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  1. On Saturday when the fans were singing his name the commentators on ifollow made the good point that things like that might well convince him to sign. Why leave when he's playing well and starting games and the fans love him, to potentially sit on the bench somewhere higher up the leagues. The only reason I can think of is money so let's hope chansiri has offered him a decent payrise for his new contract. He might also want to hold off to see if it looks like we're getting promoted. If it looks like we are and we offer him a decent wage I can't see why he'd refuse to sign.
  2. I actually thought Johnson was alright today. Made one really good run and put in a few good challenges too. Certainly wasn't his best game but far from his worst too.
  3. Really? I thought they've looked solid so far, was thinking the exact opposite.
  4. Bannan's clearly been teaching Fizz how to do them funny little turn things!
  5. Looks great. It's actually unreal how much quality we have on the bench too. 5 subs is really gonna suit us this season
  6. It did work fine on my phone when I was connected to WiFi though e.g. in a cafe
  7. I watched almost every game last season and on my home internet (200mb/s) never had any issues, although I tried watching one game in the park on my phone using data and that struggled. Was constantly buffering, made it pretty much unwatchable
  8. I think he's pretty useful as an option from the bench to bring on up front when we're trying to see out games. Just someone to run around a lot and close down/hassle their players. Plus of course the shithousery we all know he's capable of.
  9. This would be mine. Not convinced Vaulks is 100% there yet. Stockdale Iorfa Heneghan Famewo Hunt Fizz Byers Bannan Johnson Gregory Windass
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