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  1. Swansea W (we drew 1-1) Stoke D (we lost 1-0) Norwich D (we lost 1-2) Huddersfield W (we drew 1-1) Starts 15 Winning 5 Drawing 4 Losing 6 Stat homework 1/10 must try harder
  2. Hungry and someone that can score regular would be fine yno. Now that some of the overpaid bottlers have left the club (in league one) we can assemble a squad with fight and desire that we can be proud of.
  3. This "minutes per goal" thing amuses me He put on a Wednesday shirt what 120 times... Even if he came on for 5 minutes he didn't influence a game enough, didn't score enough. His strike rate is 1 in 6 at the end of the day. Loads of strikers have no issues coming off the bench and changing a game he never did it. I can't even count the amount of games in one hand where Rhodes was worth the fee.... like probably twice. When he got game time he didn't do enough. Poor signing, waste of money. Good luck at Huddersfield, genuinely hope we swap places with him after next season.
  4. It was Christian Vieri for £31m when Kovacavic signed for Juve.... Tell you what tho, people moaning Rhodes didn't get a chance... Imagine the meltdown on here if Owlstalk was around when Pleat didn't play Kovacavic. Shocking manager. Signs a player with obvious quality, doesn't play him and he then goes on to play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe via Spain, couldn't make it up!
  5. Bit of a dilemma with Windass.... Wednesday have been criticised for not selling when the time is right with a player... so.. Do we sell now with a decent offer and replace him with someone inferior...plus watch him walk away for free at the end of the season. or keep him and hope he smashes league one, which he is more than capable of. I'd personally keep him, still tricky though.
  6. Reach is another one similar to Rhodes. Wish him the best, hope he does ok. Doesn't wear a Wednesday shirt anymore and I'm glad he's gone.... part of the reason we are in league one are because of these players. Looking forward to seeing someone wear the Wednesday shirt with pride been a while.
  7. He comes across a genuinely nice lad Rhodes, wish him well and gutted it didn't work out for him. But These figures are hard to ignore, 1 goal in 6.... for a Striker who's only true attribute is to put the ball in the net is dire. He came to score goals, he didn't do it as much as he "tried" he flopped massively considering the outlay.
  8. Hard to argue he wasn't tbh. Nothing was expected of Emanuelson tho was a totally weird signing... When we blew £3m on Abdi we had a decent side and he was supposed to be the icing on the cake so even if he was a total non event it didn't really affect us. Rhodes was bought when we had 4,000,000 strikers....but his goals was supposed to fire us to the PL Doesn't matter how you look at it he was probably the biggest flop in our history.
  9. Why? Reach on his day is Championship quality fair enough but this seasons performances have proved he hasn't the minerals to help fight our way out of league one. Lees and Westwood, wages will be too much for league one.... thanks for the memories and all but bye. Westwood on his wages I'm sure we can get 3/4 players who would actually benefit the squad rebuild. Tom Lees.....meh, mixed season. Quality pro but Iorfa is coming back.... lets start a fresh and rebuild. Tbh I was sick of the same bunch of losers who have got us here. Start of a new era
  10. You can put all the stats about how many minutes he played per goal etc all day long but the record books will say he was a record signing that failed to deliver. He put on a Wednesday shirt 101 times and scored 18 goals. If he was a free transfer you could possibly get away with it but when he cost such a fee along with the wages on top it was a dire return. Wish him the best though.
  11. On paper those players (lets pretend there is 11) seem like a strong enough side for league one. But there has been so many sub-par performances of Palmer, Hutch, Joey, Paterson and definitely Green that I know those players would struggle as a unit.
  12. Can I live in the future when we are in the premier league, cos 2k21 and league one is vvvvank
  13. Truth is no one knows how big a club we would be maxed out as its been ages since we was in the PL. I'd like to think a debut season back in the promised land we would easily average 30k home gates. The top 6 teams in the PL would sell out....next 6 would be around the 30k mark... Weather or not those gates would be sustained after a few seasons would be another matter I guess it would depend on if we was there just to survive. Weather we will ever get to find out any of this is probably non existent under this pillock.
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