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  1. Oxford's kit makes it look like they have a hole in their shorts and you can see their yellow ballsacks are hanging out
  2. Sow's been playing fine and all but that's 2 chances now that Windass would've buried
  3. Since when is that a foul.. Shoulder to shoulder....
  4. At this point I don't really think we need to take notice of Wycombe's results anymore, we're not exactly competing for automatics. Considering Wigan's games in hand they're way further ahead than it looks like at first too. So for me, I think we're competing with Oxford, Plymouth and MK Dons for 5th and 6th. Those are the teams I'm keeping an eye on at least...
  5. God Luongo really is the difference isn't he.... If we'd had him available all season no doubt we'd be up around the automatics right now.
  6. The solution is obvious, can't believe you're all missing it... Galvin up front and then Gregory is available to play left wing back!
  7. Post from a Sunderland steward I saw on Facebook.... "depends what time you get up here, as there is 'proper parking' in the likes of St Mary's Way car park, which is a multi storey just over the town bridge so about 5-10mins walk from ground. Or at the back of the South stand there is an industrial estate called the Sheepfolds that has loads of areas you can park. Just be aware the car parks at ground are locked down for a bit after the match to get main crowds away, but in fairness by time you got out of ground and to car and get warmed up they would be about ready to release the car parks. Alternatively the streets around Roker area and down the beach area etc are free parking and no permits if you don't mind about a 5-10 minute walk. Google streets in Roker or Dame Dorothy estate for some suitable pos tcodes"
  8. Dunkley and Bannan for me. Although others have had individual MOTM performances those two have been very consistent
  9. I mean it's obviously BPF but big shout out to FDB too. He was great, everytime he got the ball in midfield he was either turning and running forward or picking a nice pass out. By far our most positive player. In fact, also huge shout out to all the players tonight for keeping Portsmouth out for those last 20-30 minutes. Incredible resilience on our part and another sign that our mentality is improving, we 100% would've bottled it and conceded there last season.
  10. Just looking at his stats.. He's scored a grand total of 1 goal in 52 appearances in England. Can't believe we let him go, would've been a perfect fit for Wednesday!
  11. Maybe Corbeanu's just not completely fit for whatever reason? Can't imagine he'd have been dropped for any other reason....
  12. Looks like Dunkley has won FLW's player of the month too, out of everyone in the whole division! https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/fan-awards/
  13. I love his composure. Where other defenders at this level almost always opt to just head it forward back into the fray, he very often chests it down and picks out a pass to the feet of our midfield. Very impressive.
  14. All over them! And these were joint top going into the game!
  15. Weird to assume that the correlation would be due to the vaccine and not, you know, to all the people getting corona / long covid....
  16. We're knocking at the door. Again, excellent reaction to going behind. Loving this new mentality from Wednesday
  17. The reassuring difference between now and the start of the season is that the players have clearly been instructed to not be afraid of going long if under too much pressure or in a tight spot. They try, and if it doesn't work they launch it long. Absolutely fine by me, miles better than keeping trying to pass their way out of trouble until we lose it
  18. Yes it absolutey does, what a ridiculous statement. You saying it doesn't make any difference to you whether we just roll over and give up after conceding first, compared to seeing all the players get fired up and give their all to try and come back?
  19. They can't even get out of their own half... THIS is the response you want to see when your team goes down 1-0
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