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  1. I’ve not seen anything to say it is, but is the match available on Sky on Saturday
  2. So a protest vote that is announced before a final relegation match about which out if contract player who has missed innumerable paydays is not going to affect them. I know what my position would be and it wouldn’t be to be as motivated as we all hope they will be. That is not to say it was a particularly bad idea but the timing is so wrong
  3. Don’t know where you worked but as an ex HR professional I can tell you that is not the norm. Paydays will vary organisation to organisation but generally the monthly salary is paid in the month it is earned and generally around week 3
  4. Absolutely right. This goes beyond the demoralising effect on out if contract players. How do we sell ourselves as a club in the future to players thinking am I going to get paid. What about new investment, what sort of individual do potential investors or advertisers etc think they will be dealing with. If DM turns out to be not the manager for League 1many think he is who is going to come here and manage in this type of environment. The fall out from this continuing debacle goes in and on
  5. The response on here would be interesting if they refused to turn upon Saturday
  6. Sorry pal but you are talking in emotional terms about a situation you have probably not experienced. Whatever the worth of these players, many have contracts running out and probably don’t know if the will be in employment one the end of the Summer. The impact this has on morale cannot be overlooked and simplified into they are wealthy footballers. It is no surprise that players who feel they are not valued because they are not being paid underperformed
  7. Given the position of the free kick there is no way it should have been taken with a left foot. Having said that I would have thought Windass would have been a much better bet
  8. Can’t say the game was special in any way, but some of the criticism is way over the top. According to many Wednesday bottles it today with no fight and yet created 14 chances. Derby according to many are putting up a fight as though their lives depend on it and with 10 minutes to go have had 6
  9. And how many street fighters do we have. How can Moore be blamed for putting out a side that doesn’t possess the qualities you want?
  10. As a follow up I have just seen the stats of Phillips for Leeds against Liverpool. Considering he was reckoned to have had an influential game he made 2 tackles and 2 interventions. I reckon on that basis Joey’s 4 was not too bad
  11. But you could say that about a number if the players. Bannan for an attacking midfield player has an appalling scoring record and as for that spectacular header of a ball that is Lees, words fail
  12. That’s why Pelupessy gets such a bad press The game has changed and it’s more about interventions than tackling as they turn into fouls far too often in the modern game. It’s also why Pelupessy has been regularly selected by the variety of managers we have had since he came
  13. For me I would give him a 2 year contract with 3rd year optional. This would allow the club to review progress. Additionally I would ensure he is well rewarded for promotion. All the usual caveats would need to apply such as him having last word on recruitment etc.
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