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  1. An empty headed character, posing in a furry costume.
  2. A "fit" Luongo. Him and Iorfa, brilliant but would you arrange a team around them, long term?
  3. He was like a brick wall against us for Brentford (?) A few years ago. Nothing got past him. A fresh start may be a good thing for him
  4. Hillsborough Pumas U12s. My lads team. More exciting and pleasing to watch than the Owls at the moment, sadly.
  5. Read it again. "Out of him" and "about him" are two different things.
  6. I stopped following him months and months ago, but not heard a peep about him for a while. What's going on with him?
  7. We have a Wayne Wrigley at work and whenever his name goes out over the tannoy.......
  8. Getting out of a ticket because of an incorrect address is a ******** take.
  9. My Chessie supporting mate said he was talented but frustrating. A common phenomenon.
  10. I always do wonder about this "deserved" and "undeserved" thing. We didn't score loads, they scored their free kick so the scoreline at that point was entirely fair (any freak refereeing decisions not withstanding).
  11. How do they manage? Poor things
  12. Not bad when you only work three hours a day!
  13. What did Ashley end up with at Newcastle? Profit or loss? Serious question, I don't actually know
  14. Crikey, I thought this was later in the year. Mind you...this is a long time ago!
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