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  1. West ham night game about 1987 FA cup replay,3 of us sat in stand with with ICF in front of us ,Wednesday 2.0 up at half time .We knew what was coming at half time ,great big west ham fan come in front of us eating a burger right in our Pauls face as if he was going to eat him next ,proudest moment of my life when i put him down considering i m only 5foot 5,we still got a bad kicking with our Chris s nose being repositioned.F....ing hate bullys 15 against 3.
  2. Still at school on way back from Port Vale around 78,we re on small service train full of Chesterfield Man Utd fans ,about 6 of us who split up ,Man utd fan at side of me pulls a carving knife out and starts bragging what he d do to Wednesday fans when they play Chesterfield.Had to change me pants when got home .
  3. Just been in co op at Killamarsh saw fat ugly woman in new Chelsea shirt ,tramp family with kid in Man City shirt ,glory hunters always give me the hump,but then saw sound lad with beautiful mum both in Wednesdat shirts .
  4. Can t blame him can t be nice surround by scouse gits.
  5. Agree with all those ,started following wednesday early 70s was goinig everywhere by 79 boxing day and promotion great days.
  6. They ve had a few good season as soon as things go wrong there no different from any other fans shoes off in car park etc. and low crowds
  7. Love being a Wednesdayite the bad times make the good times even better .Unconditional love just like me kids.
  8. DiCanio was brilliant it was a pleasure to have watched him play ,it gives me the hump that his time with Wednesday is forgotten by the media.But Waddle was the greatest .
  9. Can t stand him proper w..ker.
  10. In my top 10 away games ,Jack had turned us around.
  11. Went to nearly every game that season loved it.
  12. Old Bramall Lane end with massaive pillars in way what a s...thouse ,but usually went on Shoreham in those days.
  13. Best wishes to Richard ,i knew him a long time ago ,he came with us to Wembley v Man Utd .His Dad Tom brought him up right Wednesday through and through,sadly he passed away .Really nice to hear him speaking so positive .
  14. Pele for me he had everything still enjoy watching clips of him on youtube.
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