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  1. could have been looking at a bottom half finish? when our wage bill last season was 10x that of morecambe accrington cheltenham fleetwood and 2-3 others . he was heavily backed in fact it surprised me and others how well he was backed . top 6 last season was an absolute minimum this season top 2 . the reality is though we could still be in this league for years if the right recruitment and tactics aint used properly. d moore deserves to have another go but if we aint top 6 and pushing top 2 by october we need a change if the right man is out there , a neil i touted as a new manager at xmas look what happened with him.
  2. sadly if we didnt have chansiri we would go bust . league 1 turnover is about 10 million or so . covers nothing . and they aint many billionaires out there , all tyre kickers as mandric once called them. lots of new owners promise the earth very few deliver
  3. is that why paul williams left? what an awful player . record appalling even in the low standard leagues he has played at. and aint we stuck with sow? hope he is on very low wages.
  4. i hope he signs and progresses . but look at how many young players out of the u18s we have had this past few years who we thought would progress , 3 years later there playing in nat league north or park leagues . very few for some reason seem to progress , i seem to remember a villa supporters saying 2 years ago that grealish is 1 of only 2/3 who has come through the youth ranks and played regular for the 1st team ,im not on about world beaters just lads who get a few games .
  5. 1 of the reasons he has left is wages he may have even wanted an increase. d moore next season will probably have a slightly lower wage bill budget but still top 3/4 ,no idea why some supporters think that we will be splashing out transfer fees in league 1
  6. where you been? its been all over owlstalk for 2 weeks . thought you were updating to include premier league too
  7. well someone will have to take dunkleys place in the treatment room
  8. we will be starting the season with a new keeper an entire defence new striker and centre mid if luongo leaves that dont make us anywhere near favs . lets hope that 90% of new signings are here by mid june when pre season starts or i will fear a poor start
  9. rubbish , attendances wont drop for those reasons . the cost of living might start having more of an effect towards xmas which might impact attendances then ,but nothing to do with novelty wearing off . be nice if the novelty of idiots running on the pitch and smashing each other up inside and outside of grounds ends though
  10. next season we have no defenders on our books . we cant class iorfa as one as he has been injured for 2 years making brief comebacks . liam palmer isnt really a back 3 defender but can do a job there. gibson dean storey dunkley and hutchinson we will do well to get 5 in as good as those . there is clearly going to be a cost cutting exercise with the squad , we could also lose wing backs hunt and n m l along with luongo in midfield . the squad will be massively different and are we going to get the same excuse 14 players need time to bed in again? . im hoping plans are in place to get most of the signings in june as pre season starts mid june
  11. the rules are all different now if you remember pre xmas all players had to stay away for 7-10 days then another batch of players in turn 3 weeks gap between games and little training. its now a cold at worst so if 1-2 players get it they might be off training for 2-3 days if under the weather . its a known fact owls in the park costs a few quid to put on , in 3 years costs have risen we are in league 1 with a 10 million less revenue i think thats a more likely reason why its cancelled and probably for good . if it is cancelled for covid reasons then chansiri is even dafter than we think .
  12. so did ours the other week, what did we do? get on with things as normal. maybe they should try that too
  13. does the premier league have a table of average away support? most clubs give between 2-3000 , our away following is the highest in the football league , and its possible we have higher average in attending away games than most premier league clubs
  14. its been kicking off all season if you dont know this where you been. even at premier league level there has been many very violent incidents with riots inside outside or in the town/city centres . it was never anything like this 3 years ago ,its a society problem a lack of respect law and order and just a general attitude change in a lot of people so much more aggression about now and i dont see anything whats going to change in the short to medium term .
  15. maybe its just purely chansiri what cancelled it , maybe its a culture thing as we know people in the far east are doing extremely bizarre things at the min resulting in cities of 25-30 million been held prisoners in there own homes etc . ive been to other clubs this season what have fan zones the 1 at ipswich i was impressed with and i thought why cant we do this maybe in hillsborough park just accross from the bridge .
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