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  1. Can you please stop posting positive things,please. It upsets the know all fancies who think we should go out and play cavalier football with our super talented squad and be knocking on the door of the playoffs instead of trying to grind our way to 50 ish points with what we've got in reality
  2. I saw a headline about trump pardons but couldnt find one for pulling the covers up and wafting it
  3. No it was just the dingle lad who had two heads
  4. Yes I was a kid playing alongside Danny,slim stature like Jim. Freddy was stockier
  5. I was in the north for the replay sat next to an older guy and when Gary Shelton scored he waited for me to sit down after the goal and said to me " that's my son" How proud must he have been to see his lad score in that atmosphere.
  6. Remember running up the street to peer into a blue mini with a white roof to see if it was Bronco as I'd seen him getting out of one at the ground,it was. He gave us a thumbs up before the lights changed. About 10 years later woke up in the gym behind the cantilever after a little lad headed me in the face during 5 a side run by Tommy Mac,Keith Bannister and Hughie Swift and Tommy was trying to bring me around as my nose was broken and I was out of it. Never made it and became a barber ,could have worked in Fannthams couldn't. Strange recollections of these 3 Wednesday greats.Bless them all
  7. Yes he was a big hard ******** scotsman and a bloody good centre half
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