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  1. What's the value for Burnley to take him back? So he can sit in the reserves? Don't see it imo.
  2. I think Gibson is actually Hutchs mate who does his plumbing. They made him up for tax purposes
  3. I'd say it's an overreaction to invade a pitch over a goal against one of the bottom sides in the league. But that's me.
  4. All for a goal against Crewe. If we won the champions league would they spontaneously combust?
  5. Some beauts there pal. Had the 80s grey one as a kid, fond memories. I hope things improve for you and the family. Best of luck
  6. Hes certainly doing a decent job in difficult circumstances and deserves praise
  7. BPF Gregory and Dunks have had good runs too. Shout out to the quiet dedication of Liam Palmer too.
  8. I think overall he's done an OK job on a limited budget so far. Most clubs have transfers that don't work out, in fact sides like Man U its the norm.
  9. It's pretty gauling to get him back then lose him over something so daft.
  10. He was good for 20 minutes last night. Then you realise he was up against a cobbled together defence and wonder how he would have fared against Dunkley, Iorfa and Hutch. Not well I suspect. I've no doubt that we had some hand in his exit, but the manner of it still leaves a sour taste.
  11. Before the sending off we could have won the game. Then we did what we hardly ever do which is to grit our teeth and manage a game. Some people just like to winge.
  12. Good performance overall, hard earned point and a game we'd have lost in past.
  13. 'Lads we need to stiffen up the defence and midfield, let's bring Lewis Wing on.' Said noone ever till DM five minutes ago
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