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  1. That's true, but I think it's confusing cause and effect to blame Bannan for this. He drops into the back three when we're under pressure and we can't get the ball up the field any other way. He drops deep because the oppos are on top, the oppos are not on top because he drops deep.
  2. You're being sarcastic, but I don't see why. The number of clubs going bankrupt has been massively reduced under FFP/P&S, although the money and the ownership has been getting crazier every year. There might be a lot wrong with football, but I don't think FFP/P&S is part of it.
  3. These figures show that in 2019, the last season before Covid, the average loss per club was £25m, and last season it was £29m. That is horrific. If the clubs were fan-owned with 25,000 supporters each, the loss would be £1,000 per fan. The logical strategy for any Championship owner is to gamble with as much money as they can put in, because the riches of the Premiership are immense. If it wasn't for the Financial Fair Play rules surely some clubs would have gone bust. Probably Wolves in their promotion season made the biggest loss of all - but their owner won his gamble and will have been really happy about it. The figures mean every Championship team needs someone with hundreds of millions to spare who knows business, knows football and loves the club, and ideally they know the city and watched the team as a lad too. It's a good article in the Daily Mail linked above.
  4. Nottingham Forest won the Anglo-Scottish cup in 1977. Two years later they won the European Cup. Winning is a good habit.
  5. On Sunday we had a few promising positions with Corbeanu and Palmer running at their defenders, with men ahead of them. I think this was Moore's instruction, he thought Plymouth defend crosses well so we should run at their box. Unfortunately most of those promising positions broke down and they got good counterattacks.
  6. Unfortunately this manager will have his current team top of whatever league they're in, so he won't want to join us. Seriously, if you attack without enough skill and guile I think you get picked off, unless the gulf in fitness is incredible.
  7. It's good to have different views in the dressing room, or in any team in any business. But there is a point where a senior pro has to accept that the boss has listened to him but has decided to do things his way, and continuing criticism helps nobody.
  8. I was just going to post that I find some women pundits excellent, such as Emma Hayes who is the Chelsea Women's manager. I googled her before I posted, and found this: https://www.givemesport.com/1780287-emma-hayes-chelsea-womens-boss-wins-pundit-of-the-year-award-for-itv-coverage
  9. Eleven (fourteen including subs) excellent performances tonight, and the team performance was even better than the sum of the individual performances. Very compact - attacked as a team, defended as a team, pressed as a team. Just one thing puzzles me... I thought Moore said his style is possession-based attacking football, and although we knocked it around very nicely sometimes tonight wasn't possession based.
  10. I don't mind people being technical or using new words when I learn something. A pocket seems to be a small space past the next line, with opponents around, Here's a training drill for playing into positive pockets. https://elitesoccercoaching.net/michael-oneill/positive-pockets/
  11. It's normal that people care less and go less when a club falls down the league. It's very rare to get attendances in League One as big as in the Championship or the Premiership. It's normal that winning a few games playing attacking football gets energy in the fanbase, but it isn't easy to do. If you set up to play attacking football but you aren't as good as the opposition then you usually don't get a valiant high scoring defeat with supporters praising your effort; you get a match which the opposition controls and you make a lot of errors on the ball. We have to find a way of winning games. Darren Moore did that with Doncaster, they were in a play-off spot when we signed him, and we should give him a proper chance here.
  12. I'm not sure we need more - maybe a left back - but I don't think I could stand watching Moore take twelve games to decide where to play someone new, and waiting for another player to gel.
  13. I agree with many posts in this thread that changing a manager is a sad last resort, it would be hard to get a better manager to replace Moore so we'd probably repeat the cycle of hope and depression. My belief in Moore has dwindled but not died. We wanted young, hungry players, so why not a young(ish), hungry manager? I still feel there's a chance he will create a possession-based attacking team, and that's a decent option with our current squad – we don't have the pace, power, muscle and stamina to win with that style. Has passing out from the back actually led to us conceding? Playing a left winger in central defence on Saturday looked his craziest decision yet, but it worked ok and did help us move the ball up the pitch (unless you think that was a factor in their equaliser from a corner, but I'd say Adeniran off the pitch after treatment was a bigger factor). I think the time a manager has to go is when the players lose faith, and I hope that's not yet.
  14. I thought DM tweaks the team to exploit opposition weaknesses and counter their strengths, not to suit their strengths.
  15. Yes, the football is somewhat dull and ineffective... certainly by the standards of the first four games, probably it's about as exciting and effective as I expected pre-season. But sides playing 442 and direct football can be dull and ineffective too. 442 is exciting when a team gets on top, but do we really have the players for it? I think we lack skill on the wings, from the little we've seen of Shodipo, Sow and Corbeanu so far, and even more important we lack a good midfield pair for 442.
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