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  1. You remember that Kamberi and Jaden Brown were starters early in the season, and before Christmas we all thought Berahino was a failure? Going back to the question about formation for next season, I think a lot will depend on what strikers we manage to sign, they're the expensive/big salary players for good reason and it makes sense to adapt tactics around who we can get. I think Johnson, Hunt and Palmer are excellent League One wingbacks so probably stay with three at the back if Hunt stays.
  2. Away MK Dons was an incredible performance, and it would be great to see something like that. But our pressing was so intense that everyone was knackered for the last 20, and I think it affected our performance 3 days later at home to Cheltenham too. So I don't expect us to go for it as much as that. I think Moore sees things, sets up the team accordingly, he doesn't always get it right but I trust him to get it right more often than I would.
  3. It's a big call to drop Byers who's been in great form recently, nicking possession and knitting our passing game together. There was a thread this week suggesting very attacking tactics for this fixture, so we maximise our chance of sneaking into second place rather than consolidating in a play-off spot. Looks to me as if Moore's going for it.
  4. I got so excited by this that I fired up Excel. Suppose our chance of automatic promotion is a after we win at Wycombe, b after we draw, c after we lose. I’ll guess a = 50%, b=5%, c=0%. Suppose our chance of a play-off spot is d after we win at Wycombe, e after we draw, f after we lose. I’ll guess d = 40% (remember this is additional to the 50% automatics), e=60%, f=40%. Suppose our chance of winning in the playoffs is k - I’ll say 33% because we’re the form team. Now say our chances of winning, drawing or losing at Wycombe are x, y and z. Then the overall chance of promotion, by either route, is: GOINGUP = ax + by + cz + k . ( dx + ey + fz) Maybe our standard chances at Wycombe are win x=25%, draw y=35%, lose z=40%. Put the numbers into the equation and GOINGUP = 29.8%. Now try changing our chances at Wycombe to win x=30%, draw y=20%, lose z=50% This means attacking to increase our chance of a win by 5%, although it increases our chance of a defeat by 10%, obviously now less chance of a draw. Put the changed numbers into the equation and now GOINGUP = 30.5%. Hey – nearly a one percent increase in our chances – fine margins –all out attack - I’m in!
  5. Of course Bannan is more effective further forward, but maybe one reason for Tuesdays switch was that he needn't make so many lung-bursting runs after his supreme effort on Saturday. UTO, amazing to have a (small) chance of 2nd.
  6. Because I don't know why Hunt's scored were low (just the one potentially costly error!) I wish I'd said If Berahino had put in the first easy chance (created from a Hollywood ball by Bannan and a sublime touch by Hunt) we would have scored seven.
  7. Close decision between Storey and Byers. I like it when a team has different options, so I thought it was a decent plan to move Bannan back, put Patto at 10, and look to get onto long curving crosses. If Berahino had put in the first easy chance (created from a Hollywood ball by Bannan) we would have scored seven.
  8. I really love Hillsborough, but probably only because I've moved away from Sheffield. I especially remember night games watched from the uncovered seats, looking at the great asymmetrical triangle of the Kop outlined against the night sky, with all the twinkling cigarette lighters. But if I went for the first time now I wouldn't be impressed. This year I've been to Brentford, Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham. I still don't understand why Brentford didn't put in more seats. Their capacity is 17,250 including 930 Premium seats, whatever they are, with I think an option to extend to 25,000. It's unattractive but well-placed, there's a cut-through to the train back to central London without even going out to the road. Obviously we'd need bigger. The Olympic Stadium is rubbish for watching football, but getting it on the cheap has obviously allowed West Ham to improve their team. I was impressed by the Emirates when it was opened, but it's more for the “library” style of Arsenal fan. Classy, good concourses, comfortable seats. The Tottenham Hotspur stadium (I guess they named it that because they're looking for naming sponsorship) is a different beast, based on the Dortmund ground with input from an acoustics expert, it's good for making a noise, it's better than the Emirates. But they're too big for a club which we all believe will get back to the Premiership but is likely to spend some of its time in the Championship. The MK Dons Stadium looked good to me as a starting point for the architects, if we get to rebuild or move.
  9. I think we might rest one or two after last night's immense effort, and I'll be very happy if we win 1-0.
  10. I get the feeling there's some good coaching these days. Fizz before last night: exciting when he surged forward, but needed a bit of space to accelerate, then a bit head down. Fizz last night: turned and started runs in tight spaces. Involved in the little midfield exchanges. Defensively ended up wrong side of his man more than the others, but looked a real player. Bannan before this season: hard-working, great passer, reliable. Always wondered if he influenced the game enough from deep, but when he did play further forward he often disappointed, especially with his shooting. Bannan this season: I know it's League One, but just: Wow! And have to mention the other midfielder, I thought Byers as usual made great interceptions and knitted the team together last night.
  11. Dunkley headed in against Accrington and Cheltenham from Bannan corners - mirror image goals which at the time seemed set to become a regular feature.
  12. Watched on Sky, well done to everyone who went. My ratings (and I don't often give 10s) Peacock-Farrell 7½ (let down by awful kicking) Hunt 8 Storey 9 Dean 8½ Palmer 7½ Johnson 7½ Byers 8 Bannan 10 Dele-Bashiru 8 Gregory 9 Berahino 8½ Subs Dunkley 7 Paterson 7 Mendez-Laing n/a Moore 9
  13. They were all knackered after 80 of the 100 minutes. Fantastic performances by everyone and tactical masterclass from Moore.
  14. I think Moore is a good manager. Recently we've played well but dropped daft points that could really cost us. But you have to credit Moore for the good play as well as blame him for not getting the wins we should have. Last year for me our best players were Windass, Tom Lees, Jacob Murphy, and Bannan. He's rebuilt with only one available. Money is a massive advantage and he's had more than our rivals (though with restrictions on signings), but it's a long-term thing, in any season the club with most money isn't odds-on for promotion. Like everyone I've been frustrated with conceding late goals and not making the most of our chances. It seemed weird to play NML and not Berahino who's in form and a more natural striker. But I like it that Moore is developing different options, looking for pace to run in behind, trickery to work the ball through a defence, and nous to get on the end of crosses, and I'm happy that he varies the style against different opponents. Moore does see things in players, it seemed crazy when he played Johnson in a back three but given our options at the time it now seems like a really good call. The injuries to Gibson have cost us badly because left centre-back is our weakest position for cover. With everyone fit my back three are Gibson, Dean and Storey. That's desperately unfair on Hutch who's had a great season, but often our left CB gets well into their half, when it's Hutch he has to come back onto his right foot, when its Gibson he can advance. At Christmas we all wanted to keep Corbeanu and would have been happy to cut Berahino loose, Moore knew his calls then would be unpopular but they've worked. Moore is building, he's got us playing good football, it will be really disappointing not to go up this year but I'll still be looking forward to next season.
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