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  1. Its popular cus it its got a nice design and looks just as nice walking the dog as down the pub or the Hillsborough. Never got the yellow kit obsession tbh.
  2. I'm pretty sure the bloke down Encliffe Park who talks to squirrels and who's only friend is a bag of quavers full of dog dirt said the same thing when I last saw him.
  3. Start him next game..he at least has the balls and skill to take people on.
  4. I'd play Byers over him tbh. Free up Baz and Dennis to break forward more.
  5. I think Wings pass completion rate is the same as my Triathlon completion rate at this point (I don't even own a bike or armbands).
  6. It really was a well referred game. Very little uneasily starts, was short with players theatrics.
  7. Corbineau looked very lively. He should keep his shirt. Dele-Bashiru looks rough round the edges but his powerful running with ball was great. If he can stop giving ball away quite as much I think he's worth a bash at a start.
  8. Wings passing in particular needs reigning in, this obsession with 30 yard worldies that barely reach thier man is concerning.
  9. I don't know what's worse, the framerate of this ifollow feed, or the standard of passing.
  10. We'd make terrible dog walkers, we can't hold a lead to save our lives. Another 2 points thrown away like a cold kebab
  11. Im sure you know this already but there is no need to care what our unwashed brethern call us. Thier opnion shouldn't matter. I have friends and colleagues who are blades and I have on occasions jokingly called them pigs. But honestly, I never made the connection with thier pink kit and the word. Maybe cus it wasn't a nice kit and also who cares what United wear? Imo of course
  12. Yes, Pink can be made by mixing red and white. We wear white. Lots of fans like orange away kits, which is also made with red. We have also worn purple which contains a pigment of red.
  13. I imagine the OP has horrifying lucid dreams where Billy Sharp takes him to KFC, and sees Chris Wilders face in tree bark. It looks pink to me.
  14. This post was brought to you by the year of 1986. Pinks fine, the kits nice (imo) and the colour you wear on the field has no correlation with how good the performance is. Th!ts not to say we excuse the lads for a poor showing yesterday.
  15. Yesterday's resukt is exactly why I'm yet to book my cabin on HMS PTL. At the same time, there's no need to panic just yet. Moore is building what I believe to be a great side in difficult circumstances.
  16. I'll be honest, its fun but disposable. Im mainly playing single player and the bots are thick as fork and from what I gather its much better with friends. Its not scary at all but does have atmosphere and the detail of the aliens universe is good. Gameplay wise its just like a budget version of gears of war really, walk through linear environment and achieve rudimentary task, do a point defence bit then move on. Based on my half way run its a 6/10 but I'm still enjoying it (I love aliens) and it's only a 35 quid title not full price.
  17. The sinking feeling throughout 2020 that things couldn't get worse or more chaotic only to get to Saturday and have another flat, pathetic, surrender to the latest team, then to read the news that our chairman couldn't fulfil the basics of a football club and actually pay wages was bad, very bad. I fell out of love with football then and it took the Euros and August this year to give me that back. At least in 2000 when Newcastle tonked us there was some semblance of hope
  18. Sounds daft but till this thread I wasn't sure that was the case. Shameful DC, shameful
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