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  1. So we looked at him in the summer and decided not to go ahead when he would then have had the chance of a pre season. We go on and sign a bucket full of wingers who we do not play and then are linked with him again when he will be even less fit. This must be an agent trying it on surely
  2. I haven’t seen the interview but would also be interested in how many times he touches his nose. These habits are becoming more intriguing than his football philosophy
  3. I would add to your list stop thinking this is a project. The aim this year is promotion not developing a playing style for the future. Get back in the Championship then you can attract players who can play the way you want.
  4. Will someone please tell him to leave his nose alone when he is being interviewed. It might not help us win a game but is definitely distracting
  5. I know things aren’t good but the stats actually state18 shots and 7 on target.
  6. Typically Wednesday fans find issues that they are not happy with As a reminder we had an incredible turnover of staff in the Summer with the general opinion on OT being it will take time to settle down. Initially not many chances were being created and these were moaned about, now they are so nit taking them is moaned about. Defensively we are one of the tightest units in the league but DM doesn’t know what he’s doing by playing these individuals despite the options being limited because of injuries. Maybe we should all take a reality pill. If in July we were offered equal 6th place I guess most would have taken it. I’m fact many were saying mid table is a likely end result. DM has his way and while it may not have been pretty in the beginning there are signs with the attacking stats that things are getting better. All these calls for a change in manager need to look back when we have changed manager recently and check out the success of all the preferred candidates Reaches for tin hat
  7. Bizarre when they do exactly the opposite at the end of a game. Especially when the opposites bring a massive 4 coaches full
  8. Whilst I would have great concerns about the moral standing of any such owner, it is difficult to rationalise with all the hypocrisy that is part if football from top to bottom. From the kneeling for equality while attending a competition in a state that abuse the Human Rights of its citizens, all the way to the “prifessional” foul that leads to a goal and 3 points. Somewhere we are all complicit and it is impossible to ignore. Consequently I would probably feel uncomfortable but happy that we had an owner who could genuinely bankroll a challenge in the Premiership
  9. Of course he would. After all he is a professional making his living in the game and with a great affection for Wednesday so why would he say anything positive
  10. I’ve also received nothing. I was told new cards would be sent out once all season tickets had been dealt with. Not having one also means you need to print out your math day ticket rather than have it down loaded onto your membership card
  11. I have taken out membership as I can’t get to enough games to justify a season ticket and feel anything that gets bums in seats is a good move. Those quibbling about the level of savings have to also bear in mind that with the commitment made by season ticket holders the discounts have to be seen to be fair to all
  12. Don’t bother with Ginsters. If you go buy one from Ivor Dooneys. The real deal
  13. Usual Lees goal. They were about as rare as hens teeth. I’m not sure there were enough for one to be a “usual”
  14. I’m sure this is right. When I renewed my membership yesterday I was told my new card would not be sent out until after all the season tickets had been dealt with.
  15. Went into the ticket office today and renewed my membership and bought a ticket for the Doncaster game. No problems, all dealt with very efficiently
  16. Get Semedo into the vacant coaching role and it would be a slam dunk
  17. I’m always reluctant to give 10 for anything so a 9 for me. Given the situation a few weeks ago, with all the talk about not paying wages, followed by the threat of a point deduction if repeated DM has worked a miracle to persist many players to come here Now the work begins. Top 6 and that 9 will look miserly
  18. Good start. I guess there are going to be a few more in the next day or so.
  19. As I can’t get to all home matches this is great value for me. Well done What a Summer this is turning out to be
  20. So was ours last season and look what happened
  21. That frankly says it all. If his name had been Smith no one on here would care one jot. He is 22 years old no longer a kid. It’s time we all moved on and left him to whatever his career brings him
  22. Sorry for being pedantic, but that’s an opinion (maybe a good one) but not a FACT
  23. DM needed to sign a whole host of players and yes the strikers position and probably goal keeper are priority. But I don’t understand why no one should be signed until these positions are filled first which is what some seem to be implying. He presumably has a list of positions and when the right opposites Along signs someone and ticks that box.
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