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  1. I assume if we vote for a new stadium are we going to sell our current stadium without any planning permission for building the new one?
  2. OK, so what are the odds of Leicester signing him in the January transfer window, us drawing Leicester in the FA Cup and then George getting a hat-trick against us?
  3. When he signed for Spurs, the first thing I did was put their penalty taker into my fantasy football team :-) I remember him being a great player.
  4. Sadly, I don't think so. Looking at the other teams run ins, I think Burnley and Hull will take the top two, even if we win every game. Might get 3rd or 4th, if we won every game (which we probably won't)
  5. http://mobile.swfc.co.uk/news/article/carlos-carvalhal-named-sheffield-wednesday-head-coach-2516013.aspx
  6. Or is it two days before the day after tomorrow.
  7. He is easily one of our best managers of recent history. with us now being rich can we find a way to keep him, otherwise he will be snapped up by another championship club and is guaranteed to get six points from us.
  8. I would be happy with "Only stay up for a couple of seasons, win the league cup or FA cup, play in Europa league then go back down? " Either option is guaranteed to have people bitching about our Manager. He will be a hero for taking us up, then when we lose to Chelsea it will be all his fault and people will be calling for his neck. At least with a cup win he will be in charge for a little longer...
  9. Always Wednesday, but quite happy to support England as well. I like to see my team score goals, which they seem to be able to do at the moment...
  10. As someone who doesn't live in Sheffield I quite like the international matches. It is a chance to support a team with top players (in theory), in a pub where everyone supports the same team. And we beat a team away from home who lost to a 118th minute goal against the World Cup Finalists, so yes, this was an excellent result.
  11. That is my thoughts as well. We have tried chopping and changing managers for the past 18 years, why not try the same manager for that amount of time. I couldn't really care less if it is Jones or someone else, just stop changing managers every time we go on a bad run. Have we always had poor managers who have deserved to be fired? If so, why do we keep having poor managers? Do we have a problem scouting managers? Perhaps we should fix this first. We have tried the changing managers every 5 minutes, and it hasn't worked. Perhaps its time to try something different?
  12. I fear more of the same, hovering around bottom of the championship / top of league 1 Probably be another 5 or 6 managers down the line, with non of them getting established, and we will still be paying off our old managers (not a DJ comment, just a based on what has happened)
  13. I dont know why we struggle with getting a new manager when clearly there are so many expert managers on here.
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