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  1. its that pathetic im looking to rotherham coventry derby wycombe to lose every week for us to have any chance of stopping up. how have idiots managed to get my club into this state?. i hear the chansiri blame but he has put trust in so called professionals and nearly all have faired big time. carlos and monk have done more damage to our club along with the pathetic recruitment team than anyone else in the timet he club was invented .that there can be no argument .
  2. teaching players at a young age to play that style isnt good without a doubt
  3. if pressman is returning we would have experienced an earthquake
  4. see we tried the new system at u23 level try to get a 0-0 because we are bloody hopeless .has there ever been a year where all 4 teams at different levels are bottom or as good as
  5. got to agree , didnt agree or see how it made sense taking him off.
  6. i went to stoke on boxing day and the team we had was better than yesterdays on paper , im still shocked how stoke didnt get 10 that day ,we were 3rd they were bottom that day they murdered us ,the 3-2 defeat dont tell the story of the game . if coco was in charge of that ramble we have we would have had a hammering yesterday ,stoke have been scoring loads this season , us the complete opposite . all pulis he is able to do is scape points , we aint got any players to turn games , we aint got any diamonds coming through our awful youth systems who could play , the lad shaw is ok if he can impro
  7. on paper the stoke squad is way better than us. look through there squad and see they have goals in many players . we have 1in 10 at best players ,what did monk expect when you sign players with those stats? the whole recruitment team needs to go too and well as scrapping the u23s and u18s and start again next season get a proper academy man in ,we did have one and he went a few years ago to america. lee bullen is a top bloke but we aint a charity he needs to leave . toney pulis will not believe how hard the job is and the mess the club is in.
  8. if wilder stays then they will go down but be top 6 next season , hopefully he stays till xmas 16 games 2 points then he will resign he will be hurting too much , get howe or some fool in take them down , next season they go to pieces ,player revolt finish mid table and soon they will be back to where they were 4years ago . the only thing going for them this season is there are 4 awful bottom of the league teams and as little as 30 points will keep them up . when we had 1pt from 9games we finished with 43points ended up getting relegated on highest points total.
  9. yer the 200 million figure adds up ive worked that one out. for him to get to 350milion is making imaginary costs ie buying the ground what he already owns , maybe adding future costs to the total and various other things. but just on a hard cash basis its 200million . how much does tony stewart pump into rothrum? and they have a well run club, they have players what have attempts on goal and score goals ,all for a pennies . and look at the car crash we have. when you want to buy a football club you get proper people in to help you , he got idiots in employed a complete idiot in carlos chucked
  10. they aint a manager who could work with this lot. he is trying to squeeze draws before jan 1st but by then it be too late.
  11. think me or you would offer more than paterson up front .
  12. you say that but chansiri constantly says there the managers signings. he said same regards carlos after committee was disbanded . but whoever we have in the recruitment process needs to leave the club now .
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