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  1. Sick and tired of thinking about this...but can you name ONE good thing about the club at the mo that’s positive, other than the fan base?
  2. Rotherham actually ran out to the Mighty Quinn when JQ was there. RIP
  3. Agreed. After scoring on Sat, Rhodes deffo needs tonights game to try and get his confidence levels up. Bit of a clogwinder from Monk IMO
  4. Someone needs to find out where the stairs are in the ground, so Zandra can go and hide under em when the pens come
  5. Walsall are gonna run out of steam here. Let’s see what we’re made of then
  6. Even if we nick this, its still dogs bob against a bunch of L2 kids
  7. Hands up all who think that if it goes to pens, then Zandra will come on and score the winner....
  8. Gawd, these pundits are dreadful...the Leicester lot last week had done more homework.
  9. Can someone PLEASE tell the powers that be that we actually play in blue and white stripes. Drives me nuts.
  10. FF is probably THE most enigmatic player we’ve had in my 50 years...on his day there weren’t many better, but he was obviously self centred and thinking more about his bank account than the club and, more importantly, the fans. He should have gone after showing his @rse to us at Norwich. Good riddance.
  11. Seems to me that the problem with ALL of this - SW, Derby, Macc, etc - is that clubs are chasing a pot of gold at the end of the footy rainbow. The EFL do try to reel clubs in in their own non-understanding/caring way - and the organisation is effectively policing itself - but don’t seem to realise that by allowing the PL failure payments to spiral out of control then they have massively contributed to the mess the whole game is in. It’s all relative...PL spending explodes, that means player costs in the EFL climb accordingly right down the divisions, through SW and down to Bury and Macc. Ge
  12. Not sure what the rules are, given the mess this has become, but that’s how it works in law. Hope you’re right.
  13. Don’t forget that if we appeal and it’s rejected, then the punishment could be increased.
  14. When are people going to realise that the problem is far deeper than Monk. He’s a flop and needs to go but he has had one arm tied behind his back - that’s what Cc and JL had, what frightened Bruce off, and what’ll apply to any new manager. Chansiri needs to dump his advisors, back off - that’s if he has to stay, I’d prefer him to go and take his sodding elephants with him - and let people such as the manager do their jobs.
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