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  1. One of Katrien Meire's tasks was to sort out the contracts of the academy players, she left/sacked before this was put into place unfortunately, another chance missed.
  2. If I remember correctly Katrien Meire said that one of her jobs/tasks was to sort out the contracts of the academy players before she "left"
  3. Well they have already made an impact at QPR lets wait and see what happens to the rest of the teams who strengthened the squads who are just above us.
  4. My worry is watching the teams just above us bring players in, Derby, Birmingham, Forest, Qpr etc, these are the teams we need to catch/overtake.
  5. So everyone are you saying my bet to finish in top six has gone and I need to cash out?
  6. If the pricing was £25 -£28 pay on the gate in the South stand myself and four mates would choose our matches but would certainly attend a lot more plus spending around £20 a piece on drinks, food etc while in the stadium
  7. This is the first season for quite a while that I have not put a bet on that lot at S2 get relegated!
  8. Yet when the Sky camera's were on our players after the match ended they were smiling and laughing while talking to the Huddersfield players??
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