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  1. It actually means a lot...probably explains a significant reason for this mess
  2. This is from companies check...may only be his UK holding but a picture is emerging here. You ain’t going to build a successful club with these assets so is he worth what we’ve been led to believe? About MR DEJPHON CHANSIRI Mr Dejphon Chansiri holds 2 appointments at 2 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. Their longest current appointment spans 5 years, 10 months and 3 days at SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where DEJPHON holds a current appoin
  3. If i remember rightly, apologies if its wrong but It’s a complex process. In a nutshell the club has to enter admin because usually they can’t pay the bills. In come the administrators (legal bods) who then take everything apart, analyse the club and its trading prospects and pare things down to try any find a buyer...DC will be gone of course. The assets don’t include the players and we don’t own the ground either, so the asset base won’t be massive. If they do find a buyer then the business has to enter a Company Voluntary Arrangement which usually asks creditors to take a hit, so the p
  4. Yeah, someone who cares about the club. Thing is, any reporter who fires bullets at any club has to cop for the return fire...usually being banned. Therefore it’s a big risk for any reporter to sound off like that
  5. At last someone gives an honest opinion int press... https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/tony-pulis-sacking-latest-embarrassment-23232661
  6. Just watched the 4-4 draw against Man U from 1974 - footy as it should be played and a zillion miles from the sanitised overpriced crap we have now. Remember it so well, was 15 and got robbed and duffed up after they took over the whole ground, absolute mayhem everywhere, police horses in front of the kop, the lot. It’s on ITV 4s Big Match Revisited, series 5 episode. Worth a look and should bring some memories back from fellow dribblies.
  7. Just had a gander at what’ll be needed to get out of this mess, on the pitch that is rather than in the boardroom where the real problem lies. We’ve 27 games left. In the last five years the fourth-from-bottom totals have ben 49, 44, 43, 51 and 49. If we are to overhaul the lowest then that’s 11 wins from the 27, if we’re faced with a target of 51 then it’s FOURTEEN! Hope my maths are right, soz if I’m wrong. Basically it’s a massive ask after last night and thank goodness we got those six points back otherwise it’d be all over now. Anyone think it’s do-able?
  8. Think the fans of both clubs will be watching this with the crash helmets on from behind the settee...we’re pap at the mo, but so are Forest and this for me is the real pivotal game of the season. Win it and we might be OK, lose it and we really are up the creek. And I really hope we don’t go there for a point with 6-3- 1 formation.
  9. While we’re hurting, Does anyone think that Elephant Man back in Chansiri Towers even knows today’s score?
  10. ...are MASSIVE now. Just can’t afford to chuff it up against the six-fingered lot, Forest or Cov. On tonight’s form though, we will.
  11. Do you know what makes me want to throw up. I and everyone else on here would DIE to be able to play for the Wednesday ...and yet we have to watch a load of chancers who don’t give a flying fart. It should be an honour. They’re a disgrace - at least look like you’re trying.
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