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  1. Doing alrite until the high tackle and sending off. No panicking here though. These guys are one of best sides in league.
  2. Winning games when not playing at your best is the sign of a good team. Not hit our stride yet but every reason to be confident after good results on some tough fixtures.
  3. In which he wasn't anywhere near our worst performers and had an assist?
  4. Cus ppl are both bored and boring and need something to moan about. He will be keeping his spot in first 11 at this rate
  5. I'd suggest most up and coming midfielders would rather be playing in midfield with him.
  6. Forking cretin. Stop coming to games please, whoever you are, you're an embaressment to this club.
  7. And so it begins. Any player, especially one in early 30s in 33c heat is allowed a mediocre or bad game.
  8. Isnt this mk dons who had about 5 fans in the ground when it was 3rd vs 4th last year. Embarrssing level of support for such a nice ground.
  9. The new kieron Lee. Good at most stuff and makes the midfield tick with no fuss.
  10. Sunderlands number 10 is a right tool. We are playing well That is all.
  11. Given that all you have to do to pass the EFL ownership test is spell your name and own a bank card I've not much faith in the security if someone else takes over.
  12. Same. It may he decided for me as yellow on me makes me look ill. Prefer the neck on away kit for sure. Two good efforts. Think overall I preferred last year's marginally but hats off macron
  13. I just presume he went to Derby as he had more assurances of gametime which DM wouldn't give
  14. Few friends who are forest fans, thst is aggressively bad and I always tell them.
  15. I think the winnal thing was daft of us, we had more than enough cover at that stage. I think this hopefully makes more sense. I guess of them only Windass and wilks are pacey. Paterson will no doubt be used elsewhere on pitch or be backup should we get the injury curse. With papa John's we could be playing close to 50 plus games this year so good to have sone depth.
  16. To not spoff money here there everywhere on players unproven in the division. This transfer activity seems much more pragmatic and focused on players proven at this level with sensible amounts spent.
  17. With the way footballs going more players are happy to run down contracts so the quality of free agents is higher than say 5 years ago. I'd say consider the player on merit. A savvy investment of a fee in a young saleable asset is fine but sensible pragmatic recruitment of free agents is a winner too. At least we have learned lessons.
  18. They have barely any players and no owner. Think we were in a state last year, the rams are in it 5 x as bad. I predict them becoming the new Sunderland. The desire will be there to do well of course.
  19. Pato and Bannan in taches would make great Scottish chuckle brothers
  20. Tis true, bit Iorfa seemingly can't finish a slice of lemon drizzle cake without getting injured. Huge shame as he csn be immense.
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