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  1. I was once on ICO opposite Fishcake when we went Fulham away and lost 4-0. Came across as a nice guy, but it was clear he has problems and people on that journey did take ********. People seem to feel better about there lives if they’re upsetting someone else.
  2. Good podcast. I quite like Mo, interesting to hear how he prefers the right hand side but I think his best games have come from left wing back.
  3. Fair enough I thought he was. For 500k good business. Thanks for showing me mate
  4. If we make no signings, we will stay up this year. Barry and Adam will not sign contracts and leave club. Free up some wages and let’s rebuild as a club again.
  5. Bit late to this topic but I’ll share my story. Used to have a season ticket back of kop. Row in front of me 3 guys always 5/10minutes late to every game pissed. They would boo, and shout expletives for no reason. When we had Ladbrokes advertising going around the ground, the oldish guy with glasses lost his poo swearing “get that red poo off my boards fizz off”.. one Tuesday night game again Millwall, we scored quite early on, and my pie I was eating went all over back of his white jumper. To this day he still doesn’t know who did it.
  6. I’m not wound up, just wanted a genuine question answered but being called a liar and saying I’m making things up isn’t nice.
  7. Explain how this makes me Dejphon. Don’t understand
  8. Do you want screenshots? Thanks for checking up on my health, challenging times with Covid but I’m well. You keeping good?
  9. So there was no bitching about players, line ups. How we played first half. Lol, not making anything up I don’t need to. Just a question why we have a fan base so divided when we’re performing good on the pitch. Everyone’s entitled to there own opinion tho, off to bed work at 4am. Night chaps
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