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  1. Er, I didn't say that he needed the win bonus to pay his mortgage, just that it would have. The point being that it meant something to his new teammates, even if Berahino thought himself above such lowly considerations.
  2. Though Exeter pocketed another £4m as their sell-on cut when Watkins transferred to Villa for £28m, rising to £33m (which has already been achieved - goals, appearances, Villa staying up and an England cap etc) Meanwhile Toney tranferred from Posh for an initia;l £6m (maybe even £5m?), but with add-ons with the potential to take it up to £10m. And with his goals/appearances and BFC's promotion, he's almost certainly hit his targets already. Posh will almost certainly have been granted a percentage of any transfer profit, if/when Bees should sell Toney. Such is their ability to spot, develop and sell-on players that Brentford are now a more attractive buyer for selling clubs than other bigger, wealthier clubs. Plus the players themsleves know that they'll do better with them, too. Toney, for example, was wanted by Celtic and was reportedly attracted by the prospect before his head overruled his heart and he chose Brentford. As for Berahino, he went on loan to Bees as an 18 y.o. in February 2012 when they were in Lge One. This was meant to be for the rest of the season. But although mhe scored 4 goals in 8 games, his loan was suddenly cut short and he was sent back to WBA less than 2 months later, ostensibly for "personal reasons". However "personality reasons" would have been nearer the mark, since from the moment he entered Griffin Park, he was giving it the full "Charlie Big testicles" 24/7. Possibly the highlight of his time at the club was when he missed a couple of chances which cost them a result, but was laughing and joking about it in the dressing room afterwards, until an old pro pinned him to the wall by the throat and reminded him that while it meant nothing to him (Berahino), the lost win bonus would cost him (teammate) that month's mortgage repayment.
  3. No doubt you saw him play, so I'll defer to that. Otoh, he was Leeds Young POTY before Bielsa arrived. And when Bielsa did come in, it was clear he had no interest in BPF, whether in the moment, or for the future. Which he was entiteld to do, but it must have been crushing for the confidence of any young player, never mind a keeper. And let's face it, Bielsa's choice of replacement, Casilla, was hardly an improvement! Anyhow, all things considered, even including the occasional error, BPF's been good for NI over his 21 caps.
  4. Meanwhile, latest speculation is that Hennessey is going to Chelsea, not Burnley: [url]https://siphillipstalkschelsea.substack.com/p/sources-chelsea-in-talks-to-sign[/url]
  5. I've watched him play for NI. Excellent shot-stopper.; Has been caught out at his near post a couple of times (though this is something he can work on); Kicking and throw-outs are decent enough; Doesn't really command his 6 yard box/penalty area (though NI defend deep with big CB's, so not such a problem and besides, he's young); Overall he's been impressive, considering he hardly plays for his club. More generally, he was unlucky that Bielsa took over at Leeds and immediately wanted an experienced gk (fair enough). Then Casilla, the one he brought in, has since had to be lent back to Spain for being crap. Can't see that BPF would want to play in League One, since he should be good enough for Championship. And assuming Wednesday cannot afford his wages without help, Burnley would likely only subsidise them if he were playing regularly at a higher level. Oh, and I nearly forgot: while Nixon sometimes gets it right, he also talks poo just as frequently.
  6. Hello, folks. Just to elaborate, the Posh owner has confirmed that the fee for Toney was £6m guaranteed (possibly payable in installments?) Add-ons were + £1m if leading Championship scorer + £1m if Bees go up + £1m if we stay up + 10% of any transfer profit sell-on. Anyhow, good luck for the rest of the season - the Championship always benefits from clubs like yours.
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