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  1. https://www.change.org/p/efl-suspend-referee-oliver-langford?recruiter=1106364255&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=14e6fcd45ecc4c82ba756e79ab86bbb6&recruited_by_id=119f6ea0-a5e0-11ea-9fa5-dfeeeafa6cfa&share_bandit_exp=skip-23489224-en-GB
  2. Doing my bit for those who might have had hours cut, or loss of job due to the pandemic. I hope it can help somebody and give them a better Christmas.
  3. Haven't Preston lost 6 at home in a row? not got a point all season at home. 2-0 Wednesday
  4. Did come across to knowing the area and what we expect, i do hope it works out for us and the club.
  5. How many have bought into the interview and perception changed of Tony Pulis? I am not a fan of his style of play, but i think he will manage to get results. He came across as very passionate about running the club correctly, and can see hes been in football a long time with his answers. i think he will succeed and has the credentials to be our best manager under Chansiri.
  6. We always seem to wait for them to get 8 defenders back before crossing the ball!!
  7. Got chased out of a driveway in pitsmoor with a baseball bat so i left it. Now work for a different warehouse to Amazon (Thats where the hate spirals from)
  8. Im backing him, we haven't played good football since 2015 so that isn't a problem with me. I think he could be our best manager under DC (You can remind me if he gets sacked lol)
  9. I used to do cold calling door to door sales and that was a similar response
  10. Seems like you're against Pulis Tbh mate, Lowe would be my ideal choice but Pulis knows how to get results. See what he can do
  11. You're not the boss of me now You're not the boss of me now You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big You're not the boss of me now You're not the boss of me now You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big
  12. I need Benevento to score 2 more goals in Donny game for £120
  13. The Leipzig and Union Berlin bets have both come in. The others kick off off at 5pm. It's offering me £47.49 cash out.
  14. so did i mate! Our lass chucked me a fiver to put the bet on for her.. If it comes in she's not gerrin it
  15. Betting is fun if you know when to stop i do agree, it is a hard problem if people do have an addiction. Also just had a fiver on Wednesday Watford preston to win 10/1
  16. 11.16/1 Returns = £121.68 Donny vs FC United - over 2.5goals Benevento vs Spezia- BTTS Union Berlin vs Arminia- over 2.5goals and Union to win RB Leipzig vs Freiburg- Over 2.5goals and RB Leipzig to win Just put a tenner on, confident of this bet. Only bet im putting on this week need to take a back step and not chase money.
  17. Looking at putting a bet on, so unlucky last week Raheem Sterling cost me £470 by not scoring against united in my anytime goalscorer bet.
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