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  1. I said that the other day. Different situation now.
  2. We were a lofty championship team then. Our standards and budget have been decimated.
  3. I hate this achieving something malarkey. What if you were bang average but your team won loads of stuff. Doesn't make the individual a great.
  4. Can't say that Roland was a better striker than Paulo though can you? Has to be like for like......
  5. He can speak for me. Best I've ever seen in an Owls shirt. (apart from Ola Tidman).
  6. Worked a treat. Training top, shorts and bar of chocolate for £25 foe my lad.
  7. I tried buying something online and it allowed me to select clubcard points to pay. I just wasn't sure on sizes decided a store visit was more sensible.
  8. Can the credit we got from the 19-20 season rebate be used in-store or online only? Might pop down in a bit for some goodies.
  9. We won the League Cup in 1991. Just saying, so don't shoot me please!
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