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  1. Great. Gets people clicking I guess.
  2. I've just looked and found that. However.....is it 25 + 25 or just 25 overall??
  3. Go into admin then a free pie and clapper every now and again.
  4. Can't log onto it. I can log onto the ifollow site though. Bizarre
  5. I took the ifollow option for the remainder of the 19-20 season. I have logged in today for the first time in a year and can't see any mention of store credit anywhere. How did it work??
  6. Well you just managed a full season of it. Did you survive? I did. First season since 1989 where I haven't seen at least one match live.
  7. Decent prices but I just can't bring myself to renew when we still have the same absent incompetent owner.
  8. On a technicality, he didn't say he was on his way here.
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