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  1. I'd love just one year in the Premier League for the financial security it should bring and the fact it would give the faithful at least one year of top flight football to tell their grandkids about. Other than that my happiest seasons have been when we've been chasing promotion from the lower leagues. Far better than getting smashed every week by well established teams whose financial clout we'll never be able to match as they are now so far ahead.
  2. I really do try to remain optimistic but, I just know, deep down inside, that with 7 teams seeking 6 slots, not only will we be the ones to miss out, it will happen in the most painful way, probably in the last few minutes of the final game.
  3. Great to have you back. Hope there was nothing serious behind your absence on Sunday. Regards.
  4. As an avid reader of his OMDT's I've developed a great affection for Lord Snooty and his musings which are, for me, an important part of the match day experience. When he's a no show I just hope all is well and nothing serious is holding him back.
  5. Your OMDT and these two videos always get the Matchday experience off to a great start. Sadly , what follows often fails to maintain your high standards of entertainment.
  6. Very watchable. Thank you. Just subscribed. Eagerly await the next one!
  7. Welcome back Lord Snooty Excellent OMDT as always – Last season I usually enjoyed these more than what actually followed later in the day on the field of play. With the greatest respect to m' lud, I hope that changes this season!. Onwards and upwards
  8. Excellent OMDT as always – I actually look forward to these more than I do the game nowadays. It seems to me that two things will determine the eventual outcome of this awful season. Whether or not, over the remaining games, Derby’s underachievers can outperform our underachievers and whether Rotherham can battle to enough points to send both us and Derby down. Sadly I’m not optimistic. One slight glimmer of hope is that Middlesbrough seem to have halted their winless run before meeting us rather than have us doing it for them. However, history tells us that, the most likely scenario is for us to prolong expectations with a decent result today before dashing them with an insipid display against Forest.
  9. Last night’s performance took away my last lingering hopes of a late revival and I now finally accept that relegation is a certainty. The final indignity will be a late flurry of results that gets us to within 3 points of safety meaning that any single one of the numerous games we could, and should, have won, would have saved us
  10. Can you find a copy of the interview between Saint and Greaves’s spitting image puppet? Seem to remember a great joke about Big Ron and Dave Bassett
  11. Coventry 1 Watford 3 Barnsley 2 Derby 1 Bournemouth 3 Birmingham 1 Bristol City 2 Cardiff 0 Luton 0 Huddersfield 0 Middlesbrough 1 Brentford 2 Millwall 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1 Preston 1 Rotherham 0 QPR 2 Blackburn 2 Stoke 1 Reading 3 Wycombe 1 Nottingham Forest 0
  12. Just received the following e-mail Thank you for contacting iFollow Support. We can confirm that there were no issues with the sound during the last game. If you have any issues like this during the next live game please contact us via the live chat option on the club's website and we will endeavour to resolve this as soon as possible. Regards, iFollow Support
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