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  1. This is so sad, keep fighting little man, wishing you a speedy recovery
  2. Mr Chansiri, please take a look at these great owners and change your ways. With funds and right direction we can be great again WAWAW
  3. I completely agree, time and patience is required
  4. Dunkley is a half decent defender, he made 1 mistake all game, unfortunately it cost us. But with Darren Moore I'm confident he can build a decent squad for next season. I am WTID. WAWAW
  5. I would start, I know at times he looks lazy defensively, he has real quality going forward, with 2 dm's behind him he would thrive. The u18's and 23's was successful a couple of years ago. What happened to these players? This squad has stagnated and the few signings we've made aren't better than the stagnated bunch we have
  6. I agree at what point do we give youngsters a chance? Olise is 19 and seems to be ever present for Reading
  7. I'm not having a dig at Moore, but what I was asking is why does he think these players are suddenly good enough, our midfield doesn't score, our striker isn't prolific and in my opinion needs a strke partner to benefit from his hard work. Do we not have any attacking youngsters to step up?
  8. Just sat here wondering why different managers have come in and more or less kept similar starting 11's and think these players are suddenly going to perform and get results, I'm puzzled
  9. We're falling apart, Thompson is a decent bloke but is way out of his depth. We need action or at least some sort of direction, it's a joke
  10. He's proving he has had enough, lack of manager and poor signings, hate to say it but if we go down the future is bleak
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