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  1. what will happen is we go down on saturday . we all know colin will have boro firing , and derby will beat brum all over saturday . but if it aint all over saturday then it gets very very interesting .
  2. he is 1 of very few who i would offer a new deal . as he can play in more than 1 position .
  3. the only good thing about last night is there is now a good chance of derby joining us in league 1 now. i get the feeling colin will send us down on saturday its just in the script im afraid
  4. We are still more like 1 in 20 of stopping up. What id like is to take it 2 last game even if thats to take derby down with us. If we are already down by derby game they will 100% win it then send rothrum down. There defender wisdom went off injured that could seriously effect them.
  5. agree , what happened to marriott anyways? does he still train here?
  6. i hate leeds more but massive respect to them doing this . also think they should just walk off at full time.
  7. he played at brighton premier league in cup then leeds away top of league and put in 2 cracking performances then was awful and looked like a lost 12year old against blackburn
  8. i would wish this lad well he isnt a swfc born and bread fan ,he owes the club nothing and he has been around the 1st team now 17months plus he clearly should have had a longer deal in place months ago. shaw is different nobody heard of him 6 months ago and has hardly set the world on fire and acted like an idiot in 2 games costing us points and has done nothing since it was confirmed he was off
  9. kick the 6 out . but we all know greed = more greed and that wont happen . premier league will do a dirty deal to keep the 6 so they can do this elite league
  10. with all those clubs there we could always pretend that it is the championship .
  11. to think next season clubs like weds sunderland and derby to be in league 1 at the same time is unreal add to that portsmouth ipswich charlton ,when has the 3rd tier of football had a set of clubs as big as those at the same time?
  12. our entire midfield scoring record for 4 years is absolutely appalling that is your problem and due to lack of pace in defence we play too deep to cover our poor defenders its an entire team problem .
  13. we are gone m8 that there is no doubt if he switches funding off , we dont own the ground , he has next years and some 2-3 years funding for season tickets already spent .sky money gone its frightening ,and then add to that these covid rules for attending sport etc surely that will be our final nail , if we start next season and those same rules for snooker , fa semi/finals happen then i doubt 6000 will be attending our 1st game in league 1 , and you cant even drink alcohol either . it makes you want to cry
  14. chansiri 5 years ago id give him a break due to not knowing , so he spent his cash on absolute garbage in 2016 which caused 90% of todays problems driven by very bad advise , but roll on 5 years and the same people are still advising him so to me thats gross neglect . i honestly dont know where the club is going now , and more of a worry will this club be still around in 12 months , 80% what attend next season will be season ticket rollovers , 7million sky money gone , and with these draconian rules on crowds etc i see a lot will have already attended there last game inc me who still has 12mo
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