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  1. After the way he left. Not in your life. We need to move forwards this constant looking back is crazy
  2. You say it’s all part if the game but it shouldn’t be and wouldn’t be if the referees applied the rules. I came away from the game last night thinking I’d had enough of todays football if that’s how it has to be played. Not just the time wasting but also the number of times Sunderland players went to ground looking for a free kick. The ref waved their appeal away but never spoke to the player about it and therefore did nothing to discourage it.
  3. The referee last night was dreadful with regards time wasting. I noticed him having a conversation with their keeper at one stage, but nothing changed. The rules are there for them to use the fact they don’t tells you where the problem is
  4. Surprised to see Palmer moved to RWB but other than that pleased to see Bannan playing and the starting 11 I and I think most would have predicted
  5. I remember making one of these in my woodwork class around 1964. Naturally enough painted blue and white. As a testimony to my DIY skills it took me bloody ages to make.
  6. And yet the Sky reporter said Bannan was a leader on the pitch running everything
  7. Also - Chansiri giving him the space and time and letting Moore run things has paid off hugely This has largely gone unnoticed but in my view DC has also learned some important lessons and be club is reaping the benefits
  8. I wonder how many of those managers in the higher leagues had money to spend rather than craft together a team on freebies and loans
  9. Of all our remaining games this, on paper at least, is the most difficult. I guess when most fans have been doing their calculations the best they will have given us tonight is a draw. Losing tonight is not the end of the world. A draw would be a good result but all is not lost if that is not the end result
  10. The suggestions in this post are unreal. Roy Keane The team picked has been pretty consistent for awhile now despite many believing that the return of players from injury would lead to more tinkering. This team has developed over the season to be in a position many would have never believed last August. We had 21 shots at goal today, which is a testament to the way we play although I agree that with that many there should have been more than 1 goal. It seems to me we are in a better position as a team and a club than anyone could imagine. So let’s change the guy that has achieved that. No Thanks !!
  11. Is that the Iorfa and Windass that have hardly played this season
  12. I despair sometimes reading comments on here. At the beginning of the season the majority on OT reckoned that a new team of freebies and castoffs would take time to bed in. In fact many on here said mid table was not to be sneezed at and the more ambitious felt we could achieve playoffs ata push. We were then hit by injuries to key players at critical times, Windass Iorfa, Luongo, Dean, etc Now because we have had a decent run that puts us in with a realistic chance of playoffs, listening to some we should sack DM if we don’t go up. This season has been the clear out many have demanded. It has also seen a significant improvement in team spirit and fan engagement. Over the last 20 years or so we have been no more than a mid table Championship side at best with the occasional visit to League1. In conclusion we are work in progress and there has definitely been improvement and much of this is down to DM
  13. 2 goals and friggin I follow keeps dropping what a waste of money
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