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  1. Honestly think he’s one of the reasons Rotherham went down. They needed a good striker - as we saw late in the season - and had spent most of their dosh on a supposed wonderkid who turned out to be a big flop, a bit like us with Rhodes. I feel sorry for the lad but I wouldn’t touch him next season. He still needs to learn his game.
  2. That’s what Leicester fans have on their scarves at the Cup Final in tribute to their former Thai chairman. Wonder what we will put on our commemorative scarves about our Thai chairman at next season’s Papa Johns Final?
  3. Cripes, no players and a car crash boardroom and we’re looking to re-rig HMS PTL and smash our way back to the Champ. Nowt wrong with optimism - but let’s be realistic. TBH given the mess we’re in, we need stability on and certainly off the pitch - and I worry about the size of the target on our backs, just ask Sunderland and Pompey. We’ll be back, no doubt about that, but we need to be in much better shape than at present, otherwise we’ll cop for more of last season’s traumas. Sorting out this bag of spanners will take more than a few weeks. I’ll take mid table now. Let’s build
  4. And can we wear BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES away from home where possible, drives me nuts when we don’t. It’s about Sheffield Wednesday, not flogging away shirts.
  5. For goodness sake give the man time. He inherited a basket case of a squad at a basket case of a club. Yes, some of the tactics and subbings have been a worry, but we don’t know what the situation is in the dressing room. Despite the incoming of a new manager there has still been such as the issue of players who can’t be @rsed because they know they’re off and being mardy because they haven’t been paid on time and the next payment on the Lambo is due. On top of that he has been forced to juggle a small(ish) squad and get the best out of the lightweights that are in it. As the le
  6. Most will weep into their cornflakes. They’ve proved their worth. Having said that we can’t simply ship out everyone, as seems to be a common consensus, because DM needs some sort of base on which to build. As Shankly once said, when you build a new team, start with the spine (goalie, central def, midfielder and striker) and then add the rest. But none of the above need apply.
  7. 1. Chansiri hears the customers 2. Chansiri ignores the customers
  8. Good riddance. Like you’d want him in the trenches at the side of you... Good at pointing and giving the thumbs-up though.
  9. Yes, but it was a business move (tax offset advertising) rather than chucking money at his favourite club. Tony has since spent a fortune at Rotherham, including funding the new stadium on his tod. Shame Wednesday didn’t court him better when they had the chance.
  10. Not really. He’s a Sheffielder and had sponsored the club from a business perspective but had hardly been to a game anywhere before Rotherham came calling - and since then he’s been hooked. Maybe if we had shown the same love, then it might have been a different story.
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