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  1. Hopefully misses the game on Saturday
  2. I was working for the Barnsley and Cardiff games!! im hoping that isn’t a ritual
  3. To any Cardiff fans I’ll shut door on way out. Enjoy your night x
  4. He mentioned in a video after signing he found it tough, due to COVID he was on his own not with his family. That could be a factor, they cancelled his contract so we didn’t pay a fee.
  5. I don't understand why people react laughing.. but never voice there opinion..
  6. There will be a lot more twists before end of season, just need to build our own momentum somehow.. Didn’t we win 5 on bounce at home until recently?
  7. The season is far from over in my opinion.
  8. Sorry mate. I’ve been in a domestic violence relationship in past and it isn’t funny. It was only a tongue in cheek comment, sorry if I offended yourself or anybody.
  9. Heard it today at work. I miss Hillsborough and hearing that song on a Saturday 3pm. hope you’re all keeping well, Love Swinton
  10. Ben Foster been using a GoPro all season. Interesting to see how he organisers his team vocally. I can’t remember hearing Wildsmith or Dawson all season on Ifollow. But when Westwood plays we can hear him.
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