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  1. I haven't been watching it nearly as long or consistently as you, but I have stopped. I tried to start watching it all again last weekend and on Saturday I was looking at the clock when it was only on for 1 hour. The things I don't like are that we have no fans. It feels like I'm watching a fifa game with the crowd sounds as well, it's just silly. Var, just get rid of it now. I could do a full list with the problems with it, but I can't be bothered. Diving/play acting is another and it still happens/works when we have var. Most of the refs we have are crap. I don't kno
  2. 75 million on those. I kinda like Berge, so no disrespect to him haha. Also with them moaning about injuries, I thought it didn't matter, like when we played them in Jos's first game.
  3. Luongo has been added now, so I'll replace him for FDB. Doom messing it up again.
  4. He's been in training this week, might be still recovering? It say on the examinerlive website "Pulis will welcome Australian international Massimo Luongo back in midfield. He is available for selection again, having shrugged off a knee problem which as sidelined him since mid-October." But he's not in the squad? Anyway from the squad listed, I think it's gonna be 4-2-3-1: Wildsmith Odubajo, Lees, Böner, Penney Pelupessy, FDB Kachunga, Bannan, Reach Rhodes Bench: Westwood Dawson Palmer Van
  5. Thanks Snoots, I'm going for a 0-2 win or 1-1 draw. I shouldn't laugh, but the GP bit did make me. I'll be hopefully watching it later tonight, so I wish you all luck for today. Also nice touch at the end. Come on Wednesday and TP The Punisher!
  6. Thank you, I only remember monk's and Jos's. Also going back to the list Pulis is are 2nd Welsh manager after Terry Yorath.
  7. You just gotta make a Wednesday version now.
  8. The World Cup/qualifying is being ruined with it now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55001369 It's bad enough that it has play offs now and the finals are gonna be played at a different time for the first time. The Euros and World Cup are being ruined in my opinion, aren't more teams being added to the World Cup finals too?
  9. When I was checking the news on Wednesdays twitter I saw that most pigs were commenting on the Mike Trusson tweet which was weird, talking about him being undercover ect. Must be getting agitated with themselves.I know that some have even watched the whole Pulis press conference too.Also did anyone see the the humble wizard on skysports news talking about him not wanting 5 subs ect. and basically saying his team have been crap?
  10. But with TP saying he only had two strikers, Rhodes and Windass. So he's excluding Kachunga/sees him as a wide player, he said he doesn't see Paterson as one and Marriott possibly injured. I think he will go with Rhodes starting and Windass on the bench and have a extra body in midfield.
  11. Thank you for posting the link, I thought this was a interesting page on player recruitment: https://miketrussonrecruitment.com/services/ He said "I watched him (Ahmed Hegazi) in the Africans Nations Cup on Wyscout, liked him and then went to Egypt to watch him twice. As a result I recommended WBA sign him, which they did. He has been a real success." I agree with him, I always liked him as a player and thought West Brom found a rough gem with him. Bilić thought so as well and was disappointed/angry with WBA letting him go recently. Another player was Harvey Barnes, he said "A few years ago I
  12. I'm feeling optimistic/excited for tomorrow and a little bit nervous, I think we will win 0-2 or draw 1-1.
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