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  1. My team judging from the Rotherham game, 4-2-3-1: Bench: Jackson, Galvin, Hutchinson, Brown, Reach, Windass, Kachunga, Paterson, Marriott. Wildsmith made me nervous on Wednesday. I haven't seen Urhoghide much at fullback, but this setup must be better than how Penney and Palmer played on Wednesday, maybe put Galvin at LB too. Dunkley for Lees for height etc. plus if we continue playing out from the back at times, Lees is a no no, he made me nervous on Wednesday too. Pelupessy for Hutchinson, Hutchinson was playing that deep I kept on getting him and Böner mixed up with both kinda lo
  2. Depressing/sad, but funny at the same time.Still the highlight is Cake Ball though.Also you should have added Moore's etc. photo. I like it, but it's a meme by it's self haha. Baz, Joey, Leesy, Joosty and Palms.Haha
  3. Wasn't that film meant to be backwards or something? I haven't watched it since finding out though. I haven't watched that yet, but it looked good.
  4. It's only been 3 days and is the first game haha, Windass scored 2 at the weekend/Paterson is more physical etc. Plus he said along the lines that he's worked with Rhodes before and knows how to play him etc. in his press conference. Have to see what happens though. Yeah it could be 4-4-2, but with Moore playing mostly 4-2-3-1 in his managerial career and reports are that Bannan is playing further upfield I think it will be that.
  5. Palmer, Lees, Böner, Penney Hutchinson, Shaw Paterson/Windass?, Bannan, Reach Windass/Paterson?
  6. Nice, hopefully you're our lucky charm and we win. I would think It should work? I'm not sure, but around 15 minutes?
  7. Here's the team I think he might go with maybe. I'm behind on the news so don't kill me if something is wrong haha: 4-2-3-1 Bench: Jackson, Böner, Urhoghide, Shaw, Pelupessy, Kachunga, Paterson, Rhodes, Marriott He might go with 3 at the back, but I doubt it. It will be interesting to see who he picks and plays at CB, central midfield and up front. Players like Galvin, Hunt, Van Aken and Green? etc. may feature too. I'm feeling optimistic and exited about tonight anyway, Moore etc. feel different in a way, hopefully it's 3rd time lucky haha.
  8. Same on how many people have accepted it now. Me before DM: Me now haha: It's funny how things can change your outlook, even if we draw or lose tonight I will still have hope that maybe we could get 2-3 back to back wins and get back into the mix.
  9. Thanks Snooty, I'm going with a 2-0 win. Same thing kinda happened with me against Luton, I first looked at the score and it was 0-2 then instantly Luton scored. I'm watching a replay after 10 anyway so will be going "incognito" (no pun intended) at kick off.
  10. Haha thanks, at 1:56. Have you seen this too? It's very catchy haha. Also MAC!
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