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  1. Minus 12 who gives a fizz we're Sheffield Wednesday and we're staying up Honestly chuffed with today's news, gives me a chance to earn some money off bookies and now we know where we stand. Any of you guys have any links with bookies? I am willing to put £200 on us staying up next season, if anyone can give me good odds. All the best ladies and Gents, Stay safe have a lovely weekend All best god bless
  2. Showed glimpses last year, but looks more confident to try new things in this game compared to him last season
  3. You are negative, one of those people i guess probably years of watching wednesday. LOL. No offence Minton, I have given you a positive (Us being leading scorers away from home, and you turned it into a negative stat.
  4. So negative you, not even wasting my time with you
  5. Yes, 3-5 years with the right manager. I am not saying Monk is the right man, but if we have the right manager, recruitment and patience we could go in right direction
  6. Glass half empty person? Would you rather not of won 12 away and be highest away scorers in league? xx
  7. And in no way am I going to say Monk or Chansiri are the men to take us forward, but..We need to be patient. We can be frustrated with how far we have declined, however sacking managers every year isn't the way forward. Look at the sort of teams who have been promoted from championship to premier league recently, Wilder has been at united 4 years, wasn't all easy in his first season had to build his foundation and his team. Bielsa, 2 years at Leeds, built his team quickly and made them play his way. It took Eddie Howe 3 years to get Bournemouth to the premier league playing his way. The teams who have gone up with a manager in his first year, have normally struggled in prem and come straight back down. Fulham Villa Cardiff etc. I would rather wait 3-5 years to get in the prem with solid foundations for the future of our club, and be successful in the big league, than get promoted and get relegated season after.
  8. Rumours of a Netflix series next year 😊
  9. if he goes at end of season, who do we bring in? There's no high end managers who want the job, its that honest. I think we just give Monk time, i always think managers deserve at least 3 windows. He has already started getting the big earners out of the club. Let him bring in his own players and back him from there. Look at Norwichs Daniel Farke, His last game of his first season, was against a bad Wednesday side 5-1 defeat.Season after they won promotion, they stayed with him and let him build his own team. I am not saying we are winning league next season, but i hope we stick with Monk. UTO Hope you all stay safe,look after your loved ones All the best, god bless. SwintonLad99
  10. Ungrateful He has been wrongly advised, but still back him
  11. S36 OWL. No offence intended, Huddersfield have scored in 90% of the away games this season, with our leaky defence i would be surprised if we kept a clean sheet. No offence intended. Have a wonderful day, take care. All best, God bless x
  12. Sheffield Wednesday vs Huddersfield Town 14th July 2020 19:45 prediction 1-1 Currently 5/1 so bang £20 on it and call me daddy and thank me tonight. All the best, god bless SwintonLad99
  13. We will stay up if we have a points deduction or not, i have confidence in the boys to pull through for the next 3 games and get some results. Ideally 9 points, but i think we will get 5. Draw with Huddersfield and Fulham, win against 'boro to stay up like we did in 2013. I just think the teams below us are too poor and in too much of a rut to have an effect on us, even if we do lose 12 points. All the best, god bless SwintonLad99 x
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