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  1. Assume for a minute a rich investor. Wants to buy the ground, would the sum count against ffp given the sale helped with ffp.
  2. Could be a problem. A new owner is unlikely to want to be locked in for 30 years. Maybe for a short period but I for one would want ownership of the ground. If not maybe look to say 5 years lease and try for a new build ground. Have any sites, etc been suggested. Hillsborough may need a lot of backlog maintenance doing, so a new ground could have attractions. Would explore all avenues.
  3. A useful starting point. Would have to own the ground first, then begin sorting out the rest of the problems. Looking at various club prices would be content paying something like £20m for the lot and take it from there.
  4. As a buyer would want a deal for the club and the ground together. Wonder how much the combined total might be.
  5. Is there any flexibility with this, break clauses, etc. A new owner would presumably want to look at this, including the possibility of buying back the ground.
  6. Assume we go into admin. Someone with money interested. Buy club for maybe knockdown price, have to repay some debt. Consider ground. Rent Hillsborough or another ground. Build a new ground long term. Buy back Hillsborough. The final option probably the most cost effective. But given the sale got round ffp rules would the purchase be a problem with ffp. Any views ?
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