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  1. Joshua Griffithis West Brom academy keeper. 19 years old kept 21 clean sheets in 44 games for Cheltenham on loan. Looks a promising keeper. Wonder if Darren Moore could use his contacts at West Brom for a loan next season.
  2. Bad game management in a lot of games. Norwich away last 10 minutes to concede 2 and lose. Rotherham at home. Luton away. Yesterday at Derby
  3. In a lot of those games we were leading too. Not being capable of holding onto a winning position has been our downfall too x
  4. Not even checked Thanks I’ll tune in at 12:30
  5. Let’s all support the boys for the biggest match in 4 years. Come on Wednesday
  6. Well ar lasses bottom half smells like Fish so yanno
  7. Which would you rather be? man with a dogs head dog with a mans head
  8. Just asking for a mate.. is there any sins against damaging 2 golden elephants? (They’re not real) if worse comes Saturday think my mates going ground with a hammer
  9. I’m from Swinton pal. Could buy a house for that price
  10. What about pretending to be a football player mate? Could fine a few of our players
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