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  1. That's not enough for me. I want him to apologise for putting us in a position where we start a season on - 12 points. The bloke has put us in this position and never held his hands up for it. It's his fault and he should apologise
  2. Chansiri = Ass hat Hasn't he slated Cook already?
  3. Out! Sell the club. You're not wanted any more. You've put us in this position by having transfer embargoes, points deduction, failing to sign any players in Jan and you're expecting a youth team coach to have the credentials to get us out of a relegation battle. Sell up now!
  4. The more I think about this the more I think he's done and is selling up. Nothing spent in Jan when everyone could see we were utterly desperate for new players. No new manager. He's either absolutely mental or he's not putting another penny in the club because he'll be off soon.
  5. No, you're absolutely right. He's the worst chairman I've known in my swfc lifetime. Others have been bad but never put us in transfer embargoes or caused us to have points deduction.
  6. That needs ripping down as soon as we're allowed back if it's still there
  7. This is all his fault. Points deduction and embargoes. Not the players. Not the customers. His fault. He needs to come out and publicly apologise for us being on the brink of Lg1 and accept that he's no clue how run a football club
  8. Praise or grumble & Football Heaven both used to be really good when it was Paul Walker and Seth Bennett. The whole format needs a revamp now though. I hate to say it but the way Talk sport get as many and such a variety of people to phone in is there's two presenters who both disagree with each other and both of them play good cop bad cop and say things that will make people furious. Could this work on Radio Sheffield?
  9. My 6yr old boy demands we buy a programme before every game and genuinely loves reading even weeks and months later he still reads them
  10. No, not at all. We're 2nd from bottom in the league and didn't show any fight to win that game.
  11. Nobody "piped" up then because we all thought we were being ran in a professional manner. We've all realised now that we absolutely aren't being ran in a professional manner and more people are starting to "pipe" up now
  12. Monk won 1 home game in a year and kept his job. What makes you think that the inept one would make such a radical decision?
  13. I'd have Carlos back. Compared to the absolutely woeful management we've had since him I'd have him back no problem
  14. My old man is still waiting on 2019/2020 refund. Do wed actually think people will renew their season tickets for next season when they're waiting on refunds for the last 2?
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