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  1. Derbys situation is the same as ours last season. Wycombe did pretty well this season considering the size and budget of the club Held a decent account of themselves, always looked like they was fighting to stay in with a shout right to the end, but like Charlton they just wasn't good enough... Best thing Wycombe can do is brush themselves down and build on what they have got to get back to the Championship, stronger, asap. Derby are literally like Wednesdays twin brother.
  2. This is true, but I'm not sure it's something to write home about.
  3. I'd say our last 20 years is probably the same as the entire history of Barnsley FC.
  4. This is their best ever season since they dropped out of the PL, what was that 97/98? What has made this worse is its coincided with our relegation or lets be honest no one would be saying much more than Barnsley are doing alright. They have got their house in order and have a decent young squad but it doesn't matter how much money the Chairman has Barnsley can only get so far up the football pyramid and I think they are pretty much maxed our right now tbh. It's already been said when each one of our local rivals, even Doncaster, have a better r
  5. Thought the same. It's gonna be like when we we dropped out of the PL and was one of the few that missed parachute payments which helped our downward spiral.
  6. FFP or not, it's not FFP that's crippled the club it's the Chairman. Spent money he clearly doesnt have and assembled a squad that's not even fit for league one. I totally don't agree with FFP but every one else in the league stuck by the rules and managed to not get a points deduction that would get them relegated.
  7. Westwood 0 Hutch 2 Dunkley -100 Borner 0 Palmer 0 Reach 0 Bannan 1 Pelupessy 1 Windass 0 Paterson 0 Rhodes 5 motm Kachunga 0 Harris 0 Bannan and Windass below par. Dunkley forgot he was a footballer. Can't even beat possibly the worst Derby team in my lifetime. Can't even finish above Wycombe arguably the worst team ever in Championship history.
  8. Harris did nothing when he came on. Green done nothing at the club. Shaw massively overrated. You miss the point that all the bench was that weak when Rhodes came on it didn't matter who replaced him couldn't influance the game.
  9. Monk, Pulis, Moore have all failed to get a tune out of these players.... Thompson lost four on the bounce at the end. Can you not grasp that the players are shiiiiiiit and it didn't really matter if Sir Alex was at the helm you would probably still get 13 points out of 42.
  10. I never said sack him. I'd keep him. Let him rebuild and "judge" People are judging him on the farce of a squad that he's having to deal without giving him the chance to implement his ideas and personal. Can I leave the junior section now plz?!
  11. His bench options are cr@p. There was no one. Who's he bringing on Green? He's done nothing. Your blaming Moore for subs when no one on the bench could change or influance a game.
  12. If he had built this squad or had any input I would fully agree. Idk what miracles you expect him to do when the players he's got to play are nothing short of comical. Give him the summer, rebuild and then judge. Chairman has had enough time to prove he's an idiot, it's him alone we should all be targeting not Moore.
  13. Keep Darren Moore cos when Rhodes got injured he must have looked at the bench and cried inside at the quality he's left to deal with. #Chansiri out
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