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  1. I went 1-1 for the Scotland vs Czech Republic game, went 2-1 for Poland vs Slovakia (it's the other way around currently) and yesterday went 3-1 for the Netherlands vs Ukraine (I was one goal off), funnily enough Austria vs North Macedonia finished 3-1 (I went 1-0.) I've only got the Wales vs Switzerland score correct so far, 1-1.
  2. Thanks for the detailed response. I noticed a lot of people didn't like the update, I guess I'll get use to it. Yeah I learn the strengths and weaknesses of each tank and try and play in that style. I know about angling and hull down etc, but need to learn sidescraping more. I'll go with the E100 line then as I haven't done any German tanks properly, I'll have a look at the Chinese TDs too. I'll probably look at the Japanese (Godzilla) heavies, though those have been nerfed and the American non turreted TD line as well.
  3. I wasn't looking forward to it for many reasons, but got in the mood on Thursday and watched the Turkey vs Italy game on Friday. I was going to watch the Belgium vs Russia game last night, but got put off by everything about the Eriksen incident and can't be bothered again/anymore with it. The Euros and World Cup is only the football I'm kinda interested in now too, as I've lost interest with our domestic game. Hopefully the WC in Qatar next year is better/I enjoy it better, but I won't hold my breath. I will be looking at Euro 2024 in Germany and the 2026 WC in North America.
  4. Just heard about it while checking the score, glad I'm not watching it. Is it Eriksen? I was going to watch the Belgium and Russia game later, but feel put off now. Please keep posting information on any progress on the situation, thanks.
  5. Well I was close.I thought it would be more open with both teams being on form and went with a high score draw. I wasn't hopefully when it got going though. I went all in to start with, being more cautious with the others though now. I wished I put it on the Wales and Switzerland match as I got that right.
  6. I use to play it, but haven't got around to it properly yet. I was a average and sometimes good player. Also like you kinda said it's flawed, but fun. I love learning about the tanks too. I'm still not sure on UI/menu changes for the release of the Cold War mode though. Also the highest I got to was tier 8 with the American T32 heavy, my favourite tanks have been the T29, Sherman Jumbo, KV1, Matilda and AT2. When I start again I'm looking at any heavy line aside from the Americans, the American or British heavy armoured TD lines or any medium lines that are like heavies. Have you got any reco
  7. I think you're and the others who have done it then are fine, it happened to me as well.
  8. @TINGLE75&@RonioI know Ronio is in and I'm judging you have TINGLE by the name, but have you chosen any predictions yet as it say 0 by your names? You have until 8 tonight to choose for the Turkey vs Italy game at least. Two other guys named Paul haven't either if you see this in time.
  9. Yeah I was just trying to figure it out myself, I found your name and it just said Owlstalk not Owlstalk League like you said.
  10. I see 39 now. Did you join the Owlstalk League? What's your first name and what team did you pick to win? I'll see if you're one of them
  11. Also 2018 World Cup predictor The Psychic Sausage returns: This didn't influence my prediction at all.
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