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  1. what on earth is reach doing. given it away literally every single time he's got the ball so far
  2. How long into the 2nd half til we bottle our lead this week? I give us 7 minutes
  3. honest to god this is the best comment on an internet forum I've ever seen, i can't remember laughing as hard as i just have been the last 10 minutes. really needed that, thank you!
  4. Surely at the moment it's Börner by a long way? Everyone always writes Borner. If you're going to write it without the Ö then the correct spelling is Boerner. Ö = OE in German.
  5. Here's a video of the goal: https://streamja.com/kWRJE
  6. One more red and we'll have had twice as many sending offs as goals in the last 9 games. Incredible!
  7. Is it just me or any time Wednesday are on Sky they spend the whole pre-match and post-match talking about the other team. Was exactly the same against Brentford.
  8. Commentators saying Swansea switched off for the corner but that was 100% a well thought out plan. Börner blocked off the man marking Reach allowing him to make that run and find the space. Excellently worked free kick, UTO!
  9. Nice, I could get behind that! Can't imagine JVA will offer much attacking threat down the left but that's what Reach is there for!
  10. Westood Van Aken Lees Börner Odubajo Luongo Bannan Palmer Windass Paterson Reach 3-4-3? Something like that maybe?
  11. I definitely fall into the group the author mentions that would be happy with Pulis till the end of the season, but surely we need to be more forward thinking long term. As a side which struggles to score goals as it is, surely the last thing we need is a long-term manager who is famous for not scoring many goals...
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