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  1. He was definitely not 100% fit
  2. I agree, they made many comments about Sunderland fans, but not when they were being outsung by 2000 Wednesday fans.
  3. I know conceding late today is frustrating but most of us would have took a draw before kick off. Can't see us not making the play offs.
  4. Is anyone else worried we may get these in the play offs?
  5. Do you have any proof? Cos its a whole new squad and injuries are as bad as ever.
  6. Tried booking some, I live in Lincolnshire and because my account was created after the 10th of February they wouldn't sell me any
  7. He was great today, took his goal really well and that touch before the 3rd goal wow. Also put a real shift in. Maybe he will come into form just in time
  8. Barry is a fantastic player, but I have to say he set pieces are very poor, every corner he took was straight to there keeper
  9. How is it ridiculous? On the few occasions Gibson has played he could barely keep the ball under control never mind look comfortable with it at his feet.
  10. Based on the fact he is comfortable with the ball at his feet, he looked to drive forward whenever possible, he can tackle and is only 17 or 18 years old and not going to get too many games at Chelsea with the players they have at there disposal. After that 90 minutes he is 3 times the player Gibson is
  11. I totally agree mate, Moore signed a whole squad based on one formation then changed to another ( only the management team will know why, I suspect senior players may have had a say ). I do hope other clubs won't judge us on the management of 1 player who didn't quite fit the new formation, but who knows, we do have a habit of making things hard for ourselves
  12. Corbeanu was a great prospect and I personally would have liked to see him in the front 2 with Gregory, but in all honesty he doesn't really suit our formation. This lad is already playing in a back 3
  13. Left sided centre back playing for Chelsea in FA Cup, looks a real talent DM sign him up for rest of season
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