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  1. Not if people disrespect him. His name is Roy
  2. Could it possibly be that the club is taking its time and evaluating the situation instead of going at it and making daft decisions like signing Rhodes and Abdi and others then regretting it when it goes ******** up. Don't knock the club for getting things massively wrong,which it has, then mumbling because you are not first to know when more hasty decisions have been made. There's plenty of time ffs
  3. Exactly whiteout a bit of reality us needed. Jack Hunt would be an excellent signing at the level we are now at. So he's been here before,so what?
  4. That's the root of it ,jealous nobodies wishing they were pro players and not having to put the jumpers down for posts then going home for one off the wrist.
  5. Liam is a wednesdayite why wouldn't he feel like the rest of us, worse as he played a part. But always some people ready with their snide sniping.
  6. Me too,too many moaning "experts" in all things managerial on here
  7. Don't worry,these sort have always been on this site. They wouldn't understand the game in a million years
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