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  1. Ego got to George. George killed his career by having a massive ego, talk the talk but he is struggling to walk the walk. 27 games and 3 goals. nothing for us to worry about.
  2. As the title says! There is a real touch of teamwork and togetherness within the whole squad and coaches, a group of players who are willing to play for the badge and show some balls out there, something we have missed in the last few seasons. It has been a very good start to a difficult season, the whole club has responded fantastic, from Chansiri to the players it is clear everybody is pulling in the right way. If we go through a rough patch, don't turn on players and demand sackings. Let's support the club and help us remain our championship status and stick 2 fingers up at the
  3. How we feeling after after the first 4 games? I am confident, i don't see us being a threat of relegation and might be off bottom of table by xmas.
  4. So what i took from the podcast. Wallace enjoyed the club. Was strange for him to have a chairman giving team talks - granted its a strange one, but he is entitled imo he is the club owner. No respect towards Chansiri or Carlos, mocking them publicly is always a bad look. All these reports of players being bullied, players walking in and out and using club for money look high possible.
  5. Sorry guys didn't realise it had been posted
  6. Came across this interview whilst scrolling through Youtube. Interesting to hear from an ex player. In my opinion shows a lack of respect within the players to management and chairman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xydbHa34dgU
  7. Lets all get minted then! Who is Ty who is DT?
  8. Good Afternoon fellow Wednesday fans, hope you're all having a lovely day. What are your thoughts on fan channels? i might start a Wednesday fan TV A bit like Arsenal fan TV. Anybody interested message me, Take care guys xx
  9. Don't you know pump it up the Wednesday are staying up!!
  10. I don't know about you guys, but i am very confident with how pre-season has gone. Signed some good young/cheap players, and Monk has brought in his coaching staff. No matter what people think of Monk, or the players they need our full support in this season to remain a championship club and build on it. The main point, is what would you class as a successful season if we do start on -12? I think, if we can finish between 10th-16th that would be a successful season. Anyway, off for a full English breakfast, thanks for taking time out of your day to read. All the b
  11. Minus 12 who gives a fizz we're Sheffield Wednesday and we're staying up Honestly chuffed with today's news, gives me a chance to earn some money off bookies and now we know where we stand. Any of you guys have any links with bookies? I am willing to put £200 on us staying up next season, if anyone can give me good odds. All the best ladies and Gents, Stay safe have a lovely weekend All best god bless
  12. Showed glimpses last year, but looks more confident to try new things in this game compared to him last season
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