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  1. Look at tonights results teams getting 5 when we hardly scored against teams like gillingham , tonight on paper was a decent point but next 3 games need 9points min or season is over .
  2. Hope he plays at our place . We will give the ******** plenty . Same with his m8 shaw,. Weds fans your having a laugh.
  3. By jan 1st the top 6 could be already out of sight . . All those awful results against the bottom teams will be why we will be nowhere near the top 6 by end of season. Id sooner we act now and get a proper manager in now.
  4. Absolute shambles again . No surprise . Bannan why why does he play another 0% coming in the man of match for barry again.
  5. i read he was left out of the 2 games before he was recalled?
  6. have you seen brennan? saw him last weds i think the lad needs to drop down a few leagues sadly. must be a bug cause how could 4 get injured in training in a week? our new player mendez lang didnt play last week and nowhere tonight too. another crock? since strudock leaving our injury curse has returned
  7. portsmouth fans are fuming on twiiter they dont like there team tonight ,say there midfield is awful tonight . hope there manager dont realise we dont have a defender on the pitch too.
  8. queston of sport will have the cameras ready for another what happened next. who needs laurel and hardy . when we have peacock farrell wildsmith and brown
  9. need a big rain storm now. that side tonight scares me , if pompey attack us tonight we might concede a bag full
  10. why was windass played in that waste of time game last weds? if dunkley is out we need it to pour , im going for a 5-0 defeat as a defence of brennan palmer paterson scares the life out of me . that defence would struggle in the national league , brennan got sent back early from notts county as they dont rate him , patterson aint a defender and palmer aint a centre half. surely more could have been done to get a out of contract defender in. this will cost us a top 6 place.
  11. they open this week on thursday till late . it be easier to go in unless you live 50 plus miles away . your email might be opened once price has gone up. also are they going to get sunderland tickets on sale? i can see that also to be a disaster with the postal system in meltdown and tickets need to be sold now or no chance of getting before xmas .taking some of my post 12 days to come . i think we need to go back to high streets and shops as buying online at present is a complete disaster ,
  12. anyone with a braincell would put the rain radar on . the heavy rain like we had has cleared portsmouth just before 4pm . so 4 hours for it to drain . have they got the pitch we had 7 years ago?
  13. a lot of us heard at cheltenham that he would never play for darren moore again and he was leaving , 10 mins later out 1 week later had op ,yet nothing on the friday before game regards this from darren moore. he aint playing for us again. but unless we get a very decent offer we should not be selling. but why would another club want someone who has been mostly injured for 18 months?
  14. good post , why are so many complaining? 11 years ago £298 early bird for kop now £365 11 years on .. thats just over 20% increase . many things have doubled in price or more in 11 years . im paying 240% more for my gas/electric than 11 years ago . im sure there are other comparisons like cinema etc etc.. timing aint great for some i get that with xmas . hopefully come late feb there back at these or just above prices . got mine today too
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