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  1. ive not yet been to those 2 new grounds , but i dont particularly enjoy modern grounds , wembley has great modern facilities yet i find its quite faceless and too far from the pitch , didnt like sunderland been in the clouds . id sooner out ground was kept and just modernised in time
  2. yes on oxford site its needed 2moro. be for last time and lets hope forever
  3. you better get on tripadviser and give them a 5 star rating looks like they have took a battering with loads of 1 stars lately ,maybe someone with a grudge who knows.
  4. funny enough most away supporters like it. ive been to most of the faceless new grounds of the last 20 years hate them mostly. sunderland nothing to do with score i found horrid too miles from the pitch id have it down as 1 i wont be bothered about going back to . the ground if needed with money available can be upgraded , forest i believe are having there ground upgraded and thats an old ground. fulham just had theres modernised i bet those 2 clubs support are delighted . west ham lost there soul when they left upton park to that horrid place they play at now ,thats not a football stadium
  5. cheers for info , royal cars are they ok? pretty bad reviews on google/tripadvisor . cant beat d taxis never had 1 complaint so far saying that they aint had 1 good review either oh dear.
  6. no chance alex millar and joe crann getting the exclusive interview with chansiri now is there ha ha
  7. the 745am out is cancelled which will effect some of us to b new st , so means 8am change at derby . coming back could be fun the 1739 back to b new st is running but be lucky to catch that been so far away . the next one is cancelled 1839 which means if we miss the 1739 its 2 hours waiting for the next direct one .
  8. think hirst is very fortunate that he has a manager what believes in him in danny cowley in the last 2 seasons he has managed 2 league goals a 1 in 10 man at portsmouth and zero at rotherham . shaw has massively struggled in scotland got a loan move and is injured before he got chance to play , uroghide again massive struggle and moving to the mighty morecambe , so all of them will have got decent contracts fast cars etc but upto now have achieved absolutely nothing football wise. chansiri might not be such a fool regards these 3 as they would be expecting 4 year deals and in hirsts case 10 grand a week , there is no way we could fund those kind of contracts when totally unproven .
  9. you should keep an eye on trains for cancellations ,as ours an hour later has been cancelled from sheff to brum . crosscounty trains like some other train companies maybe need a new owner .the oxford direct train sheffield to reading was scrapped some months ago and many services due to the shortage of staff they employ and covid issues is resulting in many mainline services been severely cut.
  10. no pubs near ground as said already . plenty in city centre 4.7 miles from ground can be accessed by taxi or bus from station or outside large shopping centre in centre . a warning also according to football ground guide no alcohol is served in the ground to away supporters for certain games ,as we have had our allocation cut due to idiots at crewe i wouldn't be surprised if no beer served at the ground . our last away game in shrewsbury i think they were expecting millwall as ive not seen that amount at an away ground for a very long time .
  11. we get him fit over 2 months then only give him a 2 month contract? surely not . if this isnt resolved and we go back to type 2moro then angry noises will be coming back.
  12. exactly careers in the bin . all be in the northern premier league in 2-3 years once contracts up
  13. yet i know a van parked whats been there 5 months its untaxed and no mot reported 3 times and its still there . they have wrote to the last owner but its still there .. cant they get a fine ~? or is it not an earner as the owner has abandoned it .
  14. the council, must make a mint.. how many park next to the park across from south stand bridge? or those roads off middlewood road near barracks thats another council cashpot
  15. loads this season have been going in the home ends , restricting our allocation only makes that happen more.
  16. where u heard that? ive not heard owt lately . think we need to plan the season without iorfa and dunkley both car crashes regards keeping fit .
  17. i think this is more a society thing to be honest , kids these days get everything for doing nothing . the work ethic you find in people who have nothing no benefits no daddy pays for it all , i like to watch travel vloggers and you get to see how different life is for some people and how hard they have to work or they get nothing ... we are totally reliant on getting people to come here to harvest our crops etc as our young uns wont do this . i have a child myself and getting him to do things is an effort . all kids 15-19 need to do some work whether they are in higher education or not it will make them a harder working person going forward , its the same with a lot of young footballers they get a fast car and a few grand a week then a lot of them dont think they need to work too hard to get success .
  18. credit to the players and moore for yesterday . but has it took a gun to his head to get us playing like that yesterday , we had energy yes energy it was wonderful to see .. now we know the players can perform this well i expect this next week and the week after if not whats going off?
  19. its beyond a shambles , our match day catering service is appalling and for the staff to have no idea about that offer is mind boggling , its not the kids who serves fault but id love to speak to the clown who job is to communicate these matters to supervisors and staff . but we aint the only ones i can tell you its only a small handful of clubs away from home where the service was upto standard this season. mansfield sunderland accrington shrewsbury are 4 i can remember to be properly staffed this season , charlton get the worst rating upto an hour to get served . im sure someones kids could run things better than the people running our club .
  20. a warning to those going by train to oxford is there has already been cancellations , got an email stating the journey there part of the way is cancelled this thats for the train to birmingham . can see this been like the film planes trains and autos without the plane getting there. think its the 755am train whats cancelled upto now
  21. if you employ amateur staff this is what happens , liam dooley id imagine this is his call so its down to him if this has been a shambles , same regards the season ticket price changing weekly . again regards covid passports surely staff and players should have been able to get into the ground without problems .. shambles . if this is not dooley fault i apologise .
  22. darren moore admitted recently that we have not managed the players properly.. any clues? luongo at rotherham away not played in nearly 1 year and was burnt out and collapsed on the final whistle ,he needed coming off earlier then we lost him for 3 months .. wigan away decided to put hutch into midfield every though nearly all of us know thats a bad idea m guess what he breaks down , leave him in defence and probably not . those 2 players fit all season we would be top 3-4 .
  23. incredible today totally unexpected , having hutch in defence luongo def mid are huge , sow and n m lang were outstanding . im totally shocked how good we were . what will upset me more is if the shewsbury performance comes back next week after we today were treated to a masterclass with effort and running all game.. now we know we are good enough its time to see this performance regularly , we deserved at least a 7-0 win today ,2 goals massively flattered them as our keeper didnt have a save to make.
  24. was on the radio that derby threw a firework at utd today and there on radio very upset.. well i nearly got hit in the head by there scum lobbing fireworks at us before the game 3 years ago , just saying so i think maybe they should look at there actions as supporters before getting upset with others . a club full of tools
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