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  1. your almost certainly right regards darren moore will have made the decision for bannan to take pens , this is extremely worrying as ive seen gregory take buckets full of pens for millwall . bannan scores 1 goal a season ,before kick off we see how bad he is at shooting practise regularly . he missed his last pen ,bannan is the last player in the team id want taking pens .
  2. how to you know whats going though chansiri mind? i wouldnt put it past chansiri if he did within a month. 15 players have come in but we already have our back 5 inc keeper and all this about needing a year or more to sort it i dont buy into . we are hardly going to turn into world beaters in a year but we have had as much wage wise put into the building of a squad and i cant see chansiri been happy unless we aint in top 6 or at least just out of it by xmas.
  3. well he shouldnt do he is well over 6foot . we are nowhere near getting the best out of this squad of players ,the only players we signed what i though were odd signings where sow and kamberi , not sure what either does but not seen enough of sow to judge yet . rotherham are bagging goals so are other teams in this league and im sure they aint playing this awful system either , its not just me ive heard many media pundits pull it part too , rob staton referred to hull and piggies and he saw most of there games last season in hull and 3-4 years ago at the stain as taking game forward,high press etc none of this tapping it sideways what we are doing.
  4. i think midfield has been a problem for 5 years and a certain someone has played for 5 years . wing is a talented player and certainly at this level will shine , but bannan and him dont look right in the same team . wing takes very decent corners free kicks yet bannan has been taking nearly the lot , pens we have 2-3 who have taken pens regular before , gregory has scored absolutely loads from the spot so why on earth did bannan take it? everyone of us knew bannan was missing it and we all even picked which side he would kick it to. this system needs pulling up and chucking its boring its tepid and its taking us nowhere . too many wingers , yet we didnt hardly sign a striker ,kamberi does not score goals his record is quite clear , we needed a bully ball winner in midfield and a scoring striker , maybe berahinio might be that if fit that is. if darren moore is so stubborn like chansiri is then this clearly wont end well . this is broken (this system) change it darren as none of us want you to fail but unless you do your getting the sack m8 probably within a month.
  5. sorry time is what he shouldnt have . this system will not work an ageing gregory up top on his own isnt going to get us anywhere near the top 6 and we will be lucky to average a goal a game all season , we aint even doing that at the min . we are quite fortunate to not be in the bottom 4 as we were really lucky to get points earlier in the season playing 5/10 it was only the keeper and defence what got those early season points . going forward we frighten nobody
  6. feels worse than a defeat its realising that we are going nowhere this season , its only a matter of time before darren gets sacked and we are back at square 1 again . 95% of us going know this system will not get us success or top 6 .
  7. he lacks talent but he would walk into this team . we have the worst set of attackers gregory 33 well past it , kamberi 1 in 5 man played out wide etc etc . id have thrown on patterson and but brown on 2nd half and gone more direct ,yet not even on the bench
  8. whats even more a concern is where was patterson? why on earth did he not even make the bench? and whats happened with brown? he looked very decent now has disappeared
  9. we have we signed 6 wingers? when we only have an ageing 33 year old alone up front? why sign kamberi who has a 1 in 5 goal ratio? 1 up front and playing sideways football is boring and will achieve nothing but failure . its very sad that we can see this but darren cant and is too stubborn to do anything about it , sadly he will be sacked within weeks
  10. they all looked unfit , but still dont explain the subs or total lack of change of system
  11. sorry darren i like you as a person but your taking this club nowhere , your clueless , why the hell did you take shopido off and replaced with kamberi to play wing bloody wing , he is a striker yes very limited , why didnt he get put into a front 2 and go long . sideways football with 1 up front will take us nowhere . been like this all season lets not kid ourselves , bannans taking pens when he cant shoot missed his last pen . why didnt gregory take it? he took all millwall pens and scored loads from the spot. no excuses , shewsbury 2nd bottom and in 2nd half we were shocking . all the early season promise and optimism has gone. deeply worrying . chansiri will soon be back on the scene
  12. exactly , we need to ditch this boring possession game what has yielded only 5 goals , not 1 game this season have we looked threatening . our squad is top 2-3 and needs to prove it on the pitch. be brave darren dont matter who it is if there below par fetch someone else on.
