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  1. I'd love it to be true as Chansiri has failed miserably and will never turn this mess around due him being so arrogant and totally incapable of understanding his fan base.
  2. It's not just the format that's tired it's also the fans. People just don't seem bothered as much as they used to.
  3. The club just stumbles into disaster after disaster under Chansiri. Its ran worse than an amateur football club. I'd love to know how many season tickets we've actually sold so far.
  4. Signing a player who hasn't played for months... Singing a player for a position he's never played in before... What could possibly go wrong...
  5. My main worry is that he will actually allow this club to die with absolutely zero thought for us fans. Can anyone confidently see Chansiri dragging us out of this mess on his own? His arrogance will be the death of swfc.
  6. I'm just totally sick of all this now. Chansiri has absolutely destroyed this football club. A team full of frees and loans who couldn't care less with a clueless manager. I genuinely think this is the worst I've known us. I think I'm done.
  7. Chansiri won't sack him. He'd have to admit he got it wrong again and we all know what he's like at holding his hands up to his mistakes.
  8. Clear out the players that haven't performed. Wing & Berahino are the top of that list. Bring in some actual defenders that have some fight and experience.
  9. He's been terrible for us. I'm surprised he hasn't been sent back earlier to be honest but DM probably thinks he's been great.
  10. That was great! Not seen these before so I'll keep an eye open for future ones
  11. I'll end up paying full whack for my season ticket, plus my 2 kids and my Dad in Jan. I've had a season ticket with my old man in the same seats for 26 years. There's absolutely no way I can afford to pay for them all now.
  12. Asking fans to pay for season tickets at what is to most people, the most expensive time of year, is just a joke. How out of touch is this club with its fans?!
  13. I haven't bought food or drink in the ground for years.
  14. A Cardiff fan I know absolutely loved him when he was there. I'd happily take him.
  15. That sort of performance is all we ask for. Aggressive, attacking football. It doesn't have to be pretty just give 100%
  16. Was happy to give him until Christmas a couple of weeks ago. The bloke is absolutely clueless and shouldn't be employed as a football manager. He might get on as backroom staff or a scout even but he's not a football manager. Needs to go now.
  17. All these people saying if we sack him who would you bring in...?! It's not my job to do that. It's Chansiri's job to come up with names of potential candidates. I haven't got a clue who we'd bring in all I know is this bloke isn't the right man for this sort of job. It's too big for him. Let him go to a team that doesn't have this level of demand and he can tinker all he wants.
  18. He's picking these players. Even Chansiri and his lad aren't this daft
  19. I lost interest a while ago but thought this season might give me that spark back. It hasn't. I still go but I'm not right bothered. The thing that does bothers me is my lads. They went from being obsessed about Wed to now they couldn't care less. I wonder how many more kids will have lost total interest in wed too and what impact on the future of this club that will have.
  20. A midfielder that's breaks play up and is just horrible to play against A central defender that has experience and is a natural leader A striker that has pace and can finish
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