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  1. seen that my kids aint wore last seasons at all ,they can wear them this season . not buying those shirts there the worst by far since ive been going and thats 40 years . i dont even actually think my kids would even wear the new shirt unless it had a number and name on it otherwise it looks truly the worst shirt ive ever seen
  2. season tickets come off sale at 4pm 2moro monday im guessing then everyone will get priority points added to accounts , id have thought it be announced 2moro prices etc. as its cutting it fine regards sending tickets out id think there be less ticket point bands for this game as a lot might also be worried regards getting there tickets inc season tickets through the post if royal mail have a lot isolating .
  3. someone put on here he spoke with charlton on friday and we are defo getting tickets and beens sent up , i hope he is right .
  4. exactly , tramlines is expensive and id call the line up a league 1 at best line up . hardly household names/groups unless your well into gigs etc
  5. i dont know why some are complaining . those prices are sound and its 2021 not 1995 . he has also reduced the bands thankfully too as well as very sensible prices. at least now he is listening . but we still need a team on the pitch and at the min im struggling to see us much above the bottom 6 without strikers at the club.
  6. i couldnt care what he does for qpr . all i know is a right back knows how to defend . odd job cant defend if his like depended on it , at least 10 goals/pens conceded directly due to him.
  7. Has anyone been in ticket office and asked about when charlton tickets are on sale and tp points . Seems a lot more hopeful now.
  8. dont like either shirt . the home 1 looks good at the front but unless you have a number and name on back its just plain white mainly . pink though narrr
  9. that might explain why very few tickets were already sold when i got my 3. have a look at other clubs down either championship /league 1 they are so much better than us regards everything that way its unreal. i can forgive chansiri for relegation due to making huge errors 5 years ago with contracts as an act of naivety but not regards the general running of the club/communication as its not even national league standard , i only did a bit of checking yest to see if any other club was selling away tickets and was shocked how much better there twitter ,and web site was , supporters totally informed about everything except the away tickets .
  10. Instead of attending we should track down sag and the efl who the hell do they think they are? Football clubs below premier will all go bust with those restrictions . Ive wasted a fortune for train tickets for the charlton game then as i needed to book them to make sure i had seats . So 500000 will attend protests this wkd, yet we cant take 3000? Surely this is bull? But apart from mk dons league cup game no clubs have any away tickets upto now which might explain this nonsense . If we get stopped from 1st game expect thats us done with away games.
  11. id drive him there for free no sorry fly him there , bloody hopeless lump ,unfit just got worse and worse for us . liked his song but all ended a bit limp didnt it
  12. ive done a bit of checking , loads of teams selling away pre season games . but not 1 club out of the 5-6 ive checked who have an away game on aug 7th have anything for sale. whats going off? football without an away following is as good as games played behind closed doors which i wont be bothering again with. either we can go home/away or i will stop going.
  13. Not been funny but how many people travel into london every day on tube ,protests work music etc etc , 3000 of us is about 0.1% of what goes to london every day .
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