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  1. Also I'll be mainly playing Pro Clubs with friends and some Career Mode, I've never been bothered with UT really.
  2. Agree that it doesn't really change and on UT, it's basically a online casino with the packs/fifa points too. I'm gonna buy this years at some point though, haven't bought it since 17.
  3. Yeah I thought the trailer was very good. On Bam I haven't watched any videos, but have read roughly what has been happening. I don't think he will change though, he's been getting help for 10+ years and he's nearly 42 now.
  4. Talking about Brazilians I've heard the rumour about Neymar and his sister.
  5. Bam was one of my favourites. Zach Holmes is a new guy though along with a few others. He's insane though: Dunn did something similar too:
  6. It's open to everyone now and has been extended to Wednesday. I very much doubt I'll be buying Vanguard when I come back, probably might just try the free trial days that are sometimes available. Like I said though I'll be trying MW & CW out and might get some older one's like BO4 and MWR, if you are still playing any of those if you buy Vanguard.
  7. Anyway back onto Jackass I was watching a few clips on YouTube yesterday and this was the funniest: Also it's a shame Bam isn't going to be in the film though, he's been having a lot of problems over the years by the looks of it and was fired from it. He hardly looks like the same person too.
  8. Yeah it has the 2000-2010 feel to it. I still think it will be good/like the original one's though. Just on French films I've came across the popular Le Grenda Vadrouille (The Great Stroll) or Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At! as it was called in the UK. Have you seen it? It's a 1966 French-British Comedy/War film set in WWII. It's about French civilians helping RAF crew members who are shot down over Paris try to escape German held France to safety. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Grande_Vadrouille I came across it while looking at videos for the video game Hell Let Loose which is a WWII online game. This video features an iconic scene in the film with the German victory music from the game over it, the video has 5.7 million views: The full original scene here:
  9. You tried the Vanguard Beta yet? When I'm back on with the PS5 I'll post my PSN name on the Gamers Tags thread. I'll be trying Cold War and Modern Warfare out. Yeah I was looking for a PS5 game and with Demon's Souls being the first in the series I thought I will get that, plus it looks really good too. I've heard it's the easiest as well, but still hard and it's gonna be even harder for new players like me haha. Also heard good things about Bloodborne too.
  10. My thoughts if anyone is interested in hearing them, from seeing people's reactions in this thread: I haven't been bothered this season. I've watched one game and that was the 1-0 win against Fleetwood. I got a bit excited before the season started with all the positive news, but didn't have the energy for another full season closely following us, especially after the last few seasons because I probably knew how it was going to be. I haven't even really been checking the scores either lately. On Moore I just feel like he's a Monk 2.0. Like it has been said many times though what's the point in changing manager when we have the current owner. From what I've heard on here etc. Moore is like what Carlos was with him. So he's gonna leave it even longer than he normally does if things need to change, but even with Carlos he still wanted him to stay after Carlos wanted to jump ship to Swansea. Where for example with Milan he knew when to change things. I don't see myself getting fully involved again until we have a new owner as I've hit the point where I do not care anymore. I don't see this happening though until the majority of the fanbase finally have had enough with going through the motions etc. and start actually doing something about it all. For now the only thing I look forward to in football is being a neutral in International tournaments. Let's hope the WC in Qatar next year is good on a tournament/football level as I didn't like the setup of the last Euros.
  11. Just found out about this and thought I post it if anyone didn't know. I was going to watch all the Jackass stuff at the start of the year, but didn't. I remember growing up watching them and laughing my ass off. When I think of the early 2000's for TV and film I think of Jackass and American Pie. Will you be watching this? Also post your favourite Jackass moments/memories below if you want.
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