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  1. This, The Contender and Waterfront. Three songs that mean ONLY one thing to me. Kop, Saturday afternoon and usually disappointment!
  2. It's called being a realist. And, likelihood is very different to the chances of. By your reckoning, we couldn't enjoy the Saturday in the sun beating Portsmouth because it isn't the top division.
  3. What's the likelihood of us ever beating Liverpool again in any competition?
  4. Precisely. Good or bad, it keeps the collection up to date.
  5. It's about the fun you are having, not what division you are having it in. Winning 4-1 in the sun against Portsmouth in League One surely beats losing 5-0 in December against Liverpool surely?
  6. I personally don't think we should spend a penny on the stadium until we have a settled successful team on the pitch. I'm not interested on what's on the menu or how fast you get served. Or even if there's a bit of rust here and there. I turn up, sit down. watch the match then go home. Unless there's a guaranteed quick ROI then why bother?
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