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  1. Bannan isn't really very good, and that folk think he is provides a very clear picture as to how poor we are.
  2. I am a viewer not a poster but feel compelled to throw in my opinion at this time. We enter 2022 as a rudderless, leadweshipless, ownershipless club on a downward curve. Our management is inept. Bereft of ideas or motivational abilities. Our first team squad is largely talentless,lacking in motivation, and happy to accept renumeration for little or no effort or level of performance. Our fanbase is declining, divided thanks to the appaling treatment meted out by the owner. We will continuue on a downward curve until there is a change of ownership. Nothing can possibly improve whilst the current owner is involved. Next season in League 1 will be an experience of nightmareish proportions. Our management and playimg staff will make this seasons look Guardiola and City like. Sorry to be the harbinger of doom but we are a small boat caught in the perfect storm and the landbased community of supporters can only watch powerless as our existance is genuinely at risk.
  3. Hughdowd. Your post is both presumptuous given we are a basket case with little hope of inward investment thanks to the destruction wrought by our current owner, and cringeworthy in the extreme in that some nobody could twitter us out of the black hole we are accelerating into. Chansiri will leave on his terms and on his terms only. It would appear those terms are complete destruction of the football club and quite possibly the ground. Literally.
  4. I truly think for us to move forward Chansiri needs to leave,sadly unlikely in the short term. I don't see him willing or capable of installing the personnel required to set up and nurture an organic recruitment and development programme. His proven,default and only MO is the finished product. Albeit a second rate one.
  5. Brentfords model is light years in advance of ours. In fact do we actually have a recuitment policy at all?
  6. Sorry. Wasn't aware there was a protocol for that. Wish the solution to our situation was short and sweet.
  7. Long time reader, first contribution. Monk,(previous managers); players or owner. A combination of all? My take is fundamentally and overwhelmingly owner. Yes Monk is a poor manager/coach, but who appointed him? Who appointed the previous failures? Who by virtue of his frankly dictatorial running of the club with absolutely no experience of what was involved coupled with random bizarre appointments (Katrien Meire) along with crazy player purchases for crazy fees and wages.A refusal to sell and cut losses,ludicrous ticket pricing,cost of merchandise, non existent sponsors and complete absence when most needed. There is absolutely no meaningful connection between Chansiri and Sheffield or the club. Neither emotionally nor financially. He appears reckless in the extreme in that regard. We are in the perfect storm. Never has the game been in such a parlous state and we are incredibly vulnerable. The talk on here centres on our Championship status and the position of Monk. I suggest it should be about our very existence with the current owner in charge!
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