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  1. Love his smacked arse face. Think that's a bit weird on your part if I'm honest bud.
  2. Why'd I need to pretend? You mean because my views differ and aren't through rose tinted glasses I've got to be a blunt?
  3. Aye, meaning as it stands. Yeah I agree with the unlucky comment. Spoke to a friend of mine who's a pig, and he said they try and make "high percentage chances"
  4. I think we really need a dose of reality here. Glass houses spring to mind. Let's be honest, we'd take any of those three you mentioned. Any of the three are better than what we've currently got. Would love a top class forward to sign for us to dwarf them. They're poo , but collectively work as a unit.
  5. Doesn't fill me with confidence when our only striker who's got experience in this league is Rhodes.. was a machine, signed for 10m then became Stevie wonder.. whatever went wrong!
  6. Don't read too much into bookies odds, they're there to make the bookies money if we're honest. Think it'll be a long hard season, we'll do well to finish midtable if I'm completely honest.. however that view might change should we sign some proven, quality players for this league.
  7. Disagree there. Signing a up and coming young prospect isn't really relegation signing.. a relegation signing would be someone on the down. As much as it loathes me to say it, it could be a smart piece of business.. one similar to the ones I'd like us to make when we get to the promised land.
  8. If we start the season (which I don't think we will) with one striker of Jordan Rhodes caliber we may aswell get set for league one next season. Waste of 10m he was, would like to see us sign a decent prospect to lead the line, although I understand it being a bit tougher for us to do so with the deduction in place as it stands. Maybe waiting on an appeal decision?
  9. Yep.. slows the pace of the game (usually when we're on the attack) at stupid and pointless times.. defensively he goes missing yet has the audacity to throw his arms up in the air..
  10. Nothing about re developing, more renovating, sprucing up if you like. I'm not expecting him to knock it down and develop a new 100k stadium.. renewing the seats that are faded would be nice imo.
  11. First and foremost survive. We'll need a few additions for that. Secondly consolidate and get into a position where we can bring quality signings in and push for promotion. Survival has to be the aim this season.
  12. Let's be realistic now.. we've got a -12 point start this coming season, we're not able to throw the cash as we simply haven't got it. As much as we like to think Chanseri has bottomless pockets, he doesn't. Otherwise he'd have improved the ground whilst we were unable to get in the stadium. Take the owls tinted specs off, we're not a great prospect for someone with ambitions of promotion. As much as I'd love us to get promoted to join the pigs next season, I can't see it.. consolidation for the next season or two is the best bet. Slow and steady. We've tried spunking cash up the wall before and got nothing to show for it apart from a deduction.
  13. Seems to be most folk who come into money if we're honest. Hopefully he gets the full weight of the law on him.. but he's a millionaire.. so it'll be quietly brushed under the carpet.. would absolutely adore to see him banged up as a lesson for them all though.. imagine.. 80m and he's banged up for two years lol.
  14. If he leaves he leaves to one of two clubs.. man city or psg.. think they're the only clubs that could realistically afford him.
  15. We ideally need a new ball winning cm. Someone with a bit of tenacity... As well as a few other signings.. regarding players leaving us, unless we're willing to accept pittance so the buying club can bridge the gap in wages I can't see anyone leaving. Who's going to leave for 20k (about the going rate for many players we have) when they're on 40k. Tin hat on.. I'd like to see bannan leave, think he's also one of few sellable assets, but can't help thinking he's a busted flush, last season he was pretty poor..
  16. Fighting between two groups, apparently he also tried bribing three police officers!
  17. Big shame about Egan signing a new deal. The back five the pigs have were solid last season. Would be nice to see them relegated, but i just can't see it.. Henderson not going back is a shining light to hang onto.. but they signed ramsdale who let's be honest, was the tenth best keeper in the league statistically and that was for Bournemouth. Heart wants relegation.. minds saying 11th to 15th...
  18. Think this would be an average signing, but one that's vital with things being how they are. We can't recruit the top top players in the league at the moment, especially with the deduction present.. think he'd be a good addition. But as a squad player. He had a good game at qpr, but was very wasteful.
  19. Good signing, though I can't see him scoring much. 9 goals in 9 seasons.. if he can make our attack more potent I'm happy!
  20. I wouldn't say we're not allowed to laugh at them, it just makes us look silly when they begrudgingly do well
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