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  1. Grimsby, 1980 - 81 season (when we got a three match away ban). "If you're not here clap your hands" etc etc. Followed by "Findus fish is ****ing awful". Made the coppers near me laugh.
  2. Last Orders (Ship before that) is now a Premier shop. Anglers Rest may* reopen in September. Geeves Brewery who leased it were jacking it in this month anyway having given a years notice. Hopefully new Tennant's will have real ale on and it'll be a Wednesday pub yet again.
  3. Shouldn't be a problem for the pigs as they don't have 8900 fans do they ?
  4. Just re-instate the trains to the old Wadlsey Bridge Station (station for Sheffield Wednesday as I remember it used to say). Then the poor southern softies will not have to walk as far.
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