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  1. Hillsborough Pumas U12's all day long. Much more exciting.
  2. Irrelevant. It's whether you would take him or not.
  3. Inspired by the "through ball" thread, what's you favourite Owls assist? Mine is the through ball from Waddle to Kovacevic in this video; Skip to 2:18 for the magic. On a plate.
  4. Bad news in an all seater. Never ending up and down.
  5. SWFC is an allegiance. That can't be changed. Non league is a different animal for most people. It's just a game of affordable football to enjoy.
  6. At the time, I seriously didn't, because the players and club obviously didn't. It's like the "you shouldn't leave early" brigade. Why should I bother if they don't?
  7. I took a sabbatical from having a season ticket because of the cost, the poo ownership, the poo players and the overall shitness of the situation in March 2020. There was nothing positive whatsoever about supporting them.
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