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  1. good move hopefully gets regular game time , we have ihiekwe henegan as the only 2 centre backs now cant really count iorfa as hardly been fit in 2 years now . last season we had gibson dunkley hutchinson dean storey iorfa brennan and palmer as a back up yes 2 were to cover 2 crocks . we will be looking for 2 more centre backs 1 who can play left back or defence and the other in the centre . lets hope we have defenders what stay fit next season as having johnson at centre back cost us back end of 2021.
  2. ive got a pretty high points total so dont really effect me but when 500 are already taken out of circulation when say we only get 1000 allocation for an away game i think aint right . do other clubs do this? id imagine we will be the only club in league 1 for sure what does. not saying 100% this should be scrapped but maybe needs looking at considering allocations are lower now than they were when this was 1st set up.
  3. should be scrapped . 500 supporters many end up giving tickets to m8s ,should be points based with a few games allowing supporters with say 600 points more of a chance to go.
  4. why would he go? he has a challenge at swfc to get promotion ,very popular with support, lives local . if he moves prob spends most of time on bench and will have to move maybe 100 miles away ,for that to happen i think a club would need to offer him nearly double wages and then have to pay at least 500k fee. just not happening or at least extremely unlikely.
  5. surely they wont be doing new shirts last minute before season starts . and are we all getting new season cards? need to be sent out much quicker than lasts season where many had to go to club show to get emergency tickets for 1st 2 games due to been posted out 4 days before 1st home game , and most of us have a vey slow postal system ,anything upto 7days
  6. ive not worked it out regards alex hunt spoke to 1-2 in the know and they say he will never make it he just isnt big or good enough . shaw was not decent he had 1-2 decent games but also got sent off stupidly in 2 games costing us points which at the end of that season meant relegation .
  7. the ship has sailed ,maybe worksop town or hallam fc could take him on. it was his dream to play for swfc but he soon jumped ship it was really about his passion for easy cash , there aint many owls supporters what would want him back anyways
  8. couldn't give a flying tosss about england not watched them since euros . quite happy to be in league 1 just for this season also dont miss tues night games nearly every week in championship while having 5 blank international weekend breaks .
  9. with there been at least 3 away days on a tues night there will always be ones getting moved what most would prefer on a saturday , morecambe on a tues night is the biggest disappointment enjoyed last seasons day out tues night in september it wont be happening for us , peterborough depending on train situation is still very possible , bristol rovers no chance , fleetwood away boxing day no trains might be tricky .
  10. all managers would like there players in for 1st day of pre season but its not that simple. but dont want to hear usual excuse about needing 3/4 months to get going properly.
  11. at the end of the day a very decent player when fit at this level but he aint getting younger and has missed appx 40% of games in 3 years , was in top 3 earners at the club so if he was on say 13k a week he may have been offered 8k
  12. only point im really making is that a few posters this past few weeks think that that because we aint under an embargo and can sign players for fees now there expecting top end championship players etc ,lasts seasons business i thought was excellent in general and our wage bill was top 3 ,i think our wage bill this season will be slightly lower than last season which aint a bad thing id sooner we have a more manageable wage bill going forward. im happy with will vaulks signing at this level he will be very decent. could do with a ross stewart type gem up front now.
  13. id be quite happy with these 2 players but what someone did 2 years ago dont really mean much , we signed shopido who scored 14 goals the previous season at oxford on loan and bombed here. i thought last seasons business in transfer window was excellent at the time but some supporters think loads of money is available and some kind of chains have been released for this season .i think your going to be disappointed its league 1 and we have to manage a much lower wage bill but still will be top 3/4 wage budget in this league .
  14. vaulks played last season in an awful cardiff team scores 1 in 10 games in his career and wilks scored just 3 times last season both maybe good signings in this league but these players aint going to win us the league i dont think. cant we sign 2moros new star from a premier league team for the season? or maybe moore wont be trusted on that front after theo corbeanu
  15. dont agree at all with his release i said many weeks ago that this coming season will involve cost cuts while some think spendaggeddon is going to happen. we didnt have 300k to even get jack tucker , top 6 this season unless some rabbits are pulled out of the hat is going to be harder than a lot think.
  16. hope he gets a league 1 or 2 club most of our academy players what have made an appearance for 1st team have ended up at boston matlock gainsborough etc some a lot lower than that. its not easy making the grade some thought our awful u23 squad would have got into 1st team last season , sadly there were a mile off that. think joe is a decent keeper though id be amazed if he dont get snapped up very quickly
  17. as milan used to say another tyre kicker .. some of our supporters seem to want one.
  18. watching the football during lockdown was garbage ,absolutely no way is it even 10% as good watching a game on tv than been there. i will be watching league 1 later in the year when that dodgy world cup is on ,even if we were playing in pouring rain id sooner attend than watch boring international football on tv.
  19. i think we should sell dawson ,1 reason is the abuse he got in his last game before lockdown ,brentford away when we lost 5-0 .the atmosphere was toxic and dawson who was within toughing distance got dogs abuse . all he needs is 1-2 mistakes and the abuse will be back. last season peacock made loads of howlers can you imagine if that was dawson and the flak he would get.
  20. prob would no money from them anyways . tyre kickers
  21. aden flint has had his day and has had lots of injury issues past 3 to 4 seasons and will be on decent wages . the lad at solihull should take up basketball how many goals last season? 5? and expect him to jump 2 levels and score 20? some other names please ,you defo wont make chief scout
  22. short memory , 2015/16 season started with a 433 was very slow boring,changed it october then it was more attacking and we saw some exciting football and just missed out on promotion , 2016/17 was a lot more cagey lot of playing it sideways in defence and most games were not all that entertaining . i dont celebrate a manager who has to take a lot of the blame for where we are now a team what is in league 1 what does its best to scape into the playoffs . but its all in the past now no restrictions and not tied down by overpaid players on long deals .
  23. absolutely no way . d moore surely has learned from getting sow kamberi brown etc
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