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  1. The frustration, bordering on anger, following the last 3 results, has left me and I am now just depressed and empty. It was difficult to find one thread in which to comment on the Manager, there are so many, but here goes. Results aside, I cannot remember a good 90 minute home performance from the Owls in the last three seasons. Away teams come and play LIKE A TEAM, they seem to know where their mates are going to be, awaiting the next pass, we have to stop the ball, look up and find someone who may be free. Our throws-in may as well be free kicks to the opposition, so rarely do we
  2. A definite penalty using the current interpretation of the Law. Some years ago, it was only a foul if the act was intentional; the Brum defender was not intending to to trip our lad but that was the result, so a certain penalty. Credit Paterson for a quickness of thought and pace over a very short distance to get in front of the player, we haven't had that sort of reaction for some time. Also for falling naturally, rather than making an obvious dive, so convincing the Referee that he had been genuinely fouled. We now have a team of grafters who will chase "lost causes" which, in th
  3. In the good old pre-Covid days, I amused myself by getting early to my seat in the North and watching the pre-match warm-up. The shooting-in exercise was the highlight - shooting from about 16 yards with no defenders to tackle; results - usually about 30 shots, average 10 goals, GK saved two, perhaps three, the rest were high and wide. Bannan the worst culprit, perhaps Reach being the best. Hope that the new squad and coaches are practising shooting in every training session! We now have a better squad than before so I am optimistic, even though we have no prolific scorer; but who
  4. I presume he lives in the Cardiff area, so he may link up with the team on the way to Bristol, watch the game, then return with the lads to Hillsborough for a medical on Monday before signing. I think our Club awaits official confirmation of transfer from the EFL before broadcasting it, whereas some clubs shout out as soon as the player's signature is dry on the contract.
  5. There was talk that Chelsea would not let him sign our loan deal until he agreed a long term contract for them. Was this factual? If not, he should be free to sign a full contract for us at the end of the season (or in January if a modest fee can be agreed).
  6. When we DO have ball boys, they are young lads who are often watching the game rather than the ball. Why can't we have the U-18s (when they have played at home in the morning) as ball boys? They could then be coached properly in retrieving the ball quickly or (to spend time) slightly more slowly as appropriate.
  7. After a few years of being "read only" on this site, I was driven to subscribe to try and balance the views from the "doomygloomies" who were dominating on here. While awaiting the completion of the security checks by OT the mood has changed considerably; isn't it surprising what a couple of good results and clean sheets can do?? The disaster merchants of pre-season who didn't think we could reach 60 odd points in the season to reach safety were, in my opinion, wrong. What fan goes into a new season thinking their team cannot reach the heady heights of at least mid-table? The m
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