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  1. He's not 4 metres away. You need to be 10 yards. Although to the corner taker he probably looks even further away.
  2. Spoke to a Wolves mate, he says (he woukd I guess) that their massive loss in the promition season was due to bonus payments and signing the likes of Neves and Jota on permanents once they had gone up. So clever use of the loan market for a low risk gamble. It just shows. All teams look at loopholes and risks which makes me laugh when the other clubs bkeat on like they're whiter than white. We just royally messed up at both.
  3. Ahhh with it now. From what I see clubs were very clever. Went for it in the last year but with saleable assets so if they didn't go up they would sell and claw the money back. Our recruitment has been truly awful on that front.
  4. Did they lose 20 million the season they went up or 55 million? You have quoted both?
  5. Well how else do you judge their fairness? If you don't have parachute payments for teams coming down from the league above where income streams are crazy then you will have a situation whereby teams will either not spend any money when they go up (ala Norwich) and end up relegated thus not being able to bridge the gap to those more established or teams will come down and end up going into adminstration al.ost immediately. The fault is in the system that allows such a financial discrepency between the two leagues. The fact that all relegated clubs aren't just getting promoted everyseason along with the fact that they aren't all going bust shows that the parachute payments are kind of doing their job. What shoukd happen is that wealth shoukd be distributed more evenly over all clubs but it doesn't happen. The fact that one or often two clubs that don't get parachute payments get promoted shows you don't need them. And also means it is in those clubs interests (along with us) for Parachute payments to continue. If you get rid of them and we do go up and then get relegated, we'd be done without them. So say all the others. That is why there is not a big fuss kicked up over them.
  6. It's a sobering thought. We could start the first 8 games with 3 wins 2 losses and 3 draws. Not an awful start in anyone's book, would have us about 10th normally and 1 point less than we had after 8 games last season. However next season that would see us on 0 points still and probably about 7 points still from safety with nearly a quarter of the season gone. I think that the psychological impact of the points deduction is as much at play as the points themselves. The sooner we can wipe out the deficit and get the belief we can claw it back the better. If it takes 10 games or more I think we can say we will be as good as down. Bloody rubbish. Its why half of me wishes we'd just had it this season.
  7. Just to see how near we are with our guesses. Eff it. I've had a good morning. I'm saying back on 0 after 4 games - Monk loves it before Crimbo.
  8. Mate, I'm snatching your hand off at 21st (th??) - and if we get a last minute goal that's 5 yards offside that keeps us up and relegates Wycombe bloody Wanderers at our expense I won't give to flying fizzes.
  9. This bit: "These accounts are adjusted to remove any costs due to “allowed spending” such as depreciation of stadium costs, cost of community football, cost of women’s football, cost of youth football, etc." Wicked. Get Rhodes, Reach and Westwood playing for the lasses and jobs a good un. Jordan might even bag one or two in that league.
  10. It's wrong. The 35 million is only for the seasons in the Prem - not for season's in the EFL. Next season they would be at the 15 million level. I think there is a lot of mis llaced anger on here at parachute payments. It certainly isn't the case that all relegated teams go straight back up - indeed lots really struggle, and honestly the financial gap between earnings and wages in the top division compared with the championship means parachute payments and the allowing of greater losses in a totally different market is actually only fair. If you had it where the three relegated teams were always in the top 6 of the division the following year and never in financial peril fair enough, but that is blatently not the case so I don't think we can say parachute payments are unfair - the evidence doesn't back this up. The real crime is the difference in income streams between the Prem and Championship... given Championship attendances are significantly higher than a lot of leagues in Europe. That is where football is broken and it is all about greed ofvtge top top clubs that dont actually need the extra money. As for us, as mentioned our issue wasnt that we gambled, its that we gambled on players with no resale value ir we didnt sell the likes of FF or Rhodes, even at a loss, when they still had some equity from their past performances. We have been managed and recruited terribly. Hopefully the signing of this youngster is a sign of things to come.
  11. Really? The poo we are in, the state of our squad, them lot finish 9th in the Premier League when I thought they might break Derby's record and it's funny? Not sure I'm smiling. Saving grace is they ran out of steam. Next season McGoldrick will be a year older and they will lose Henderson. Also I think they may struggle to hold onto one or two others like O'Connel who is destined for better things than them. They have (begrudgingly) got a fantastic manager but next season I expect them to be in a dogfight. Should cheer us up in ours.
  12. 1990 and 91 Hirst was the best striker in the country by far. I love Vardy but peak Hirst was better.
  13. Its the same in any civil case. Criminal courts have a different burden of proof. It isn't a conspiracy against us. Plus, once again, any sanctions will not be down to the EFL.
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