year as well. Also I think everyone wouldn't move up 6 places, instead the 3 relegated clubs will remain in the PL.
  5. Well I've got a few I've watched over the past few weeks or so. First one is the original Hellboy from 2004. I've watched it before, but missed the first part on Sky Cinema, some visual effects haven't aged well. Second is Total Recall (the 2012 one) I remember watching a cam version when it came out and wasn't that impressed, but I really enjoyed it this time. It's similar and different to the original and has some funny/cool throwbacks too, the visuals still look good and I liked the setting as well (it having Cyberpunk elements and being set in the United Federation of Britain/w
  6. This reminded me of a quote in The Vietnam War documentary (2017) by Ken Burns, it was from a guy who fought in WWI I think or II maybe. I can't really remember it and I've tried searching for it, but it was something about human life suffering/pain etc. I was thinking about rewatching it, but now I'm going have to haha. If the quote is as good as I remember I'll post it in here.
  7. I admire you still having hope, but this is us right now.
  8. Sorry Snoots I haven't read your OMDT's since Barnsley I think. I haven't been bothered about us really, I've just been having a brief look in the Matchday section and looking at the BBC match reports. I didn't even know we played Swansea until the day after. I'll actually be glad when we get relegated because I won't have to see most of these players again hopefully. I had a chance to watch the Cardiff and QPR games too, but couldn't be àrsed, funnily enough I thought we would lose against Cardiff 5-0 instead and lose against QPR 4-0. My prediction for today is 1-1 (we'll probably win though.
  9. I've watched the Ben Fogle one and it's great like@Essix Bluesaid, the "stalkers" in it are nutjobs though. I still haven't started on the Chernobyl HBO/Sky TV series yet, I might start it and watch The Battle of Chernobyl documentary again soon. Nice photo, thanks for sharing.
  10. "If you think Barnsley are better than us you know nothing about football." Seriously though remember when Brentford was the alternative model (which DC also slagged off if I remember correctly), now the Barnsley model makes us look stupid in every way. Just found this: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/what-dejphon-chansiri-said-about-sheffield-wednesdays-long-term-planning-2521710 from March last year, compare the two.
  11. Didn't you have a thread last year saying he had a buyer in place if we stayed up? Maybe it was that deal we ruined.
  12. I've just started watching The Strain (2014-17) (4 Seasons) and watched around half of the first season so far and I'm really enjoying it, it's basically vampires like the mutated one's from the Blade films. I think I remember reading in this thread someone mentioning it before and talking about how similar stuff is with everything what's happening now, I think it shows more too with how the world/people etc. really work if you notice it. The vampires make me shìt myself haha, I especially hate the scenes involving women/children. It has some funny moments too that made me laugh. The choice of
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