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  1. The common consensus is that at the end of the season you finish where you deserve. It hunk that is correct. Ignore the 6 point deduction - 47 points from 46 games is not good enough. The players, although having some individual talent, have not performed as a team often enough to anywhere the level required. Too many are lacking in basic technique but the main problem is their inability to manage games. 27 points dropped from winning positions says it all. Today I thought they played ok but where has that been all season? The various managers have found wanting and som
  2. Certainly not the fans. Players haven’t been good enough, shown a lack of basic technique and no understanding of game management. Management all season has left a lot to be desired. Chairman a complete joke.
  3. Really really strange today. We need to win. Rhodes on the bench Reach and Harris playing ???? Don’t think they contributed anything today ( as usual) Palmer as one of 3 centre backs No urgency in play - almost like a pre season friendly. The worst thing is the total lack of bottle showed to attack with some belief. Ons positive note Pellupesy did well - again.
  4. Seems like Groundhog Day. Miss chances, can’t defend to save our lives, other teams in trouble lose again! What the hell is going on. Just do the jobs you are paid for. Strikers put the ball in one net - defenders keep the ball out of the other net. How difficult can it be?
  5. Plenty of potential buyers out there for a club of this size, with the fan base, as long as the price is right. I suspect though that he will want to recoup all his losses to save face back in Thailand.
  6. Don’t forget Anamis we are customers not fans in the eyes of Chansiri
  7. Chansiri do yourself but most importantly do the fans a favour - just f@@k off and take the useless bunch of inept so called advisers and useless players with you. Never understood how such a complete bunch of cretins have been allowed to take over such a historic club and basically drive it into the dust. If you don’t understand anything about football you should never be allowed near a club.
  8. Completely pathetic that we play against 10 men for most of the game and still can’t defend properly for 90 minutes. Inept and clueless bunch of nobodies who obvious do not give a throw. In any other walk of life they would all be sacked for not fulfilling the basic terms of their contract. So pathetic it’s almost laughable!
  9. September 1971. Owls 1 Bristol City 5 not much has changed since
  10. Hope that shuts the Rhodes bashers up for a few days. Said it before play to his strengths and he will score.
  11. He might not be the most gifted player but I’d have him in my team ahead of a lot of the dross we have turning out for us.
  12. Consummate professional. Gets messed around by every manager and never complains. Not his fault the team don’t play to his strengths.
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