  13. not sure any point of the u23s if there all loaned out and to very low teams in 6-7th tier . dont see point in giving the likes of hirst shaw etc a leg up when the club gets zero benefit . until the club can afford to run it and run it properly with proper acadamy coaches it might be best to do away with it and just keep u18s . lee bullen salary can be saved for starters.
  14. Dont be silly of coarse not . Just dont like how some are treating people and using it as control power thing it just aint needed and it will cause lots of aggro for no reason . Im taking paper vaccination cert etc to shut them up regards myself but others wont be prepared
  15. yer its doable but with all the train cancellations happening all the time , the last train home from piccadilly is 1150 if thats cancelled its either a night on the floor ,£120 taxi fare or hotel room ,take your choice . i once had to get a taxi back luckily with 2 others who missed last train back due to it been cancelled so it ended up been 30quid each , but that was 15 plus years ago.
  16. if your on about train , 2129 with 2 changes involving walking accross warrington is the last train back , that would mean leaving by the 55th min . unless your travelling by car or live nearer to wigan other transport is impossible with very limited coaches going . cant see more than 1500 due to this . clubs like wigan etc must be sick that they could have lost over 5000 paying fans from sheffield if the game was on a saturday . away games this season either involve loads of travel or often are midweek and impossible to get without taking the car.
  17. Travel is a problem for most . No trains back no coaches apart from 2-3 .
  18. you got robbed your lucky i had a banger thrown at me outside bramall lane .
  19. maybe it needs to get messy outside and in other places for these control freaks to pack it in with there rules. it was announced yesterday by the jcvi only 59 have died in 2021 double jabbed yet loads on the tv want masks fetching back for us to protect the unjabbed . and if we dont have a mask on ipswich might not let us in according to there massive page of rules.
  20. i had it last xmas ive had far worse then double jabbed in spring , i will lay good odds that me and you wont ever get it again . the jabs have made it 30x less likely to need hospital they have been a massive success . there was once viruses and flu which made some of us quite poorly thats pretty much the worst what will happen if your double jabbed now , i know someone who works in a&e and she says most in there are unjabbed .get a jab if you aint had one.
  21. so agree , there is no way i would take a passport to a game , my passport only is in my pocket if i go abroad which at the min ive no intension of doing , a holiday is about destressing and relaxing what will all these rules it couldnt be more opposite . say if 30% turn up what dont have either then what? 600 angry supports outside? who is creating these rules needs to take there double mask off there goggles visor etc etc and take a deep breath and bloody relax .
  22. i dont get too high when we win or low when we lose , i could clearly see we are struggling to create chances and ive quoted many times that i think we will struggle to score many and that was before the morecambe game . i think we have many decent players and should be playing a lot better ,its the midfield what worries me ,the 3 yesterday should not all play together again . tidy short passing midfielders will not get promotion . we have players who are very capable of doing very well and i dont agree with some that it will take 12 months to get it right , d moore has had massive backing on and off the pitch by xmas we need to be top 6 at the minimum or thats failure . 99% plus of our support like darren and lets hope he gets it right on the pitch .
  23. darren moore needs to have a word with both bannan and wing . as letting bannan take 90% of corners and free kicks in unaceptable ,he has been bloody awful in last 4 years , wing has excellent ability from free kicks and corners . bannan should only take in swinging free kicks from 1 side .
  24. dont agree , charlton we should have lost i was there , doncaster they missed a pen and had 1-2 decent chances it could have ended 2-2 but thing we just about deserved the win , beat fleetwood without playing well at all ,rotherham could have been 2-3 up at ht and peacock farrell saved us ,morecambe we had loads of possession but there keeper hardly made world class saves did he? just 2 shots 1 from gregory and mainly straight at him clipped the bar on another day we could have won , yesterday 5-0 would have been fair . we could easily have just 5 points if we had wildsmith in goal . its a shame we aint got a game on tuesday as 2weeks training did nothing , its game time we need and hopefully a system change as 433 just dont look right its like we are playing with 10 men .
  25. i blame chansiri for relegation but that damage was done way back in 2016 , as for this season if it dont turn out well chansiri cant get the blame ,he has backed darren moore given darren moore full control of signings (1st time in 7 years a manager has got players in) lets give darren moore a chance but this squad should be at least top 6 he may need to make unpopular decisions as in dropping a certain player and change the way we set up .
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